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  • Aston100

    It’s a bit misleading unfortunately.
    You’d think you’d get the 10k points as soon as your year is up, but you don’t.
    You are obligated to pay for at least a further months worth of membership fee (I think it was 5 weeks in my case) before your points show up.
    You can cancel thereafter and get a pro-rata refund.

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    Problem is many people can’t be bothered to look that far into the site and even when they get to the BA board they don’t even scan the first page to see if there is an existing thread on the topic they want to raise.

    The site really requires some strict moderation / curation for it to become more effective.

    Having a working search function would go some way.

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    Sam Chui did a review a year or two ago.
    Even he said the f&b was pricey, and that’s something given how much of a paid shill he tends to be.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    Begs the question why they kept asking for more time when it was just a clear time wasting exercise on their part

    Because that is almost certainly what it is all about.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    if I was ihg I’d be monitoring it, the amount of negative feeling it has generated for customers of ihg and therefore potential loss of revenue, you bet if I was ihg social media manager or whatever the correct term for them would be, then I’d be reading to get the customers view.

    After all, coming onto these forums is an easy way for companies to find out things cheaply and quickly, without having to send surveys or have focus groups and the likes, takes very minimal effort.

    I don’t think this forum fully represents the masses though.
    Wasn’t there some talk last year about only a couple of thousand Creation accounts being shut down or something like that?

    in reply to: Ryanair APD Refund

    Thanks, that is interesting.


    Good luck and let me know how many sheets needed per wipe.


    in reply to: Ryanair APD Refund

    It is indeed £13.

    Aren’t they supposed to refund airport fees as well?

    Thanks Chris.
    I found this article that only mentions government taxes, and the £17 charge to administer those:

    I’m wondering in what kind of scenario would Ryanair be handing over any kind of refund for a cancellation that was driven by customer disinclination to travel. It sounds like there isn’t one and their admin fee would always be larger than any fees and/or taxes refund. Is that even allowed?

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    in reply to: Istanbul advice please

    If you were staying for a few nights then I would have strongly recommended staying in a boutique place in Sultanahmet (the so called old town) and being right in the heart of the action. No need to stay in an international chain hotel. Istanbul (especially for first timers) is about being out and about all day, returning to the hotel only to sleep.

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    in reply to: National Rail 2 for 1

    Last summer, went to several places that gave discounts for this offer.
    Not one place asked for proof (but we did of course have the rail tickets).

    in reply to: Getting to KL with Companion Voucher

    Thanks Michael and Sam.
    The exact itinerary is yet to be determined as this is a long time away, but will be 3+ weeks and include some time in Kelantan and the islands off that coast, so yes a flight to Kota Bahru KBR and car hire from there is likely.

    Anyway, my priority is to work out a way to get myself from Singapore to either Kuala Lumpur or to Penang with as little risk of missing a connection as possible.
    Sam’s last comment included airports I had not considered – so thanks for that.
    Looks like an overnight is almost certainly needed in Singapore.

    Do we think BA will go back to 2 daily flights to SIN by next summer?

    in reply to: Getting to KL with Companion Voucher

    Thanks but this assumes BKK returns to a year-round schedule.
    What are the chances? It feels to me like BA are trying to pull out of all leisure-heavy routes in East/South-East Asia.

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    in reply to: Compensation for broken entertainment?

    Just an update to this. BA have responded with an apology and will credit my account 5,000 Avios.

    That sounds a bit tight-fisted of them.
    I recently received 10k Avios because my seat belt wasn’t working properly and also the food was not very nice.

    in reply to: Getting to KL with Companion Voucher

    Hi Anna, thanks but we’ve done Singapore before.
    Keen to get to NE Malaysia on this occasion, hence the need to get to KUL as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    Just submitted my complaint to FOS online. Can concur it is very easy to do.

    Must admit all the counter arguments in this thread have made me procrastinate on doing this, but the realisation that the only motivation and the time taken for certain factions to do this had to be deliberate.

    If it isn’t, maybe get out more?

    This. Exactly this.
    Just think what JDB has achieved here.
    What he has done is either put people off from taking the matter further, or made people procrastinate through self-doubt and some scaremongering.
    Perhaps JDB hopes that if people delay long enough, his pals and/or employers at Creation will win the war of attrition.

    JDB is undoubtedly a Creation shill, with some kind of damage limitation plan.

    in reply to: Amex Platinum insurance – MASTER THREAD

    Have you looked into a separate travel insurance policy specific for this one trip?
    Might be worth it for peace of mind.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    @Aston100 With email, in app messages, telephone or even post, anyone serious could have got this resolved in days.

