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  • @jamie, have BA confirmed via Twitter that they have processed the refund? It should really be instantaneous after that and definitely within a couple of days. If this hasn’t happened, I’d follow it up, maybe via chat as you can have more of a normal conversation that way.

    the reply I had from the twitter team was that they had requested a 50% avios refund for the booking. I chased them a couple of days ago and they said they couldn’t give me any idea of timeframe.

    For those that booked their return using full avios & contacted the twitter team for the 50% refund, how long did the refund take? I’ve been waiting over a week, is this normal?

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    At 6’2″ also I would take the leg room of the emergency exit seat, no way my knees would tolerate nearly 5 hours in a regular seat. There is also a chance the others in the row are a couple who are trying to game the system (it’s the ‘hack’ that always seems to end up in the newspapers) and hoping no one will pick the seat between them, in which case you will probably be offered either the aisle or window seat.

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    Just a quick note to say thank you for all of the advice provided on this thread, it’s been really helpful. Managed to pick up my return HND-LHR at 1am this morning and now in the process of getting 50% of the avios returned.

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    Do you have enough points to book 2? Sometime it will use points + cash option if points were short

    Thanks Don, this is the answer, I forgot I needed to do a top of my avios before I booked so the 2nd seat was showing a points + cash option that included a points purchase. Once I transferred the points across the price I expected was shown.

    Another data point, friends called the US number & got through at 12.45am. They were immediately told they were too early & the agent hung up. Tried again & got through at 12.55am to be told again they were too early & the agent hung up on them again (different agent on both occasions).

    I have friends who have booked MAD-TYO outbound on Iberia using their Companion Voucher and are planning to book the return on BA when the flights become available. From looking though this thread this appears to be be possible. But I have seen (particularly toward the start of this thread so a couple of years ago), that when people phoned up to add the return leg on BA to their booking the original outward leg was repriced by BA increasing the cost. Is this still an issue or can they expect to pay the avios + cash they can see on BA for the return leg?

    @PeteM, @NorthernLass & @Aston100 – thank you for the info, that is really helpful.

    Apologies if this has already been answered, I have been looking through this thread all morning and may have missed it but I have a couple of queries about using the Amex 241 voucher.

    I have outbound flights booked LHR-TYO in Club World using a companion voucher. When I booked the flights I selected the 3rd option down, which as it was a peak day, cost 90,000 avios and £700.

    I’m hoping to book Club world flights for the return when they become available and plan to do this by phoning up and adding them to the existing booking (I don’t have enough points to book the return separately and get BA to link them and refund the 50%).

    My question is, will the agent insist on selecting the 3rd avios + cash option for the return to be consistent with the outbound or will I have flex to pick whichever combination I want? (I’m aware that if I go the separate booking & refund route it must be the same combination but I am not sure if that still applies if adding the flights to an existing booking).

    My other queries are related to this, namely does the answer to the query above hold true if I was to book PE for the return or alternatively book a return with iberia ie must I pick the 3rd option or do I have flex?

    Thank you in advance

    Apologies if I have missed the answer to the following queries, I’ve been looking through the thread all morning and may have missed them.

    I have outward Club World flights booked for LHR-HND using a companion voucher. I selected the 3rd option (with peak pricing at the time I booked) so 90,000 avios + £700. When I book the return (assuming I can secure club again), I intend to call and add the flights to the original booking as I don’t have enough avios to book separately and reclaim. When I do this can I use any avios + cash combination for the return?

    I know if I book as a separate booking I need to ensure I select the same avios + cash option as the outbound to be able to get the 50% avios refund. But If I am adding to the booking I already have will the agent inist on the same combination or do I have some flex?

    The other query is in a similar vein. If a booking for an outward flight is booked on Iberia and the return is BA, does that change any of the answer to the question above?


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    Thank you Roberto

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    If you have a scroll through the destinations section there’s quite a bit of info on Porto as it’s quite popular here!

    Thanks, will do I did do a search but nothing came up!

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    I cancelled one a few weeks ago, it needed chasing and cost me £35pp which is what I expected. Quick question, was this BA or Euroflyer?

    BA flights – LHR to GLA

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    I’ve had that message a couple of times and still got everything refunded minus 50p pp, the last time was about a month ago.

    Good to know thank you.

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    Had you or had BA made any changes to the booking?

    If so that does seem to trigger manual process.

    Ah ok thanks, flight times have changed on these flights so that is probably the reason.

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    Traveleasy also badgered me relentlessly for the first 24 hours as you have to put all your details in to get to the next screen – phones calls, emails, whatsapp messages at 1am urging me to complete my booking

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    I had to jump through quite a few hoops to get BA to price match traveleasy, they kept coming back and asking for additional screenshots despite the fact I sent them 6 with the original claim

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    Thank you @JDB, really appreciate you taking the time to give such a detailed reply.

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    @jamie – what reason has BA given for rejecting your claim? There may be an opportunity to go back to them to get them to reconsider in some circumstances which is a lot quicker than CEDR and will also affect how you should frame your claim if you do end up going to CEDR.

    BA have said the claim is denied as the legislation only covers delayed and cancelled flights and not schedule changes.

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    We’re on a flight to Malaga on Sunday that BA have rescheduled to leave 5 hrs later (email informing me of this received on Friday so 9 days before). The flight number has stayed the same so this isn’t a cancellation but a reschedule. In those circumstances will any compensation be due?

    I disagree with @JDB. Within 14 days, and move of >3h for that distance means you are entitled to treat it as a cancellation. This means you are entitled to: compensation if not due to extraordinary circumstance;

    So BA have rejected my claim for compensation for this flight, next step is CEDR. Anything I should be quoting re within 14 days and more than 3 hrs – appreciate this seems to be a grey area when it comes to compensation

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    Got the 50k offer yesterday. No mention of retention by Amex chat, it was called a goodwill gesture for my loyalty. I have a fair amount of spend via this card

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    Thanks for this, I was just about to ask the same question, the wife’s new platinum card has had zero offers for over a week now

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