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  • Boltonsam

    Sorry for the confusion; yes i expect Ba will be cancelling my original domestic leg- it is a Sunday where we arrive LHR at about 10am and probably will now be departing LHR at 9pm. I may ask if can go to MAN via Belfast on ba / aer lingus or just have a day in town.
    I d love BA to let me fly on aer lingus direct from orlando to Manchester but can’t imagine they ll be very forthcoming.

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    For me cedr requested the 2nd booking reference for the 3rd and 4th passengers. I had said I expect ba to duplicate cedr’s ruling for all 4 of us. When I won, ba have accordingly rebooted all 4 of us outwith ba s fabricated validated to allow rebooking on any currently available seats


    Yes I did provisionally book annual leave, a few refundable hotels and planned a provisional itinerary, but obviously I would have loved 9 months+ to definitively plan and book. At this stage Summer 2023 would have been preferable.
    With the currency devaluation and increased US general costs I had a plan B for an AI waterpark hotel Europe but I’ll make Florida work. CEDR was only for Miami but I shall ask about Orlando but it’s all rather longwinded.


    Thanks Northern Lass and JDB. CEDR process started 6/3/22, despite really trying to resolve directly for a few preceding months, with BA as different offices were promising to resolve as per my wishes (never came to fruition). I also could not get a deadlock letter or a response/ acknowledgment to an LBA (only acknowledged months later thru CEDR).
    My advice would be to give BA a cursory chance to resolve such an issue, send an LBA but take the matter to MCOL or CEDR (which is really easy) asap, as BA but have no intention to unilaterally play fair.


    I take it as long as flights are currently available in BA’s system I am allowed to rebook as long as there is commercial availability, irrespective of avios availability?


    Hi all,

    CEDR have forwarded me their judgement in regarding booking and validity date:

    “I direct the company to offer the customer the choice of three options; re-routing, under comparable transport conditions, to their final destination at a later date at the passenger’s convenience, subject to availability of seats and on a flight on a published timetable, a refund of the cash and Avios used to purchase the tickets, or a voucher for future travel in the amount paid in cash for the tickets and a refund of the Avios used to buy the tickets.”
    In their actual analysis CEDR say: “With regard to Article 8 of the APR Regulations, I accept that under Article 8 passengers are
    entitled to “re-routing, under comparable transport conditions, to their final destination at a later
    date at the passenger’s convenience, subject to availability of seats”. However, on balance, I
    accept the company’s argument that it would not be reasonable to find that Article 8 provides a
    right for customers whose flights have been cancelled to rebook at any date in the future without
    a time limit, and, instead, in line with the principle of reasonableness that underlies the
    interpretation of the statutory provisions, and considering the purpose of the APR Regulations, I
    find that Article 8 entitles the customer to rebook within a reasonable timeframe. However, in
    light of the company’s offer to allow the customers to rebook outside of the 12 month ticket
    validity, there is no need for me to consider specifically what constitutes a reasonable timeframe
    in this case. However, for guidance, I do not accept that the twelve month period from booking
    would always be a reasonable timescale under Article 8, but I would not find it reasonable for a
    customer to request rebooking on a date so far in advance that the flight timetable had not been

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    We really enjoyed the onboard. The food from lax wasn’t up to the outbound from lhr but overall a great experience.
    The Concorde lounge on the return was quiet, but the food shocking- wife and I had sandwiches which were stale and probably bulk made in the morning. Dining staff seemed quite disinterested.

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    Also the insurance advises about a maximum car valuation which for a full size rental book price may be more. How do I know I am covered if I do not know the exact car model I will receive?

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    I am in a similar situation and only in last week has it gone to cedr. I thought from flyertalk et al it would be a straightforward win. Main reason I didn’t go for mcol as I believe you have to show a definite loss, and ie in my case tie up £50k+ buying similar refundable tickets. I ll have to wait and see but doesn’t look promising. Jerry, how far in the future were you trying to rebook? In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently to help your case? Thanks


    So I am still getting the runaround, with BA only allowing me to rebook a new trip that has to return by the one year ticket issue date. I could accept departing before the one year ticket issue date but BA will not budge.

    In order to send MCOL to head office do I need to:
    1) obtain DSAR or can I just quote and let BA head office look into it?
    2) Do I have to book refundable tickets for my proposed itinerary now (although this will tie up a huge amount of cash)?
    3) Will BA cave in pretty quickly or are they likely to still draw the matter out?
    4) Does anyone have a template letter to send? I’d imagine there must be a multitude of settled, successful claims.

    Many thanks for any help.


    Merry Xmas Northern Lass,

    I understand most of BA’s policy, but my main priority is taking in the school holidays, so if it’s Miami return so be it.
    But do I have return by the one year date of ticket issue or do I have depart by one year of the ticket issue date ie the 24th July 2022?


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