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    I’m pretty out of the loop… is this a recurring promotion Monese offer to cardholders? Is it worth having a card just for this? It seems unappealing otherwise, unless I’m missing something.

    When we experimented with standing desks at my old office, I had to invest in a pair of Dr Martens. I really liked the standing desks, but if I didn’t wear good sturdy shoes standing all day the pain was incredible after a few days.

    That’s interesting. Because I’m working from home I don’t tend to wear shoes while working at all. Perhaps I need to invest in a pair of firm-soled shoes just for use in the house? 🤔


    Who could have seen that one coming, eh?

    What top material did you go for?

    I went for natural bamboo with the curved front.

    Also, how would you rate the finish quality of the metal base? Will it scuff easily.

    I went for the white legs, and I haven’t scuffed them yet. It seems like it’d be durable, but having had it for less than a year only time will tell.

    I did look at a number of online reviews and the Fully Jarvis seemed to be consistently well-regarded. There are some others available only in the US that might have the edge, but you can’t get them here.

    Whatever desk you go for I recommend some sort of padded standing desk mat. I got the Topo mat (which is sold by Fully) and I’m really happy with it. It’s pricy, but it’s miles ahead of the standard flat rectangle that my husband has right now.

    I got a Fully Jarvis last year and I really love it. I also got the dual monitor arm (plus a laptop tray) which is pretty nice. It’s a great, sturdy setup.

    I recommend paying £20 extra for the programmable control unit, as the presets are really handy when switching between sit and stand during the day.

    Happy to answer any questions on the desk. My husband was thinking about getting one too, so I’m tempted to encourage that while the Amex offer is running.

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    I was also curious about that, @Aston100. How long in advance you have to decide to redeem would make a big difference to how likely I am to use it.

    It’s a really cool system. I’m interested to try it one day, just to see how it works (and play the same sort of games you and your son did!) though on the whole I’m trying to move as much away from Amazon as possible. (Easier said than done!)

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    I don’t have an Android device, but I was able to connect to a real device using BrowserStack and test there… quotes work as expected and I don’t see any issue. That was a Galaxy S21 running Chrome.


    Actually the website has the higher limits, so it looks like this is just a glitch with the app.

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    Well, the US have both.
    And that’s a (very) high value you place on CC acceptance… even without MS it’s very easy to get $3-$5k of value on sign-up bonuses per year per person in the US.

    That’s true, though if fees have to rise to the point that many places don’t accept card (or accept only debit card) then it’s a moot point – you can’t earn if you can’t spend!

    As much as I really love credit card rewards and the experiences they open that I might otherwise never have, I don’t like the idea that those less fortunate than me are subsidising that through higher prices everywhere, though of course if things do change I’ll certainly take advantage of it!

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    ++ for Schönbrunn. If you get the U-Bahn to Hietzing instead of Schönbrunn you can enjoy a lovely walk though the gardens towards the palace. We really enjoyed the visas from the Gloriette which is worth the short walk up hill from where the palace itself is.

    I fell in love with the Käsekrainer sausages there (chopped sausage with flecks of cheese though it) which are available at various food stalls throughout Vienna. And if you’d like to try the traditional Sachertorte my husband and I agreed that the one from Demel was our favourite of those we tried (including the one from Hotel Sacher).

    Have a lovely time!

    I haven’t seen many full reviews but I was there on 14th November around 4pm and there for the last 90 minutes or so of opening. At that time it was relatively quiet and we could have sat in any of the areas.

    Food, drinks, and service were all excellent. The whole lounge feels like a cut above any other we’ve visited before. If you’re passing I’d recommend checking it out.

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    Worth remembering that US residents pay for that (and more) by the high interchange fee … that is baked into the price of everything they buy.

    That’s very true. I value almost-universal credit card acceptance more than more generous card rewards.

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    I’d love an IHG card that wasn’t issued by the Creation incompetents, but I struggle to imagine how a product with those terms could possibly exist in the UK. 🙁

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    dst87 back button returns to main Forum page and always defaults to Category view rather than the Recent Topics view. Even if the main Forum page had the Recent Topics view selected when it was left to click on a topic and view or do whatever, then return.

