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    Today marks an important day in British aviation history: the dismantling of signage related to Llandegley International and its two famous terminals (one and three, obviously – we don’t talk about two… it’s all very hush-hush government work). I wanted to mark the occasion with a comment here. A wonderful airport – speedy service was a guarantee. #No2Runway2

    TIL – as they say on Reddit.


    Any data points on how fast after getting a Gold CC Amex allows upgrading to Platinum?
    I was hoping to upgrade straight away for the 40k offer, but was told that I’m not eligible. By doing this I messed up my 24 month reset being 6 month in. Now just waiting for upgrade opportunity but if it takes a year then probably better to cancel and start the 24 month clock again.

    1. You need to have held the gold card for a year according to the Amex personnel I spoke to. This is something others here have also heard. Worth noting the t&cs don’t say this (or didn’t when I last checked).
    2. The offer is 20k points now, as JDB mentions.


    Well done guys.

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    Thanks Froggee.

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    20k offered on chat, within moments.
    Inside first year.

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    I usual do it everytime I get a Plat. But to be fair, I’ve been Gold for 12+ years and they’ve never downgraded me on the multiple years I didn’t have status from a credit card (first Hilton cards in the US and now Plat. in the UK).

    Do you get a new HH number every time you enrol via the Amex Plat benefit?

    My recent experience is full breakfast at a DT in Sheffield; full breakfast at a Hilton in Canary Wharf; full breakfast at a Conrad in Thailand; promise/confirmation of full breakfast for my stays booked next year at a DT and 2 other Hiltons in Malaysia.
    Back in June I got full breakfast at a couple of DTs in Dubai but I guess you were looking for more recent examples.

    EDIT: woops, forgot the Ramses Hilton in Cairo said the other day that I’d get full breakfast for my tentative booking early next year.

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    Did a number of number of dummy bookings to SE Asia for summer 2023 in both Business and Economy.
    Getting a consistent value of 0.84 pence per Avios.

    This is better than Nectar, but unfortunately the flight prices are eye-watering right now – over £1k for economy and somewhere between £3k and £5k for business.
    These flights also earn somewhere between 6k and 14k avios depending on Economy or Business (or at least the cheapest type of ticket in those 2 cabins).

    Also, this article shouldn’t be under BAEC should it?


    It is going to depend on a number of factors as to whether you get an upgrade. As a datapoint, I stayed at the Hilton at St George’s Park, got the same automated email upselling me better rooms. Ignored all that and was pleased to find out at check in that we’d been upgraded to a lovely, massive one bed suite. (A few categories above the basic room we had booked).

    Are you gold, or are you diamond?

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    I had something similar happen with Halifax Clarity twice this year.
    Yes, the card that is intended to be used abroad.

    Did manage to get a decent amount of goodwill gesture and all phone calls refunded (near enough £100 worth), but it shouldn’t be happening really.

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    Well i have just been stoozing bank accounts recently again and go to MSE for details. I would have used this site if it was here first

    I’ve just seen a £200 account switching offer on MSE and intend to take it up.
    It’s the kind of thing MSE highlight well.
    Not sure we need that on this site too.

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    Beadle’s about?
    I thought he morphed into Tim Curry.

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    Can anyone clarify what the current SUB is for a BAPP when referred from an Amex Plat?
    Specifically, is there an enhanced bonus for the referrer (with the plat) and/or the referee (obtaining the BAPP) at this time? or is it the normal 12k + 25k?
    Sorry can’t keep up with the various promotions.


    Edit: oh wow, it’s now the site that can apparently be named again.

    Haven’t bothered with the BA portal since my one and only purchase didn’t pay out.
    Is it actually any better than ‘Voldeportal’ aka the c@shb@ck site that cannot be named?


    I got an email today about my October Avios statement.
    Presumably this is some other email.

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    Is there genuinely nowhere to escalate these issues?
    No ombudsman or other oversight?

    Perhaps Panorama might want to do a report.

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    They wanted £378 for Preston-Euston return last week, it was cheaper to drive and stay over, even with London hotel prices!
    I am starting to wonder if there’s a secret plan to let the North West become a wasteland then try and sell it to an (eventually) independent Scotland 😂

    Colleagues in Preston often book that train as if they’ll commence their journey from Blackpool, but actually get on at Preston.
    Apparently cheaper I’m told.
    No idea if true.

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    I think the most shocking thing about that article is that Insideflyer still exists.

    Very very similar to my scenario this summer.
    Was booked with Swiss originally, but they (permanently?) changed the timing of the long-haul out of Zurich.
    LH / Swiss customer service refused to rebook on any other airline, including Star Alliance partners, insisting I’d need to take a much later or much earlier LH or LX flight from Brum only.
    I must have rung them 8 or 9 times, and sent numerous emails with no realistic outcome, but With just 3 weeks or less left to go, they finally managed to find space on an LH flight from Heathrow for the evening of my original departure. I got them to acknowledge they’d cover the cost of a taxi down there (Couple hundred quid).

    As expected, the LH longhaul experience was dire, with a number of issues including a broken seat (cabin full) and 1 working lavatory in business class.

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    Uh oh, I’m reminded of some ‘deals’ for ‘key workers’ over on the hot & cold site.
    They always descend into chaos.

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    The Monese 15% discount codes are still going. as not that many people have Classic A/cs (they mostly have free a/cs, which I think are sold out for the OCTOBER codes -10%.)

    Which means for £5.95 upgrade 1 month to Classic from Free card, you can still get £750 credit with 15% discount – good for petrol/ diesel discount at Morrisons.

    Always quite amusing how people seem to love getting free 500 Avios (ie £5) – but here we’re talking about easy £112.50 free (11250 free Avios) – and nobody is interested lol

    Because Monese usually do 20% off every couple of months or so.
    They did 15% off at least once recently, but reverted back to 20% off.
    So, it is entirely possible that they’ll do 20% off again in a few weeks time.
    Hence, I won’t be getting involved with the current offer.

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    Thanks all.
    I’ll set alerts for both the Indigo and the Kimpton for my chosen date.

    Looks like multiple transport options from both of those. Kimpton seems more convenient all round, but is costlier.

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    Thanks both.
    It’s a Saturday departure next summer, late afternoon, so lazy breakfast isn’t a problem.

    If there are alternative IHG or HH options in the city centre area that are convenient for a train to the airport, I’d be keen to hear about them.
    I note the Indigo and the CP are by Victoria Station, but I’d have to walk and get a tram to Piccadilly, followed by a train to the airport.


    Some of those OTAs are notorious. Tripadvisor Air Travel forum filled with horror stories.
    Doubt you’ll get anywhere, based on many of the reports on Tripadvisor.

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