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Welcome to the HfP forums!

  • cmcp

    Well done on the forum launch! It’s my view that the categorisation doesn’t work for “today’s chat”… That concept is a hangover from trying to thread conversations on a blog comment feed. When you have a well structured ontology like forums and sub forums, I expect to go to ‘hotels’ for the hotel chat (irrespective of “today”), I expect to go to “BAEC” for the exec club chat (irrespective of “today”). By inviting unstructured chats in “today’s chat”, it’s is burying content in a blind spot.


    Can we have a beginner’s guide to the forum? Explain the basic etiquette on how to reply Vs quote, forum Vs quote, etc.

    It’s so frustrating seeing the orphaned replies and needless topics created which should be replies.


    Wheres the like button?


    Congrats to Rob and team!

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    Suggestion: In the Recent Forum Topics section I think it would be good to highlight your favourited forums. Perhaps by inserting the light red box with heart ahead of the forum name (if applicable).


    Very slow replies – one of my replies has definitely been lost. Leading me to give up on this ‘forum’


    Hi HfP forum,

    I’m just off the phone to Amex in the Philippines. We have 3 companion vouchers unused due to covid, and want to downgrade from BA Amex fee card to the free one. We were told categorically that if we cancel the existing card, we lose our companion vouchers. The vouchers can only be used with this active card.

    I suggested we downgrade to the free card but the advisor was adamant – cancel the existing card, lose your companion vouchers.

    On your site you make it clear this is not the case, but Amex say different.

    Can anyone advise if they have cancelled the fee card, replaced with a free card, and kept their vouchers?




    Hi Terry4465 I have definitely done this in the past, though not recently. All you need is an Amex card to book using a companion voucher. In fact BA can’t tell what type of Amex card it is, so it could be Gold, Plat, Nectar etc. Certainly no need to retain your BA Premier card. The Amex CS team always say this. I’m not sure if it’s policy, bad systems or if they’re incentivised to do that

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    I cancelled my and OH’s BAPPs last month and was able to use other Amex gold or kids BAPP (didnt bother with Ba blues. ) despite Amex saying they would not work. It’s clear BA control the voucher once it’s credited

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