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    “Hello, my annual fee is due and I do not feel I am getting the value out of the card. The fee is increasing and MR structure changing e.g. spending £15,000 used to reward you with 10,000 MR points, now it is only 7,500. Also my fiance has a card so it seems silly us both having them. I also have had situations where the Priority pass has not been useful as lounges have been full so I can’t enter. Unless there were a retention offer I could just cancel.”

    Nice however I believe you have to have a retention offer created by the system and not via the whims of the CS agent.
    Have you claimed a retention bonus in the past, how long have you had your account? There should be a template to submit to make use of data points to be more useful.

    Sorry, accidentally hit the report button (again).
    I think you are right. It can’t be up to the discretion of a CS agent to decide whether you get a retention offer (or the size of it).

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    Yes, something came through overnight.
    But now I’ve lost the spend tracker.

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    Oh dear VerdantBacon, oh dear indeed.

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    What makes it MS is intentionally withdrawing the deposit days after making it just to get rewards from the funding card.

    Isn’t that money cycling?

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    I am? : )
    I’m an old dog trying to learning a new trick, hoping a friendly HfP’er will throw me a bone

    First rule of Fight Club…

    Flight Club

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    Just someone taking the Mick

    Who do I speak to? AMEX or Barclaycard?

    Please tell me that this is a wind-up?!!

    I see what you did there.

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    if you’re buying multiple tickets on MH, Economy Flex gets you 10% off your next one (but the next one has to be in Flex also, which will in turn get you 10% off your next one, and so on). So buy your cheapest route first

    Thanks Jon. I didn’t notice this until you mentioned it.
    Very useful as I will be taking 3 flights with MAS. So definitely no point in me using Avios within Malaysia.

    Thanks again for that.

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    Found this on the Qatar Airways site.
    Confirmed via a dummy booking that they are indeed charging 20k / 40k avios for KUL > SDK.

    This feels expensive, especially given the BA avios price, and of course the fully flex fares direct from the MAS airline site.

    Qatar Airways Partner Airline Award Chart

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    Doesn’t the offer end in about thirty minutes from time of writing?

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    You realise you’re just one step away from an OnlyFans setup?


    Hi Aston, i’ll try that. How long have you had the PRG?

    More than 3 months, but less than a year.
    Sorry, don’t want to be specific on this occasion.


    There isn’t anything in the t&cs about how long you need to hold a PRG before upgrading to the Platinum CC.
    I made this point after repeatedly being rejected by the upgrade link.
    Was eventually given a decent amount of MR as goodwill, which (overall) works out better for me as I will now be able to pickup the annual spend bonus from the PRG in due course.

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    Hi Colin, what was the room like?

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    I don’t think there is a need to change anything.
    Notifications would be useful though.

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    Is £2k fine, once only?

    Sorry, I’m not the PayPal Police.
    However, me personally I wouldn’t risk it in one transaction, and especially if I didn’t have a regular history of PayPal payments for goods & services.

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    If you worked on the basis that 1 HH = 0.4p, does this now mean that 1 HH is worth 0.3p to you?
    A redemption of 25k HH would go from costing you £100 down to £75?

    *on the basis that 1 MR = 1 Avios = 1.6 Nectar = 0.8p

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    Work accidentally booked a DT through Expedia for reasons unknown.
    At check-in, they pointed this out but were happy to comp the breakfast. Got a room upgrade too.
    This was for a week stay.

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    Hit my £3000 this week, third statement yesterday (although, the statement itself is nowhere to be found in the app), and third £20. Not quite at 3 months though as I opened mid July (and had my first monthly fee and statement only a week after!) – hard to tell if the £20 fee is in advance or arrears since it did not correlate at all with opening date. Was hoping to be able to hit the target and cancel before the third charge, but alas.

    No downgrade offer yet – just says ‘No Options Available’, although I’m not sure if I’d rather downgrade or just cancel and revert to Virgin Atlantic for my non-Amex spend.

    I think its taken in advance isn’t it – same occurred with me, the statement and first fee arrived before the card did 😂

    And AFAIK, anyone that contacted CS (number on back of card) had this first month refunded.

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    Had the Paid card, Earned the voucher in June. Downgraded after that and noticed today another voucher in the BAEC account issued in September, must have spent 20k by now on it. So, possibility to earn 2 vouchers in same year. Still not sure if I would be able to use either.

    That is a very interesting data point.
    Assuming of course you can get some use out of the voucher.

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    the report bottom was there

    A report bottom would be a great twerk tweak

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    Nothing much unique about Malacca compared to other Malaysian cities you are visiting. Are you staying at any beach resorts at all? You’ll get bored by the cities / towns quickly. I’ll probably replace malacca with a beach resort – Langkawi maybe.

    Thanks. Have done Langkawi 3 or 4 years ago.
    Haven’t done Penang or Borneo.
    I am wondering if like Jon suggested I should perhaps do both KK and Kuching? 5 nights in each of them; 5 nights in Penang; 5 nights in KL to include a day trip to Malacca.
    I presume KK will give us a beach resort option, not that it is important to us, but as you rightly say too much time in-town might get a bit repetitive, though we are hoping to do some daytrips to wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks in Sarawak, from our hotel in Kuching.

    Though this does cause some logistical challenges and time wasting with returning from Borneo or Penang to KUL in time for an international departure on a separate ticket. Hence why I was hoping to start in KL and end in Malacca (or vice versa).

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    @Rum, card was received about 3 days later. I went on chat the following day and they manually added the 3 additional offers. I spent the £4k over the following week and the additional 40k points are showing in my account today. I didn’t have to contact them to chase the points they were automatically showing.
    Hope that helps.

    Very interesting.
    I got told by Amex that our PRG cannot be upgraded because it has been held for under a year.
    I asked them where in the t&cs does it state this, and they were unable to confirm.
    However, I was given a decent amount of MR for having had to chase many times and being given different reasons for inability to upgrade the PRG.

    and @Carlos how long have you guys held your PRG cards prior to upgrading your ARCCs through that link?
    Wondering if it is worth going through with this given the final response from Amex is that our PRG is ineligible (but the link will presumably upgrade the ARCC instead).

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    Aston –

    I write this as someone who is as loyal to the Hilton brand as anyone, and who loves a 4for5 stay, but we drove past the DT a few times on the way in and out of Georgetown from our base in Batu Ferringhi and were very relieved not to have stayed there. It may be a fantastic hotel on the inside, but the location has nothing around it and the road which separates the hotel from the beach is very busy.

    I hear what you are saying, and the DT does look a bit away from the action.
    The only other points alternative I can see right now is a Mr & Mrs Smith property on the eastern edge of George Town.
    Does IHG Diamond get you complimentary breakfast with Mr & MRs Smith?

    I really want to try and use up some of my reasonably large pool of HH and IHG points before a devaluation comes round. Else I’d be considering The Edison or maybe the E&O.

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    I fear you’ll be bored after 4 days in Kuching, unless you plan to do day trips into the jungle or visit other towns etc. I’d consider shaving a night off each of Kuching and KL (or maybe Penang if you’re wedded to the 5th night free in KL) and, added to your spare, do three nights in Kota Kinabalu in addition. 2 nights is enough for Malacca I think.

    Hi Jon, thanks for that.
    Is Kota Kinabalu quite different to Kuching?
    It did cross my mind to do 5 nights in each, but from a quick skim of the internet, KK seems to be about beach resorts and climbing a mountain – neither of which are important to us (probably not fit enough for the mountain anyway!).

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