Maximise your Avios, air miles and hotel points

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  • John Howard says:

    BA have pulled a stroke on tier points and not told anybody and now they claim this has always been the case – not so.

    Last I made sevral flights wherein I wished to upgrade to biz with avios – no probs – but staff would say that you need ‘X’ type of ticket to upgrade – fair enough.

    What I discovered was you were paying for a maggot class ticket – putchasing upograde with avios and then getting full biz class tier points!!!

    Whats not to like.

    However the ‘Sammy Sly Boy’ bean counters have now stopped this – as I have discivered to my disappointment.

    YOu can now upgrade from any level of maggot class ticket to biz class BUT you only get the tier points of the ticket you booked 5 /10 /20 tier points not the full bix class.

    I have quieried BA but they are in denial – but I have proof that this was the case and the have only changed recently – as stated above I made upgrades and got full tier points

    Worth an investigation methinks

    • Simon Brown says:

      Is this the case if you upgrade with cash? Or only when you upgrade with Avios?

      • csfulham says:

        If you upgrade with cash you get the full TP for the class you travel.
        If you upgrade with Avios, you only get the TP for the original class at booking.
        I found this out recently when I upgraded with Avios to hit a TP threshold but no cigar. I persuaded BA to extend my tier points window by 2 weeks because I had another longhaul booked, and I made the status threshold, but had I not already booked that flight I would have been bumped back down.

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