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  • 1. Test and bug fix your onboarding flows more rigorously with common case scenarios – that buys you a bit of time as you can bug fix emerging issues and edge cases as they arise, not firefight onboarding issues at scale.

    2. Remember that in a commoditised market that is used to ‘free’, products that command a fee need to deliver what is promised by them, Broken functionality isn’t acceptable when your customer is paying a premium for the service.

    3. Thank your frontline teams for taking the heat, and resolve to shield them more effectively from your lack of testing on your next product release – you owe them.

    4. Reassess what minimum viability means – not from the business’ perspective of opening an account. Focus on the viability of the product experience and don’t ship until you can meet your promises to clients in at least 80 per cent of cases.

    Writing as someone who:

    – has spent around 9 hours on the phone to various parts of Barclays to be able to login using the Barclaycard app
    – still gets regular online declines as unable to authenticate Mastercard 3D Secure, 5 months in
    – is getting promotional emails re instalment offers, which aren’t actually available
    – has no visibility of Avios in-app on the Barclaycard side, and no-one can understand why
    – is somehow still paying £20 per month for this and increasingly wondering why

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    Mine have posted too

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    And another +1. Should be getting the welcome bonus 50k too. Already had an email last week saying ‘the Avios are in your account’.

    Not that I can see anything Avios related in the app, but that’s another story.

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    An update from Barclaycard. Not what I wanted to hear, obviously, but at least they’re upfront about it and had the courtesy to respond..

    Text received this afternoon:

    This is a message from the Barclays Digital Team. You recently made us aware that you were experiencing issues with error code 00002 in the Barclaycard app. This is a known issue impacting some of our customers that we are actively investigating, our technical teams are working on a permanent fix. There is no current workaround or a timescale for a resolution. In the meantime you will need to manage your account via Barclaycard online or telephony services. Thanks for your patience, your Barclays Digital Team.

    Whether this means I’ll still need to continue to call their fraud team to approve online transactions remains to be seen. But at least I know I can’t rely on the app having full functionality for a while. Can live with that.

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    @doctorblind misery loves company 😉 Hope you get things resolved one way or another too.

    Just come off a 90-minute call with the internet help desk. They’ve tried everything they know how to, and still no dice. It’s been escalated as an issue, and I’ve been told it’ll be looked at by developers over the next couple of days. So fingers crossed.

    Will update here if I hear anything/if it gets fixed.

    One thing I should say (and should have said) is that everyone I’ve spoken to at Barclays (and there are many) have been very professional, courteous and have done everything they can to try to help. Software they’re working with sounds pretty flaky still though….

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    Thanks all for the constructive posts. Maybe I’m just unlucky here – and joined this thread as it’s a similar experience to the OP.

    There have been multiple attempts at re-downloading the app, de-registering, re-registering, calling the internet service desk and the fraud team.

    As I write now, I have to call the fraud team each time I want to make an online transaction. They manually approve it for me in real time. Fraud’s depts opinion is that the app registration flow isn’t going far enough to activate 3D Secure, hence the declines. So they say it’s one for the internet service team. Handily, the internet service team is only open Monday to Friday as no-one would need support for an app over a weekend, obviously.

    But genuinely pleased to hear the service has improved generally.Thank you all. I’m still slightly spitting feathers with frustration, but here’s hoping I can get it resolved early next week…

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    What a shambles this card is.

    9 times out of 10, I can’t log in to the app. Get an error code 0002. Registration won’t complete, sp even if I do get there it’s not fully functional. Plus the card is being declined without exception online.

    I’ve now made 9 calls to various parts of Barclaycard (with a total time on hold hold over 6 hours across them – listening repeatedly to prompts to ‘Use chat in the app – it’s faster’, while it’s not available in my app). And. I’m precisely no.further on.

    Never held such a shambolicly run card before, let alone one I’m paying £20 a month for.

    Still, HfP would have got a referral fee, I suppose. But this experience makes me much less likely to trust HfP recommendations, I’m afraid. Reading the main site, you’d think the sun was shining everywhere in the world of Barclaycard. Come to the forums and it’s very different…

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