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    EwanG 113 posts

    @Mr. AC presumably you have been on Plutus for a bit then, and have a limit higher than £1k, having redeemed PLU to get this? Or your loan payment is within a standard limit…?
    I do enjoy the simplicity of Plutus for HMRC payments though, with no need to use a Curve Fronted allowance!!

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    Have you tried using CDP 633306 but when logged out? Does that allow pre-pay as well as pay on collection? 633306 will give you the 4 hour plat grace period if that’s important to you, and the plat discount (10%?).
    It used to be possible to book whilst logged out and then modify the booking, log in and add it to your account (there was a thread on FlyerTalk) but I haven’t got that working in the past couple of years. I am finding less variance in the logged out / logged in prices compared to what used to be possible a few years ago!
    FWIW I’ve been able to use 633306 and use pre-pay and not sure why it doesn’t work for you. Have you added your Plat card into the account as a payment option? Is the upcoming rental in the near future…?

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    EwanG 113 posts

    There’s no free plan any more. The choice is to close your account, as above it’s going to be more cost effective to forfeit any PLU earned until now, or to continue with the Starter plan and accumulate PLU at a glacial rate. Starter pays for itself if you are willing to spend your perk at your chosen retailer each month and consider it as a buy of more PLU.

    Given they have kept chopping and changing the subs and thresholds over the past year I think they’ll soon realise the current proposition isn’t workable to new customers!

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    Aviva and Churchill did last time I used them.

    Aviva does not now. Data point within the past week.

    Interesting re Aviva as I used Amex for home insurance with them on 1 April.
    Privilege (part of UK Insurance, who also own Direct Line and Churchill) do take Amex for home and car insurance ( purchased both in past fortnight)

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    New airline offers have appeared today:
    AF and KLM: £150 back wys £1500. Seen on Plat and Gold
    Singapore: £400 back wys £2500. On my Marriott card.
    Valid on flights departing UK airports.

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    EwanG 113 posts

    OK, I have my PayPoint card from Edinburgh Council now. Does anyone know what the bar code number should be so I can add the card to Google Wallet? I dislike carrying random plastic cards!

    Short answer is you can’t, unless you know the format to create the barcode.
    I see Brighton & Hove Council have a neat form allowing you to enter a 10 digit CT ref and create a 23 digit PP code, which includes the CT account and concludes with a checksum. The start digits could be the same or might be different for CEC..<replace-angle-brackets-and-bit-between-with-10-digits-here>&type_options=CouncilTax
    Edinburgh’s PP card number bears no relation to the CT account number.
    The mag stripe on the card has the info and is swiped in the PayPoint terminal. I’ve experienced problems previously where the mag stripe wasn’t scanning properly and clearly the card number can be manually entered (x3), but isn’t quick and introduces the risk of going to the wrong account.
    You could ask at the Scotmid when you first use it if their system shows a generated barcode you could use, otherwise you’ll have to remember the card when you want to pay!

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    It was my understanding that the cashback was forfeited, but that was from the t&cs when I first received the card and considered closing it.
    I’m glad I didn’t as I use it most when away, and maybe the terms changed, and yes I would expect in Jan.
    You could message them in the app to check when it’s paid.

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    EwanG 113 posts

    Yes, common problem.
    This is because Nectar have put a block on your account redeeming – a security measure.

    You will need to contact Nectar (I used and recommend live chat, check the opening hours, I think is only 9-5) or call or tweet them.
    You will need to go through the additional security (mother’s maiden name / place whatever) when you first set up your account, once done you can complete a Nectar to Avios transfer.

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    So you are on the Everyday plan? This gives 3% in PLU for the first £500 of spend on the card per month. Anything above that and there is no benefit! It takes a couple of days after a transaction before the PLU being awarded will show, so make sure you hit the cap well before the end of the month, not on the last day or two.

    The Curve Metal and Netflix fees – presumably you have selected these as your monthly perks, and then charged them through to your Plutus card?
    In that case you’ll get your 3% on £500 plus 2x £10, as you say this will be given after 45 days.
    These rewards go to your internal wallet – see the Pluton tab.

    If you want to move it to an external wallet or sell, you will need a wallet to move it to (I think they recommend MetaMask, which is why I have it on my phone) and a compatible browser (MetaMask has a browser built in, but you need to use Chrome etc instead on a phone, utilising the MetaMask wallet). There is also a small fee for transferring from your internal wallet.
    I’ve not transferred from an internal to external wallet so can’t help you there, the reason being I am working towards the first tier for stacking rewards.

