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    about parking charges:
    I’ve often heard people recommend this guide on MSE:

    scroll down to the bit starting “ Action to be taken if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, in this order:”

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    not if they have someone working for them, competent enough to block it from paypal too

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    I don’t understand why you didn’t ring them or contact them on social media, or even sometimes, you can find the number of the staff in the airport itself with some googling.

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    Has anyone actually received the club card points after using the instore recycling ? I have three genuine hp ones and got zero. The website doesn’t even have a contact button.

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    Have a look at atlantic money.

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    Why do they have so many in the US then?

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    I can confirm a single share on t212 works.

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    Sorry anuj, someone got there just before you on another forum.

    No worries 🙂

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    Hi gkeddie, Please can I put my hat in the ring to have this? My email is (I used iCloud’s hide email so I don’t get swallowed up by spam bots)


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    While I sympathise this is partly your fault for how you navigated the issue. Firstly all customer service is useless these days not just amex. Secondly you should have done a pre eligibility check online before applying at all. Thirdly instead of asking them to reconsider you should have just waited a month or longer then checked your eligibility online.
    Lastly loyalty doesn’t pay, never be loyal to companies in this day and age.

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    Revolut. Haven’t looked back since I switched to Wise. Revolut was just too much hassle always ambushing with requests for yet another selfie for no good reason when you went in to get something quick done.

    And if Wise’s new fees or their recent excess requests to people I know to re-ID themselves for no good reason and it took weeks to resolve for those people…for no good reason… If Wise does too much more of this then I’ll be looking for another provider. is looking ok to replace Wise for transfers on a quick look. Not quite yet looking to replace Wise but will if the hassle factor increases.

    Atlantic Money have a nice app and are much cheaper for international transfers now Wise has increased their fees (if that’s what you use wise for). Also someone above mentioned ee, 1p mobile actually use their network but unlike other mvno’s you get unrestricted speed, wifi calling, volte, roaming in Europe and all 5g bands etc. I compared with a ee sim and got the same exact speed. As far as I can tell they also prioritise signal the same as ee (or pretty close to ee).

    anuj 101 posts

    So we would have to call midnight tonight midnight tomorrow?

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    Would the share purchased from Trading 212 be registered?

    Yes I have achieved it buying a single share on Trading 212.

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    The Apple Store is more expensive than Costco even after this discount. Check before you buy.

    Buying from Apple direct will get you an extra year warranty and in my experience far better after sales service. I’m no Apple fan, but have to grudgingly admit the service received from them on a good number of products and issues over a number of years has been superb.

    I’ve had the complete opposite, never been able to get them to do a free repair, and instead had to goto retailer to get a exchange, that option is gone if your retailer and manufacturer is the same company. Also never heard of this extra year warranty?

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    It’s worth trying to book an award flight with the voucher for the route you want but the latest date you can achieve with the expiry. Then just pay the £30 change fee and move the flight to your ideal dates in a few days (just say your plans changed) and hope they don’t notice you used the voucher or try and check the expiry date.

    Apparently Virgin are more flexible here or care less vs BA.

    Worth a try for £30, if it doesn’t work I’m assuming the cancellation fee is also £30? so will only be down £30

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    If you don’t think that protecting single-sex spaces is important then I can’t help you there, it’s nothing to do with culture wars. I agree that they are fully enclosed bathrooms, so no, women aren’t having to share the space with men, they are having to use the facilities afterwards though, and generally men’s bathrooms are not such pleasant places as women’s, so personally I’d have preferred to keep things as they were.

    PS, apologies, I accidentally clicked Report post instead of Quote initially, there was nothing in your response that warranted reporting.

    I am struggling to understand the logic here, as you will move from the lounge to an airplane with unisex loos…

    Always laugh at people moaning about unisex toilets because they exist in every house without controversy.

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    Sales in the US are apparently extremely strong. A lot of the discounting on cash tickets we saw in 2022/23 has ended. Don’t expect anything out of Miami.

    I suspect we WILL see deals on the new UK cruises, should you want a few days in the North Sea.

    Not sure about the Med ones ….

    They’re sending any influencer willing on free cruises, and even offering another cruise on the ship over minor inconveniences to them (change of itinerary). The manor in which they have zero standards for these influencer spots to me suggests everything may not be quite so rosy.

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    I would credit it to one of the ones that credit 100%, (but you’ll have to consider whether you will have further opportunities to top those miles up to a point where you have enough to make a redemption.

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    Today I was told that clicking this feature delays the issue of the ticket as the system first checks for better rates… it is actually annoying to me because I wanted to be sure I have the ticket (not the booking reference only), also because I don’t think they can find any better fare than the one I selected, which was already almost 20% less than the airline’s published fare on the website (which btw makes me really curious to know how they can get such deals). I made sure to check that LM’s fare included luggage. This is why I was curious also to quickly enter the airline’s PNR in their website (in this case Fiji Airways) to see what I ended up getting exactly.

    I agree that I would choose such OTAs only when I am quite sure about the trip I am taking. I just found it very annoying now that after 12 hours it still shows as not ticketed and not paid for (from TA to the airline).

    I am not mentioning the call center knowledge (some wouldn’t give any information if I am not the passenger, some would) and capacity to intervene. I would just give them a 4 out of 10.

    Interesting, when I used it, the ticket has always been issued almost immediately. The one time it found a lower fare, Lastminute already had the cheapest price according to google flights and sky scanner so I have no idea how they do it.

    Enough for Delhi one way and if booking Delhi to lhr the tax is only £120 or so which I think is very reasonable for a direct flight.

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    Thanks for clarifying this, clearly not a SkyTeam expert here 🙂

    I guess what confused me was this blurb on the Virgin Atlantic website

    Travel on any Air France or KLM operated service in any cabin class and enjoy:
    Priority Boarding
    Priority Check-In
    Priority Baggage Drop Off

    You can show them that webpage if they refuse as It does clearly suggest you’re entitled to those as a Silver.

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    I tried to do this to SAS months ago and get the exact error as when trying to move to BA to this day so they clearly just don’t care.

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    I didn’t get the offer last month.

    I get £100 of all4one via complete savings at 20% off every month. Agree they are pretty good esp at 20% off. Mostly conver them to JL voucher to use in waitrose. Complete savings has a steep learning curve thou hence the very poor feedback on trust pilot.

    It’s been broken for me for months, the payment never works.

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    You can buy shares on trading212 and that will get you ALL gold status, however you would still need the total amount of nights for platinum as they remain at 0.

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    That sounds a reasonable cash price for a flight of that length – they don’t seem to have anything like our LCC’s across the Atlantic. I’m hoping to find MEX-CZM for a similar price, but the redemption looks quite a good deal as well, given I also have a lot of VS points and not loving the long haul surcharges!

    Surcharges to India are still relatively low. Points prices can be great, as low as 10k points and £100ish in taxes one way in Economy.

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