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    Krispy 28 posts

    I do value s75 as a form of insurance. As @GuernseyGlobetrotter says with HSBC WE one can earn double points on FX spend as one can on the Amex Gold. Both have promotions to take that to 2.5 Avios per £ which gives that insurance for very little vs FX fee. I find Amex rates generally slight better than MC ones. Amex was several % better than MC in Argentina in Feb/Mar, but that’s a specific situation. Curve has been suspended there since December.

    With s75, there is the question of who makes it the easiest to claim and that’s probably Amex as there’s a more automated system but they have got much tighter.

    I haven’t made an s75 claim with Barclaycard for almost 20 years but then they paid out £1000 without fuss for a non delivered purchase.

    Last year I made a claim to HSBC for my wife. The card charge was about £375 but with other associated costs (charged on another card) came to a total claim of £600. The forms were very cumbersome but ultimately they got the £375 on chargeback after an appeal to MasterCard (following rejection by the merchant) and paid the rest under s75 plus £100 for not having paid within the stated time frame. That pays a few years of card fee and a bit of FX.

    Amex was great in Covid for getting refunds from Aeroméxico, Volaris and Aerolíneas Argentinas who basically blocked refunds. You get 3MR for airline purchases plus the 0.5MR so that feels a good deal.

    The focus on the last % of ‘fees’ and agonising as to whether the MC rate will be better/worse makes me laugh when I read what people are overpaying for or endlessly paying cancellation fees etc. etc.

    This is something I’ve been thinking of for some time. The Amex Gold pays out 2 MR per £1 spend. If you can get value of around 1.5p/MR point (a reasonable valuation from my experience) then it pays for itself with the 3% fee. Plus you get Amex’s protection as well as S75.

    The only concern I have is that Amex isn’t as accepted abroad (apart from the US) as it is in the UK. What do you think?

    Also, for people that use Curve Black, it doesn’t work with Amex does it. Do you layer it with points cards like the Virgin Atlantic or Barclaycard Avois one? For Fronted and paying HMRC, it only allows you to spend £1k a month right?

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Is there any comparisons between something like the Halifax clarity which uses the Mastercard mid market rate vs Amex rate + 3% Forex fee?
    I wonder if there’s a huge amount in it when you then factor in the 2MR/£1 spend

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Thinking of reapplying for the gold again though because of the 2points on foreign spend, and the retention offers long term. Are the offers better for gold rather than the basic cards?

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Done the gold already. I had it for a year and cancelled it at renewal around 4 months ago

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Yeah I always feel unless you’re generating 140k+ avios a year for a long haul biz class ticket, it’s tricky to use the BAPP Companion Voucher. To me I’d never pay cash for a club Europe ticket, I’d just fly low cost from a northern airport (living up in the north it’s a pain to get to LHR for short haul). So generally only go to LHR for long haul. The ability to pay cash and use a companion voucher on virgin is just great!

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Same boat as you bennymoon, this is why I use the VA Rewards + CC. If I don’t have enough points I just use the companion voucher with cash, even then it’s worth the £160 annual fee for me. Yes the route network is much less than BA, but if the destinations are still something you see favourably then it would work for you.

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    Krispy 28 posts

    So the benefits really of the premier account is 18k Avios a year, and an upgrade voucher (or an extra 7k Avios) for £144 a year.
    Plus if you get the Barclaycard BA Premium card you get £5 a month off the fee.
    To have both and get the worth from 2 upgrade vouchers a year you’d need to really be earning a decent chunk of points a year then really.

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    Krispy 28 posts

    Is it still the case with Barclays when you want to do a bank transfer you need a pin sentry device?

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    Krispy 28 posts

    That’s great, thanks a lot.
    What do you guys think of the account? Apart from the Avios deal/upgrade voucher, is it a good account/service?

    They said it’s because the refunds were more than the balance on the card for February so no points were given for Feb, and remainder was deducted off March statement

    Right guys I spoke to Virgin
    Turns out its simply because of refunds, danger averted!
    Phew! I was getting worried haha

    It’s really odd. I’ll speak to customer services tomorrow to figure out whats happening.
    It’s not even a third actually.

    March statement £2560; points earned 3,840. But on the Flying Club: 2754 points were posted
    January statement £1807; points earned 2,772. But on flying club: 1351 points were posted

    It’s disappointing really, shouldn’t require checks like this. Especially when you’re paying for the card.
    Virgin Red/Flying Club said I need to speak to Virgin Credit Card team, and they’re closed till tomorrow.

    Krispy 28 posts

    For myself – I use the Virgin Reward + Credit card really to get the upgrade/companion voucher. The points I get are merely a bonus.
    Then if I have enough points I will use them to get premium tickets and use the voucher to upgrade to upper class; or failing that, without enough points I just pay cash and upgrade to upper class with the voucher.

    That I feel is where virgin>BA – where you can upgrade or use the companion voucher on cash bookings!

    Though I do agree, it is much easier to use the BAEC shopping portal to get avios than it is virgin points, and I have more avios than virgin points due to this!

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    Krispy 28 posts

    I think where the virgin cc voucher comes into its own is when you use it for premium 241 OR upgrading from premium to upper class. If you look at the price differential even with the extra taxes it really is worth a fair amount.
    I use both the BA premium amex and virgin reward + cc

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    Krispy 28 posts

    I’m in a similar situation to yourself. We have both the Amex BAPP and Virgin Reward + CC. To be honest, for us it works to have both. We’ll probably keep swapping between the Amex BAPP and the Regular BA Amex, because we don’t obtain large amounts of avios for a long haul business class booking a year – or we’d do one club Europe one year and one club world the next year etc.
    The Virgin CC I like because despite the fees being a little more (£330 with Club world BA for long haul vs £520 with Virgin Premium) the fact we can use the vouchers to either upgrade or use it as a companion ticket on a cash fare is invaluable for us.
    The amount of avios I’d get instead of spending £10k on the virgin card (and getting the companion ticket) would only be 15k avios if used on the BA Premium Plus Amex, so for us it definitely makes sense to have the virgin card too.

    I’d tend to use the virgin companion voucher for premium not upper class; or upgrade premium to upper class.

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