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    I received a reminder to book the remaining easyjet adventure calendar vouchers before the end of the year.

    Just booked the last flights! Overall, it was one of the best “advent calendars” I ever had…

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    After all the issues around getting into Priority Pass lounges, I am happy to report that I am currently the only one in the AF/KLM lounge at BKK! A very relaxed experience.

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    Family member has a passport with a total duration of 10 years 5 months

    Issued: 4th April 2013
    Expiry: 4th September 2023

    They plan to enter and leave Spain on 10th January 2023 (cruise with only one EU call before onwards to the Caribbean) and due to the dates have sought advice.

    The travel agent has said: the passport will not be permitted at it will not have 90 days until it “expires” (based on taking the start date, adding 10 years and then removing 90 days).

    Spanish consulate has in an email said

    Your passport must be:
    * issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (check the ‘date of issue’)
    * valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)
    There are currently no exceptions for the above rules and are applicable to both adult and minor passports.

    Based on there been enough room for “interpretation” at the departure point he has begrudgingly applied for a new passport. Even if definitely evidence is presented at the port the risk of been refused based on “interpretation” is too great. The fact this hasn’t been cleared up once and for all throughout the travel industry several years after Bexit is really annoying (however I will gesture at the general state of the government and say it’s not surprising).

    This has been in the news a lot months ago. The UK’s more than 10 years is not recognised in the EU. Their passport will not be valid.

    in reply to: Melia 20% off codes available?

    Is the 35% discount just another rate (does not need a code)? Then the 20% should work – it did for us.


    @WaynedP thanks for the great advice! We will do the trip from PLZ to CPT as you suggested. The prices for flights and car don’t look to bad.

    Do you have any advice on the domestic airlines and car agencies? For example, sixt/firstcarrental seems to be terrible…


    It seems the HfP readers are experienced with South Africa!

    We are planning a trip to South Africa for the last 10 days of January (replacing a planned trip to Sri Lanka). As the trip is on a 2-4-1, we could only find availability for Johannesburg. Given the duration and location we are mainly looking at KNP and the North East.

    However, we are now considering if we should change our plans again as it seems that January is not a great month to visit KNP and the North East. Has anybody experience with visiting in January? Should we abandon the North East completly and instead look for local flights from Johannesburg to Capetown to go the Wine Country and the Garden Route?

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    50 bonus points for using ApplePay?

    I received and registered my card on 10th Aug. I have so far topped up with £300 and spent approx £210. Today I received a notification in the app congratulating me on receiving my Promotion bonus of 50 points.
    I know that I registered using the HfP code and I received the T&C’s telling me I would get 1500 avios after £500 spend within 3 months.
    Does anyone know what this 50 point promotion bonus is and should I be worried that I am not going to get my 1500 (+1500) when I hit £500 spend in the next few days?

    in reply to: Noise cancelling headphones – Airpod pro

    I have AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, and QC35. They all serve a different purpose: Most of the time I use the AirPods 3, on public transportation the AirPods Pro, and on planes the QC35. The ANC of the AirPods Pro does not work well on planes (like every in-ears) and they are not comfortable enough for hours on a plane. The best thing of the QC35 is that they are both wireless and wired. But I would probably go XM4 next.

    Update: I tried Vueling first, but their phone line for cancellations only sends one to the MMB (which does not work in this case). So I contacted Iberia and just had to wait for a couple of minutes. The agent first said that there is no availability to rebook me (no availability in the same booking class), but when I replied that this is a cancellation where the EC261 regulations apply and that they still seats on the flight that I wanted, the agent did some more checking and was able to book me on the flight that I wanted. Success!

    I did not expect it to be so easy given the current BA problems.

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    I love the AirTags! No more anxious waiting at the belt to check when the luggage arrives. Instead standing at the back until the AirTag is in reach and can be located by my phone. I just got a second pack of four (key chain, luggage, work bag, bike…).

