bmi Diamond Club and bmi credit cards

bmi Diamond Club closed when British Airways acquired bmi British Midland. It lived on via the bmi Diamond Club credit cards. Whilst no longer available, existing cardholders were allowed to keep them and continued to earn Avios points at a rate far higher than the official British Airways credit cards!

Why don’t I write more about credit card ‘churning’?

I had an email from a reader recently who asked me about how easy it was to ‘churn’ various credit cards, ie cancel them and then reapply, picking up another sign-up bonus. He suggested that I write a specific post about it. I said that […]

A sneaky way to hit the £5,000 spend target on the AA credit cards

I received some good news by email yesterday – I have been approved for the American Airlines credit cards with the fantastic 35,000 miles sign-up bonus! I was a little worried, to be honest, since my BMI MasterCard has a substantial £20,000 credit limit, and I wasn’t sure […]

Earning Avios for paying your council tax – and other utilities

One of the joys that greeted me on our return from Dubai was our council tax bill for 2013/2014. Earning Avios or other points by paying your day-to-day bills is something which a lot of people ignore. Unfortunately, because of the huge range of utility […]

The earnings rate on the old bmi credit cards has been secretly increased!

Yes, strange but true! According to this Flyertalk thread, the earning rate on the bmi credit cards, issued by MBNA, has been increased!  This is despite the fact that a) that you can no longer apply for these cards and b) no-one has been officially […]

Meet the newest member of BAEC (or, how to earn Avios when your child flies)

I’d like to welcome the newest member of the British Airways Executive Club: … ie, my youngest. We are in Dubai again this week (we have family here, which is why we pop down quite a bit). My original plan was to make this my last BMI […]

New Amex / Foursquare deals launched!

(EDIT:  There is a later, follow-up article to this post on the Debenhams deals, which can be found by clicking here.) March is here, and with it are two great new Foursquare deals. As was hinted at last month, two new deals have been launched […]

bmi Diamond Club closes today for non-UK members

I’m sure no-one needs reminding of this, but bmi Diamond Club finally closes its doors today to members outside the UK. (Technically, Australia and New Zealand-based accounts will also remain open, but will be frozen until BA decides what to do with them.  Residents of […]

The best miles and points deals we saw in 2012

So, the end of 2012 is here. And, overall, it has been a good one for the miles and points collector. The stand-out deal, without a doubt, was the Lloyds TSB Avios credit card promotion. There has never been another deal like this one, and […]

Which credit card should I use to pay for our holiday?

As you read this I should be sitting on a beach in the Middle East.  Last week, though, I was having a debate with myself about how to pay the hotel bill! It’s not that I can’t afford it!  (Although it will be around £5,000 I […]

BA makes a positive about-turn on BMI redemption refunds

A month ago I wrote this piece about the launch of, the new website that BA has set up.  It is there to allow former bmi Diamond Club members to check their Diamond Club mileage balance, and to move those miles across to Avios (they now […]

My eulogy for the bmi credit cards!

I posted last weekend that MBNA had pulled the application forms for the bmi credit cards with no warning.  This meant the end of the most generous sign-up bonus on offer from any UK loyalty card. I said in that post that I would write […]

Not impressed with so far ….

Last weekend, bmi finally died.  The last bmi flight landed at Heathrow (see photo below), the bmi credit cards were closed to new applicants and was closed down. If you still have any bmi Destination Miles, you now need to go to to […]

‘Credit Cards Update’ updated for November

The ‘Credit Cards Update’ page at the top of the blog has been updated for November to reflect changes over the past month. (Click here to see it if you are an e-mail or RSS reader.) After a quiet start to the month, things have really […]

The BMI credit cards seem to be dead …

Today, Saturday 27th, will see the last bmi flight land at Heathrow. All of the ex bmi flights will now be officially operated by BA under BA flight numbers, although some bmi painted planes will continue to operate for a while. Today is also the […]

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