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  • FatherOfFour

    Useful to know what you’d consider and what you wouldn’t. Are you looking to use the points to reduce the cost of this trip regardless of “perceived value” or are you looking to get “at least 0.7 /0.8 / 1.0p per point?”

    Does overall trip length play a part, or would a long layover on your one stop be acceptable?

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    Noticed yesterday that American Airlines have programmed LTN into their system as “London Lunton Luton Airport”

    Speaking of LTN- My last 5 departures from the UK have (unintentionally) been from:

    London Southend
    London Stansted
    London Heathrow
    London City
    London Gatwick

    …can I bring myself to make “Lunton” the next?


    I’ve been looking at a variety of options using cash. Fortunately, I have time on my side as looking at Easter ’24, but with a family of 6, reward options are VERY limited.

    I don’t know your exact dates, but if you are willing to cobble sectors together, there are some (great?) one-way cash deals to be had.
    e.g: If you use LCC or points and a reward saver to travel to Stockholm, you could get PE with BA for £529 as far as SIN. £1000 Business with Finnair.

    From SIN, you might be able to get a QA or SQ reward flight onwards to MEL/SYD/BNE etc. to make use of your points.

    Thai via BKK to Denpasar (Business) and Jetstar on to MEL is also an option from ARN.

    What I haven’t found yet is the sweet spots for getting home!

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    I’ve just had an email telling me Amex Pay has been deactivated on my Amex card in the app- and to call if it wasn’t me.
    Well- it wasn’t me. The card is registered with Google Wallet only. I’ve had a look in the app and couldn’t even see how to link up to Amex Pay. (Perhaps because it’s already linked to Google)

    Admittedly, I havent used with Google wallet for some time AND my statement has also just been produced, so I’m wondering if it’s an automated “opt-out” after 90? days.

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    What were the conditions for getting a Barclays Premier joint account? 1 to earn 75k? Combined of something higher? Personally, my net is above their minimum, but my gross is below 75k, so I can’t honestly “tick the box” on the form. As our salaries are both currently paid into a joint account, I expect my wife would want to keep that arrangement, so if we were to ever switch, joint Premier might be an option?

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    Regarding the BA app, I’ve found the error described occursxif I have already opened the app, then ipen it again.
    Hard closing it, then opening brings back bookings and boarding passes.
    I do also take screenshot of BP at appropriate time.

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    Elizabeth Line question – what’s the most convenient station to change from EL to Greater Anglia train when travelling from London to Essex? Will be carrying luggage and time isn’t a problem, so hoping one of the stations allows transfer on the same platform.

    I know Shenfield well. EL terminates into platforms 5 and 6. Onward trains to Colchester/Ipswich/Southend etc. Go from platforms 3 and 4. Transfer between theee 2 sets of platforms is down to concourse level via steps or lift.

    Haven’t yet seen the EL platforms at Liv St. But believe they are in a separate area to the GA trains which run platforms 10-18 ish towards Essex.

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    Might have said 32k or 12k, members cant remember.

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    Was on my wife’s 5 mins ago. First 12,000.

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    I got 1500 this morning. Signed up via the HFP promo code. Couldn’t even remember if it was 1500, 2000 or 3000. Hopingbthe other 1500 lands separately.

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    Another vote for Clubcard points. Have done it 3 or 4 times now. Can be used to book online despite Tesco saying you need to phone.

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    We found Buitenhof de Leistert in Netherlands to be a good alternative to Eurocamps. Lovely detached cottage accommodation, suiting small and large groups. Whirlpool bath, sauna, pet friendly garden, cots, highchairs etc. Onsite pool was nice, but not spectacular if I recall. There is also an onsite campsite for campers.

    Centerparcs Belgium/NL border too, about £1k cheaper than UK in the school holidays.

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    @SteveJ, wow thanks for the valuable info! Super sleuth! What time would you recommend I call? Is there generally a queue?

    Thank you!

    That’s the problem; it’s so variable. I’ve called 00:20 and not answered till after 1 but also at 00:40 and answered within 5 mins.


    There have been a few reports recently of people surprised to be able to get seat selection at 48 hours and this seems to explain jt!

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    An interesting article popped up on my news feed this morning linked to the above discussion. Google “Skift IAG Loyalty”

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    How long ago did she get the gold card? My wife recently got a gold card and the PP pack came a week or so later.

    A few years ago when I got my gold, it was Lounge Pass at the time, pack didn’t arrive so I had to call and chase via Amex.

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    Presumably if you can see before travel that you are booked into class Z/X/U (redemption buckets,) you aren’t going to get lucky?

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    Ignore, just seen this is Virgin.
    I thought all reward bookings were to be done on the phone?

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    Thanks – reassured about the original join date on the card showing.

    The original card does say “CANCELLED” with an orange dot against it, so I think the account did close. I believe she got a paper closure statement too.

    In my experience, I have had to manually remove cancelled cards from the app and have usually left this a few months, especially if expecting a refund on something.

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    If anyone is thinking of applying for this, I’d wait until Monday 🙂



    I should have been quite high up the waitlist (12:16 on original sale date) but didnt receive anything. If any spares, am interested.

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    Used them last November and pretty sure I had the Avios by Christmas. Probably within the 21 days.

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    What’s the end game for BA here? are they just trying to ensure that Avios are spent with them, rather than converted to Nectar? And since the flights are already busy, they can take cash AND reduce the liability rather than opening up full redemptions?

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    I applied for the 50k bonus offer and was accepted. This morning I received my Avios Barclaycard through the post. However when I log into the Barclaycard app, it shows my progress towards a 25k bonus rather than 50k. Is this expected or an error ?

    I definitely applied via the HfP link and haven’t had any other Barclaycard products in the past 2 years.


    Quite often “special offers” aren’t coded into the trackers on apps- that goes for both Amex and Barclaycard in my experience. It shows the default SUB, then the full amount is often delivered at the end in one bulk, or in 2 stages.

    I had the initial 25k bonus and 5k “goodwill” came separate, as did the 5k HfP bonus for those who got that. If you can evidence your application date with a screenshot of the offer you should be fine!

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    Thanks @The Savage Squirrel and @John.
    I’m suitably convinced spending £600 on this might be a bit of fun for me, but a rather reckless waste of £600.

    I had a discussion with the wife too… and the idea was quickly shut down, though she was keen to apply for a new Barclaycard!

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