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    If you are both travelling together many (most? all?) Virgin CS will allow you to use each others points so give them a call.

    If the first one cant help it might be worth him retrying to see if he gets a more helpful one


    yes their IT is that bad


    It’s ridiculous really, you only get at most 11 months before you need to cancel to avoid the 2nd year fee.

    I’m not sure why the card companies should design their systems around the small number of people who are constantly chopping and changing cards to extract some benefit. Amex bizarrely seems positively to encourage it, but HSBC, Virgin and Barclaycard don’t make it that easy to downgrade or cancel. The vast majority of us who take out cards to keep don’t suffer these apparent travails.

    Because when they advertise and I pay £160 for a year I expect 12 months


    Virgin have been doing this for years; they charged me 5 weeks early Fortunately back then I had asked via secure messaging when it was due and after I quoted this they refunded the charge and then closed the website with its secure messaging !

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    Can anyone recommend a good lightweight pair of binoculars – going to Costa Rica next January and want to buy a set for my o/h – looking forward to your trip report @Cat

    Any particular needs ? Need to decide on magnification and Objective size 8×40 usaully a decent compromise between power and weight

    lots of choice you can spend anything _ I would avoid anything less than £50 and they go up to £2k

    I have Nikon 8×42 which cost around £170


    well you can always just add your statements up – but remember that card fees and interest dont count – and you can only earn upto your credit limit each month


    yes it drops off the bottom of the list
    only way to check – now that whatsapp and chat have gone- is to call

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    but we are due another SUB – I hope !


    as noted several times on this site the Gold card is a no brainer FOR THE FIRST YEAR

    the only downside is the fact that you will be limited in getting a sign up bonus with AMEX for 2 years

    Yes in order to get value from a BAPP voucher you need to build up a pot of Avios – Sainsburys can help


    As noted you gave up your rights on accepting the voucher
    Back in the early days of the pandemic my LX flight was cancelled (booked on points +CC voucher) I took the offer of another upgrade voucher rather than refund and the booking was still active although delayed for up to 2 years (and I could still claim a refund at any time) and I duly booked a flight for October even though there were no reward flights available.

    As I said this was very early in the pandemic when Virgin were cash short and desperate not to have to pay refunds and this was a no brainer offer but IIRC it didnt last long

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    I remember being touted in the checkin line 15 years ago to volunteer as they had overbooked but in the end the extra people didnt turn up

    Thought those days were passed but guess I’ll find out next month !

    Might be an interesting thread to see how often it happens these days


    September is usually a good time for SUB offers – get people to sign up before Xmas
    No guarantee of course but with higher interest rates I’d be very surprised if there aren’t any offers around – and in any case they wont be worse so I’m holding on

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    you both missed the point if the algorithms that the airlines use are so good (and remember we are still 50 days out from the flight date) then they should have a fair degree of confidence (?95%?) that they can resell at a higher price.

    Or view it an extension of the old idea of booking extra seats and asking people to volunteer to be bumped

    My guess is a lot of over 65 (like me) reward passengers could be bought and they are not risking that much as I said I only paid £500 and 55k rewards esp if they made me an offer as a sort of option eg pay me £500 now and an extra £2.5k if they resell it

    Pay someone £25k a year to email/telephone 50 likely prospects a day – if they persuade one a week ie 50 people a year and they resell 3/4 of those seats it will make money if they persuade one a day (out of 50) then it could make a £million.
    How many will of course depend on the notice given – as I said I’m almost 50 days out – I would be a lot less keen at the checkin desk

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    really depends on how you like to mooch around
    Shopping – Southampton is better than Portsmouth and end of M3 is between them
    Portsmouth for a bit more History but both have very formulaic hotels – nothing inspiring IMHO
    other choices
    Winchester – good Qhotel, Cathedral and City Mill NT
    Chichester – pleasant mix of shops rather than big chains, Festival theatre for a bit of Culture

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    Has anyone managed to use Paypal offer on Hotels.Com
    Booked Hotel in USA ticked Paypal as method to pay got transferred to PayPal where neither of my AMEX cards showed up

    Apparently the only take Visa, MC or Diners but hope to take others “soon”

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    the only time i have had a fraudulent transaction on a credit card (not BC) they reversed it almost instantly and with so few details from me i wondered if it was an error on their system

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    in reply to: US hire car tolls

    It will depend on the hire company (check their website for specific details).

    I’ve just got back from Florida and it was very straight forward with Hertz. $5.95 charge for every day I used a toll road plus the cost of the tolls.

    I’m just back from Florida and got a Visitor Toll Pass – (sadly only available from Orlando MCO at the moment ) saved me $100

    in reply to: US hire car tolls

    car hire companies can charge whatever they please as administrative fees on top of the actual charges

    Batter idea is get your own
    if you were travelling the other way get a Visitors toll pass or if you are likely to be going again
    \You can pick up a transponder for $5 in Target

    EZEPASS can be bought in Virginia (not sure about pre trip) and should get you all the way – works in 19 states but I’ve never used them

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    just back from Florida and second the advice above to buy half now as a hedge
    1) I prefer to tip in cash rather than add to the EPOS as I know where it goes
    2) a couple of petrol (hate gas) stations had problems with my English CC – you might find a savvy guy in the kiosk who can sort it but its easier to put $40 worth in
    3) a few places offer a cash discount – sometimes 4 or 5%

    Vouchers only on Virgin planes I’m afraid

    unlike Avios there is no guarantee of availability of seats on a flight but they do randomly release flights eg there is an Upper class one one available to Orlando on 21st August returning on 30th August
    Either do a search on website for flexible dates or subscribe to Seatspy

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    after appalling customer service at MCO – they will certainly need new customers

    in reply to: How do flights with Virgin Points work?

    In addition to lack of availability there is also the question of what a point is worth

    An upper class flight to Eastern USA used to give a value of around 1.6p but since the recent increases in charges I’m getting around 0.8p – quite a devaluation

    perhaps its time for Rob to revise his valuation as any figures before this year are no longer relevant

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    Thanks Gary. So if I have been a member since 12 March I guess this will be my anniversary date. My last voucher was issued on 14 September so all my spending from then until 12 March will have been ‘wasted’?

    well you still get the points but no help with voucher – and unlike AMEX you cant cancel for a pro rata refund

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    in reply to: Spain for ~1 month in June / July

    Seville, will be nice
    Barcelona – lots of cheap appts in Barceloneta – queiter than the main city but close enough and with a nice beach

    Valencia lovely old town

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    in reply to: Washington DC recommendations

    Not central but as I’m in the same age range check out the Wolf Trap concerts list

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