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    EwanG 113 posts

    BOOM! It’s taken an exorbitant amount of time, but i won my Ombudsman complaint and today received the payment from Creation. Saga over!

    So you got your 25k that you would have received as your Spire benefit? Anything else? Did Creation or IHG upgrade your status now?

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    EwanG 113 posts

    How does the pay at Coop with council tax paper bill work? I live in Windsor-Maidenhead area and my local co-op takes Amex and they also had a paypoint station (at the checkout, not a separate station) but the person at the checkout did not know how to do the transaction. She tried various numbers from the paper bill to no avail, and then told me the only way to pay the bill by “card” was to get a prepaid card from the council.

    I am missing something obvious.

    Looks like you need to request one of these:
    That card is then linked to your CT account and you present the CT payment card for scanning and pay by CC

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    EwanG 113 posts

    Any ideas on how to make paying for someone elses* council tax more palatable? We are due to pay Richmond Council and they say they only take Mastercard/Visa. When I asked about Paypal (on live chat) they didn’t know…(great answer!).


    Edit – they just came back via email. Paypal is a no. Paypoint only with the bill (which is in Richmond and we are in Cornwall).

    You don’t need make the payment at a Paypoint in Richmond, so I suggest son takes a photo of bill (or at the very least the barcode that requires scanning by Paypoint, if that’s how it works) and you print / put onto phone for scanning, and present that to your preferred Cornwall Paypoint!

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    EwanG 113 posts

    Points to clarify:

    1. There is no requirement to pay on your Platinum card.
    2. Paying with the Platinum card does not automatically give you Avis status. You need to enrol: although if you already have an Avis account you will probably need to contact Avis so they can upgrade you.
    3. If you have an accident, Avis will charge the card you provided as security, and you reclaim in full from Amex.

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    EwanG 113 posts

    Can you suggest a friendly Scotmid on the south side (of Edinburgh)? Ta.

    No personal experience, sorry, as I’m on the north side, but generally have found a Scotmid that also shows on the Paypoint site as taking Collect+ is good, so you could try Warrender Pk Rd or Marchmont Rd!

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    Has anyone succeeded in using Amex for Edinburgh clowncil tax? Is there a route using PayPoint?

    Yes. You need to contact CEC and request a payment card, find a friendly Scotmid and use Paypoint, in £150 chunks (they can lump multiple payment card transaction into one cc payment)

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    Hertz £50 off for £250 is on my Gold card today. 20,000 sign ups available.

    Is that for UK domestic rentals only?

    T&Cs: Offer only valid on online pre-paid rentals.
    Book and pay by offer end date.

    If you book an overseas rental on and prepay (this will be in GBP), my experience is you’ll get the credit

    EwanG 113 posts

    I had something similar back in September at EDI Plaza Premium, I used me + guest on plat and asked if ok to use Priority Pass for the third person, the desk were happy to accommodate this.

    Worst case will be the additional guest fee, this is £24pp whether on Priority Pass or the Plat card.

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    Agreed Dr Tom, I think for anyone already on one of the stacking reward tiers, they are well looked after (and the higher the tier, the more so), but for anyone not yet on the Hero tier, the time and effort to get onto the first rung are now excessive because the benefits are so constrained!

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    Yes, the value could go up or down.
    Cashback for purchases takes 45 days before it becomes payable, I think you also need to wait the same time for perk cashback to become payable too!

    In addition, there’s a small fee for PLU withdrawals to factor in, when you want to do that.

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    Yes that’s correct. You’ll receive the sub rebate in the form of PLU, added to your account.

    EwanG 113 posts

    Well @froggee, best not to tell Kermit there’s been an ‘enhancement’ with the Plaza Premium sausages (and mushrooms and orange juice), an upcoming rebrand to ‘Plaza Value’ is in the offing, judging by my visit this morning!

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    Both the Amex enrolment page, and a Hertz page say Plat gets you to Five Star, not PC. Nothing about it expiring and moving you down a tier, although the Terms pdf on the Hertz site still refers to 24 month point expiry (which changed to 18 and most recently to 12 months).

    Are the accounts linked through the Amex Hertz enrolment page?

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    The agent is making it up, not unusual for Hertz! There are some good ones but it takes perseverance!

    Send them a link to the Amex site / terms and ask them to return you to Five Star.
    Make sure your Plat card is saved in your GPR profile too.

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    I believe this benefit ended for Barclaycard holders at the end of September 2023.

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    EwanG 113 posts

    Thanks @tomh, likewise my wife received her points this week!
    The chance of being a scam were very slim, so I did not feel the need to validate with Amex. Hope yours have posted now @jay1804

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