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    I booked HKG-LHR online using companion voucher.
    I then called BA to book MAN-LHR-HKG and add it to my companion voucher but they don’t seem to get it..the call handlers seem to not quite understand what I mean and I ended up hanging up 3 times (idk if language barrier as they all appear to be south asian)
    What exactly should I say to them to make them understand?? They say once the voucher is used then nothing can be added onto it…

    Well not sure how they have managed to do it but the Amex voucher should be associated with the first legs of the booking (the parent PNR), so you are lucky that they were able to combine.

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    Related question (apologies, I’m sure it’s been asked before but couldn’t find the answer): I’m looking to travel to Tokyo mid-late May, but return availability is sparse. Could I use the voucher for LHR-HND-LHR-EDI if I phone BA? There is available when looking for these journeys one-way, presumably given the extra seats when not travelling to London. Unfortunately I don’t have enough avios on my account to book both separately.

    That shouldn’t be a problem. I think BA fly from London City to Edinburgh as well though

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    So obviously using an amex 241 voucher opens up extra award availability for CW.
    If I book the outbound using the voucher only and then book return separately without the voucher (before calling yo to get avios refund), the issue is the return availability disappears as I wouldn’t be using the voucher…does that make sense??
    Any way around this?

    Yes makes sense, if you booked the outbound online with the voucher, and then phone up to do the return they can see the extra availability the voucher would provide. You could see if they will then price up the return journey as a one-way from HKG but half the avios. They may or may not agree to that depending on the agent.

    Could I just call ba and ask them to book me both the outbound and return using the 241? Will they then price HKG with lowers taxes accordingly??

    They can certainly book it all together in one go but they will (almost certainly) not price HKG with lower surcharges as it will be a return journey from the UK, I doubt the agent would be prepared to book it as two one ways to achieve the lower surcharges.

    If you use the new 241 to open up the extra I class availability then, once it’s part of a booking the call centre staff CANNOT see the extra availability. The voucher must be ‘open’ to pull in the extra availability from the revenue buckets to be used in a booking.

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    Are you sure it’s not 2 different flights, one on BA from LHR and one on IB from MAD?

    The way it’s described they have booked MAD-LHR-SCL, SCL-LHR-MAD so the Op want’s to miss both the start and the end legs – ironic as they have probably paid more Avios and TFC’s for this routing.

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    It is often the case that Iberia doesn’t release inventory at T-360 on changes from Summer to Winter timetable and vice-versa and there can be several weeks delay.

    I booked redemption seats for early May 2024 with Iberia, and to wait until June to do so, at which point seats for several weeks were released in one go, catching up to T-360.

    The timing suggests a similar issue may be in play here

    Can you book any seats at all after 24th Oct?

    I think this is a different issue – the seats can be seen on but cannot be seen on – rather than the fact that the seats haven’t been released at all.

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    Yes, this has happened with Iberia before – if you can see availability on but not on, then the call centre staff should be asking the One World liaison desk to have a look (yeah I know it’s IAG vs. IAG but it still goes through the OWLD).

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    I thought it had to be the same airline to use the 241 companion voucher?

    You can use the Amex241 on BA IB and EI, however if you mix the carriers you can be charged an multi carrier rates, hence why for your Costa Rica trip we all suggested LHR-MAD then the separate MAD-SJO-MAD-LHR on IB.

    I would suggest the same here that the OP sticks to one carrier, or at least updates on how they do (to my mind IB and BA should under the JSA be the same carrier as that’s effectively what we see on LHR-MAD-LHR no dual carrier surcharge).

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    You can use the GUF2 and the Amex241 together and ‘gift’ the GUF1.

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    It is a BA it glitch (all the more common with the new earnings structure as well)

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    I’d avoid Cairo for the poor CW offering and for the proximity to neighbours. ATH sound brill.

    Well it’s a really poor CW offering as it’s now CE on the Cairo route.

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    It will be a married segment availability MAN-LHR-JNB – you will probably be able to see MAN-LHR and LHR-JNB if you put them in separately.
    If the married segment low fare (I class for business) is sold out then it is unlikely to come back unless there is an aircraft swap

    Check to see if EDI, NCL, BHD are also sold out.

    1a 1c and 1d are showing as currently unoccupied.

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    A few things

    You can do the open jaw but not sure how you are planning on flying between NYC and LAX – that would be an AA flight so that’s not going to be bookable inside the ticket.

    The other issue you will have is the increased Avios due to a mixed carrier booking so I wouldn’t even bother with that, given that the RFS on BA business redemptions will mean flat fees.

    I’d see how far your mother thinks she can fly and maybe suggest the following

    LHR-EWR, LAX-LHR using the 241 (short day and longish overnight) and then booking NYC-DEN and DEN-LAX using avios redemptions on AA

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    Totally possible, although I would caveat that I would try and book it over the phone all as one transaction, you’d also possibly get the extra I class availabilty on the DXB leg if you added on a regional

    Due to the nuances of RFS you’d actually pay less Avios if you go F/F and don’t forget if you do an ex EU then that will cost extra Avios rather than a regional which will be ‘free’

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    It’s only 5 €uro if it’s not included

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    Well you can’t use the voucher on QR

    And the only way you’ll know if you can get the LHR-LAX, DOH-LHR to work is if you ring up and get lucky.

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    Just ask for that in writing or a deadlock letter . If they refuse ask for a supervisor to add the notes to the PNR, stating that you are requesting the PNR notes directly from them, or will be requesting them via a SAR.

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    How are you planning on leaving ?

    I usually go and chill over in Hoboken or Central Park but Irvington is quite nice (weather dependent)

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    Thanks @Joecooljoe, looks like the ticket number is now showing on the final sector. It’s the same number as the first sector. I’m still surprised I paid no taxes on the LHR-EDI leg….

    The RFS on domestic addons is zero Avios / zero taxes

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    I didn’t know any commercial airlines flew to Los Rodeos any more, that is probably going to cause rerouting issues. If you’re set on that route, you might be able to stay overnight in Madrid and claim the cost back (again I don’t know how easy this would be with IB), if you can show that you have a reason to need to get there, such as other travel arrangements you’ve already booked.

    Getting money out of Iberia even if you are entitled to it, is akin to performing root canal on oneself without anesthetic

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    I travelled back from MIA last week and due to delays, had time to visit both the Amex Centurion Lounge (closer to my gate) and the AA Flagship lounge. We didn’t bother with the AA Admirals Club as the Flagship was far superior.

    We ended up on an AA internal flight to pick up a different BA flight, so our gates were moved. I’m not sure where the BA direct flight from MIA leaves.

    AA Flagship was at gate D30, in concourse D. Very nice but a bit of a trek depending on where you come through Security. Wasn’t busy at all and the food was nice.

    Amex Centurion is at D12. We only stopped in there as our flight was delayed. It was very busy – we split over 2 tables as a family of 4. Didn’t try the food as we ate in the AA lounge, but it looked good.

    Currently BA leaves from the E Satellite Terminal lower level gate 24

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    Well using the AA calendar function, finding the lowest value awards is a hit or miss way of doing it but does work – AA is in SeatSpy

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    Use the Iberia App

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    Yeah. Was rushing and totally forgot so went with Only Hand Luggage! (HBO crossed my mind and my brain replied “you silly, that’s the TV channel)

    I’d have got SEDM for an Iberia flight but OHL was stretching it

    IBERIA = It’s Bad Ewww Really It’s Awful

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