    I tried Tile before, but they are useless.

    in reply to: Sri Lanka – January

    I am in a similar situation. We planned a trip to Sri Lanka in January and flights are booked on miles, with BA (on Qatar) there and back with M&M (on LOT). Given that they now expect the current crisis to continue to the end of next year, we are considering changing our plans, but given the expiration of M&M miles, we need to make a decision soon.

    Any recommendations?

    in reply to: Paris Le Grand or Kimpton St Honore

    We stayed in the Kimpton and did not like it at all. The room was not well kept, the linen stained, furniture damaged, and we hated the large amount of merchandise in the room (BUY ME! BUY ME! BUY ME!).

    The bar was soulless and the restaurant looked like a spot for instagrammers. And who wants american food in Paris anyway?

    We haven’t been to the IC, but we like the indigo. So maybe take your voucher to some other city…

    An EU passport holder can take any non-EU nationals with them through the EU queue. It is a stated and known benefit, I believe, so not just done on the good graces of border officials.

    (I do it regularly – never had an issue)

    Do you know where it is stated? I looked but I could not find anything official except for the UK pre-Brexit.

    in reply to: Amex £50 cashback offer for IHG

    It’s an offer that I save a long time ago: 50 back on 2000 or more on a long list of IHG properties. I have it on the Platinum and on the BAPP.

    in reply to: Downgrading to free Barclaycard Avios card

    Forgot to say that the pending Avios are still shown in the app.

    in reply to: Downgrading to free Barclaycard Avios card

    The switch will only happen after the next statement I understand (and how it works for me). To downgrade maybe follow the approach below:
    1. Wait for the Avios to appear on BA.
    2. Downgrade via the app.
    3. You should receive a text confirmation.
    4. You should receive a statement as usual.
    5. On the same day your account is switched to a new card number.
    6. You have to wait for the new card to arrive.
    I am currently at 6.

    After extensive testing I can confirm the Barclaycard World Elite does provide unfettered access to my lounge. I’ve walked in and out of the lounge several times with the card, and never had a problem. I’ve even been able to bring the dog with me.

    Same here. I can even bring as many guests as I want! Food is meh but drinks are awesome!

    in reply to: Small favour

    I just checked the initial page and the Data Collection Participant Information Sheet. Posting it here does not conform to the selection criteria and is considered spam.

    in reply to: Nectar account blocked for security reasons

    Same here, blocked since Friday. Their Twitter account asked me whether I use a VPN and if I am accessing it from outside the UK. They even asked me to get my external IP via whatsmyip. In the end they just said they have passed it to their IT team. Shockingly bad!

    in reply to: What a joke – easyJet Adventure Calendar

    I had no problem booking two pairs of return flights. My email was answered within a few hours.

    We also bought a second easyJet plus membership which probably makes sense if you do four return flights within a year.

    in reply to: Where do I find my credit card vouchers expiry?

    How reliable is the information received via the VirginAtlantic Twitter account? According to them, I currently have five(!) rewards in my account – which is technically not possible when the CC only started in 2018.

    in reply to: Amex Plat charge card referral

    Hi I drive – is the referral 70k for spending 4K in 3 months if so can u send referral to me please

    I believe the current promo is 65k for spending 6K in 6 months (at least that I can refer to).

    in reply to: Kimptons…..

    Although the original post asked about Kimptons in this country… We just stayed in the Paris Kimpton and were somewhat disappointed. No welcome drink, stained sofa, stained duvet cover, damaged furniture and walls, and best / worse of all, too many items to buy on display in the room.

    The “social” hour was one glass of wine in the bar.

    We moved to the indigo next door for the last night which we enjoyed more.

    in reply to: Anyone used this with Curve, Ernie, Che, etc yet?

    FYI: Revolut top-up is a cash transaction and incurs fees on this card.

    Tried it and the fees just came through.

    Seville is great! Definitely do a Tapas tour – we have done a few and the one in Seville was the best.

    In the end we did not have a proper meal anywhere, just Tapas and we went to one place again after the tour.

    We truly enjoyed a Segway tour (the first we ever did) – don’t do a bus tour as busses can not enter the historic area.

    There is a roof top tour of the cathedral, which we liked.

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