    Interesting… I do not see that behaviour. If I open a thread from the home page (recent topics tab) then use the back button in my browser, the recent topics tab is still selected. Tested in Safari on iOS and macOS. 🤔

    My guess is that the page is still in memory and therefore not being reloaded (reloading would switch back to the categories tab) so perhaps this varies by device.

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    Are you clicking “Forums” at the top of the page to return there? There are a couple of other options to return directly to the list of recent topics:

    1. Use the back button in your browser
    2. Click “Recent Topics” at the top of the page instead

    If browsing on a laptop another good option is to middle-click (or ⌘-click) each topic you’re interested in to open it in a new tab, then view all of the topics one by one in the tabs which open.

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    Avatars just the Gravatar system, so you just need to edit it there and it’ll appear here (and anywhere else that uses Gravatar).

    Sorry to hear your holiday has got off to a bit of a rocky start with testing / self-isolation.

    We’re booked (all refundable, of course) to Canada at the end of April and I’m keeping a close eye on this stuff. The current system does give me much confidence to travel, unfortunately. I’m not sure I can handle cancelling another holiday!

    I hope your husband gets his result soon so you can start exploring Toronto.

    @dst87 I guess it depends on the individual and how large they are. It’s worked for my wife and me many times and we look forward to it.

    I also value the footstool doubling up as a second seat when not eating; it’s great to be able to have a comfortable face-to-face conversation in the air. I’m a normal sized bloke, and I can comfortably sit on the footstool for an hour or two provided it’s a window seat as these have more shoulder room.

    I can’t speak directly as I haven’t sat in that position, but my husband did and he’s a pretty skinny guy. It was a window seat seat (2A, I think). I definitely enjoyed it as the person on the proper seat… my husband said he wouldn’t be too keen to do it again and found it cramped and claustrophobic. I did like the novelty of it though, so if the other person is comfortable then great!

    – On most aircraft, the opportunity to ‘buddy-dine’, where your seat turns into a dinner table for two.

    Fine if you’re not the person stuck in the corner with no ability to get out. Not knocking BA First, but this particular feature is fun the first time then IMO too uncomfortable to bother doing again.

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    Even better, the whole point of having a forum is that things like this can be a user preference. But I agree the default should be at least 2x as many.

    Similarly, the number of posts per page would also be better as a user preference as it’s very few at the moment.

    I agree with everything you said. 👍

    in reply to: Suggestion – notification of replies or new posts

    This would be very welcome. The standard approach is to allow people to subscribe to threads and receive email notifications for each reply. Most forums default to subscribing you automatically to any thread you reply to, but this should be optional, and you should be able to subscribe / unsubscribe to individual threads too.

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    Had another look at recent topics just now, and the oldest on the first page is only an hour old.

    Lots of posts getting buried unfortunately. Certainly shows that that forum is being very actively used!

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    in reply to: Problem with the Amex app in iOS 15

    Anyone having trouble when opening their Amex app on iPhone iOS15? Every time it asks me for a code via text or email. Think this started when I upgraded iOS to 15. Have reinstalled but still the same.

    Yes! I had this and it was driving me mad. They seem to have adding a setting or changed a default that causes this. Here’s the fix:

    1. Open the Amex App
    2. Tap Account > Two-Step Verification
    3. Ensure Remember This Device is turned on

    That should solve the problem.

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    Do you tend to fly in premium cabins regularly, especially with other airlines?

    I had a similar experience to you; my Club World experience was pretty good. I had much more space, and the crew were really friendly. But it was my first time in a premium cabin (except a Premium Economy flight on Virgin Atlantic about 10 years ago, if that counts for anything).

    My guess (and I could very well be wrong) is that the complaints could be largely (but definitely not exclusively):

    • People who’ve flown premium BA for years perceiving a drop in standards.
    • People who’ve flow premium cabins on other airlines, which are much better.

    As I say, I could very well be wrong. This is from reading between the lines on a lot of complaints I’ve read. And, in fairness, if I compare what I experienced in Club World it falls really short of video reviews I’ve seen of premium cabins on other airlines, so the comments are entirely fair.

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