    Given the NUMEROUS comments in this thread alone about the incompetence of Creation, you are either incredibly naïve, or more likely a Creation shill.
    I’m going with Creation Shill, especially due to all the attempts to dissuade people from taking action against Creation and through use of scaremongering.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    @OrangeRWB I don’t see how, even with an organisation that people report isn’t very competent, that you can’t ascertain whether your account is open and get it working if it is. I think this could easily have been sorted out many weeks ago if you were genuinely interested in using the card.

    Hi JDB. Maybe if your colleagues at Creation bothered to respond to messages that were sent through the app, perhaps @orangerwb would have learnt about the status of his account a lot earlier?
    When you next report into Creation, you might want to ask them to look into their in-app messaging as a number of people (myself included) have had no response to queries through that.

    in reply to: Sean Doyle apology email!

    I continue to struggle to understand how Ryanair and easyJet can do all these things that Doyle is apologising for and saying that BA still needs time to implement the improvements. I moved a EZ flight online to a different date and destination at no extra cost because I no longer wanted to make the original trip. This wouldn’t have been possible on, but, moreover, there was an issue with the changes which couldn’t be amended and EJ responded to an online form submission and resolved it within 12 hours!

    Anna, Ryanair and Easyjet were nasty in the early months of Covid and were playing dirty with refunds (and in the case of Easyjet) including taking away the ability to request refunds online.
    It took me over six months to get a refund from Easyjet on one occasion, and I had to s75 them and also Ryanair on another.

    I’m glad you are happy with them at this time, but please don’t think they’ve always been good.

    We showed screenshots or PDFs of our NHS Covid status, and our driving licences.
    No problems anywhere.

    in reply to: 2,000 free points!

    Nothing for me either.
    Stayed at a Radisson in October.

    in reply to: Creation Financial Services bashing

    Approaching 6 weeks now since them asking for more time to resolve my complaint, rather pathetic since thats a total of 14 weeks when it could have easily been resolved if they had wanted it to be.

    No doubt they’ll eventually send you the same poor response as everyone else, not answering all your points and refusing to uphold complaint points you never even made…

    Finally got confirmation from FOS today, nearly a month after my submission, that its going to take another four months to assign it to a case handler.

    FWIW, I submitted a complaint to the FOS about some unrelated matter with another finance organisation six months ago. I received acknowledgement in October, but it hasn’t been assigned to a handler yet.
    I wonder if Creation are aware of the huge FOS backlog and are privately hoping at least some people will die of old age?

    in reply to: Electric company car – Tesla – advice

    Getting hold of any kind of car is difficult right now.
    I no longer have any cars. Did not renew my leases at the start of 2021.
    I’m using the monthly savings from that to pay for Ubers when needed.
    Admittedly, I have had to hire a car a few times – sometimes for a weekend, and once for two months (from Onto – thanks @memesweeper )
    I am up quite a bit and also finding myself walking to the shops more often (uber on the way back).
    For me, not having access to a vehicle on my driveway isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and in fact has been beneficial overall.

    Of course your circumstances may be different and indeed literally your mileage may vary.
    I will look to obtain a vehicle later this year if availability and prices come back down to a sensible level.

    in reply to: What to do with my companion voucher?

    Thank you for the input thus far.

    I will take action next week.
    But first, just want to make sure I’ve understood the steps correctly:
    1. For now, do nothing with the 2nd companion voucher (the one expiring in Sept 2023). Wait to see if BA announce anything later this year.
    2. Regarding the 1st companion voucher (the one expiring in March 2023), book a 241 domestic flight from LHR to somewhere up north, with the outbound well after 2nd August 2022, and inbound before 31st August 2022
    3. A few days before 2nd August 2022, cancel the above flight for an FTV.
    4. On 2nd August 2022 (t minus 355), contact BA and get them to use the FTV towards an outbound longhaul flight to somewhere East or South we want to go on 22nd July 2023.
    5. At 1am on On 24th August 2022, contact BA to book the inbound flight for 13th August 2023 and combine it with the outbound. Hope that they adjust the avios and taxes etc

    Does that sound about right? I’ve got enough Avios to book the flights for summer 2023 independently without the companion voucher, if it helps to speed things up.

    Thanks in advance.

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    in reply to: Choice of lounge at T5? Galleries North or South?

    I was at the one near the B gates last month.
    Exceeded my expectations given all the BA bashing I see here all the time.

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