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    I make regular HMRC payments with Pay+ and points always credit. Now have enough for a virgin cruise if they bring the deal back next year !

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    I’ve received 1,500 Avios on Monday, but not the 2nd 1,500. Anyone else in this situation? And has anyone managed to get BA to manually award the additional 1,500?

    I’m in this situation too, haven’t gotten round to contacting BA yet

    thanks glad to know that I’m not alone. I can’t say I’m overly motivated to call BA for 1,500 Avios. Not worth the time and effort

    Me too. Has anyone missing the extra 1,500 seen them appear since posting ?

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    I’ve also had this text despite being Gold, so I will turn up and hope for the best as the Marhaba Lounge is the opposite of premium. I’m there in 2 weeks so will be interesting to hopefully hear some feedback from some Guinea pigs before then.


    I cancelled 2 x 2 legs about 2 weeks and was told I lose the £50 per ticket. I got routed to an Indian call centre which clearly didn’t help. Another call beckons.

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    Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else……but does anyone know, if I overpay a mortgage with Curve with Barclaycard as the underlying card – will I be charged a fee by Barclays and/or Curve ? Thanks.

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    I have metal linked to Avios B’card and spend £10k pcm to HMRC plus maybe £2k foreign spend pcm. Got card when it first came out and have never had any issues.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks, good to know.

    Log on to your account via the web, not the app. Click on Transactions (top right), then click on arrow next to Save As and BINGO.

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    LOL 😂

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    Does anybody know if HSBC still give points for HMRC payments if they are fronted by Curve ? I have just upgraded to Metal but someone has suggested it’s pointless as HSBC won’t give points.

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    The 0.1% must be new as I have always paid with Tesco Debit card before and have never been charged a fee.

    That’s a worrying comment about HSBC Premier Credit Card as that’s the only reason I am paying for curve metal.

    So, as a newbie, if CC companies won’t give avios/points etc if using curve (with said cc card as underlying payment) – what is the advantage of curve fronted transactions other than not having the money come out of your bank account there and then ?

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    Apologies if this has already been covered.

    I have just converted to CURVE metal, with a view to paying £10k pcm to HMRC. Have just made first payment and HMRC charges a 0.1% fee with the CURVE card (underlying card is HSBC Premier Card / 0.5 avios per £). Whilst not massive, it will add up to £120 p/a on top of the £150 p/a fee for the card. So, each avios is only costing me .45p, which is still good, but more than I thought.

    So my question is….is this correct that HMRC charge this fee as I haven’t seen it mentioned before ?

    Definitely the night flight – save on the cost of 1 night in the hotel and catch up on any sleep on a lounger by the pool !

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    I have found that most european AI’s are below par, although IKOS is very good.

    The Palm Tree Court in Dubai is excellent and I would highly recommend.

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    I use Ola most of the time, it’s the same as Uber but normally a bit cheaper. Also great from Heathrow.

    Use this code and you get £5 off – B9HX3DU

    Have a great weekend.

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    Don’t believe everything you read. I’ve used it (with my wife) about 7/8 times and it’s been a piece of cake and saved loads of hassle at the airport. So far, when I’ve used it, I’ve never been asked for any documentation whatsoever. Even my Business Partner and his wife used it and he’s a complete technofobe.

    Chronomics was a piece of cake.

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    Tesco Clubcard Pay+ works, good for virgin but no avios unfortunately.

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    I paid have paid my tax bills with it (previously had Tesco Bank Debit Card) and points have been credited. Just a shame we can no longer convert to avios.

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    I have no doubt the code will work, I know people who’ve done this, it’s been fine, and also used the same code multiple times. Obviously the latter is illegal but I don’t believe GOV have any way of checking, it’s a question of conscience. Whether your kit provider will honour it and accept the test into the lab is another matter, you definitely can with RANDOX.


    Yes, as long as it is for at least 5 nights. Might have to include a Saturday as well.


    Many people wrongly try and enter the code from the sample tube. The correct reference will be on the email confirmation you got when you ordered the test.

    Correct. I was concerned as my flight arrived at 8.45 pm so I rang HALO and they confirmed you just show booking ref. to reception and they will sort you out. Worked far easier than I imagined.

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    I imagine that majority of the membership are ardent AVIOS collectors, which basically means they are most likely to fly from Heathrow (or City), which means they are most likely to live in, or near (as I do) to London. So good idea IMHO.


    I flew back from DXB a month ago, my bonus TP for the outbound was credited fairly quickly, but the ones for the inbound are yet to show. A friend who flew at a similar time has yet to receive any bonus TP.

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