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“Fully vaccinated” for US but only cert (booster) 11 days

  • Hilda M

    Good morning- just looking for reassurance from anyone who has come up against Iberia or BA being strict on date on Vaccine Cert (I understand US Immigration leave checking to airlines) Travelling MAD LHR MIA in a few days & my companion (Spanish) had great difficulty getting a certificate (IT mix up) and despite me telling him he didn’t need a booster (has had Covid 3 times!!) he just got one and his Cert shows 3/3. Logically he could not have gotten a booster without other vaccines, but I’m worried about a strict interpretation. He has asked for details of previous infections/recovery but seemingly his record is blank 🙁

    Hilda M

    An update on this – VeriFLY has refused his cert due to dates 🙁 He has managed to get a print out from the local Health Centre showing dates of 1st & 2nd vaccines but no way to turn this into a certificate. Let’s see if IB accept it at the crack of dawn tomorrow: if not I fly alone in the comfort of F & he will probably follow 4 days later in less salubrious surroundings. As it’s less than 24 hours, Avios & his return F flight will be lost 😞


    Once you have the booster jab you need 14 clear days before it becomes accepted for travel.

    Makes no difference that you had the other jabs or even recovered from Covid as you’ve entered into a different set of rules.

    I won’t hold out much, if any, of either IB or BA allowing him to travel if Verifly isn’t producing the green tick. And at check in at MAD you’ll need a green tick for the leg to LHR and a separate one for LHR-MIA.

    If this was booked on BA you can claim an FTV upto an hour before departure. If booked via IB they will have their own rules.


    Once you have the booster jab you need 14 clear days before it becomes accepted for travel.

    Not true! Please read up the CDC requirements and the definition of a fully vaccinated person first.

    “A person ages 18+ years is considered up to date right after getting their booster dose.”

    My parents flew to the US 5 days after their booster and had no issues at all.


    Ok so I picked up a bad link.

    Same as the people behind Verify obviously have as well otherwise they would have approved Hilda M’s partner submission as they seem to meet the CDC requirements

    Hilda M

    Well, good news – we’re BOTH in LHR now with boarding passes for MIA: way round VeriFLY was to enter details for manual review – I just used his first two vaccines omitting details of the booster and uploaded Health Centre document. Fraught moment checking in online last night as I was referred over to Iberia where I couldn’t progress until I entered a second surname which obviously doesn’t appear on my passport!! And then this morning, agent looked at the VeriFLY pass and said “I always manually check”. Followed by girl at Connecting Desk in LHR saying you are going to New York according to the screen 😀


    Manual checks are great as long as they have common sense. According to my mothers nhs covid certificate she has had 2/3 and 3/3 of her jabs but don’t show a qr code for 1/3 which caused slight issues at check in

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