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  • in reply to: Any supp bonus posted before 90 days without chasing?

    I’ve just contacted Amex via live chat, as it’s been 93 days and no supp bonus appeared. The chat person added the points on immediately, and I could view them whilst still on chat.

    Not happy that I had to chase, but at least it was done there and then once I did.

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    I’m on day 79 here I think, and no sign. I’ll phone up on day 90, albeit I’m a little bit wary of them asking me if I have proof of the 3000 points offer for a supp card (gold card), as I’ve seen them do that for other things. Is there somewhere it actually says about the points for adding a supp card holder, as I can’t find it anywhere?

    Referrals seem to be fine though, I referred my husband for a BA Premium 2 days ago, and I’ve already had the points.

    in reply to: Anyone had issues with an apostrophe in their name?

    I have a hyphen in my name (double barrelled surname).

    I can book online, but, I cannot book using any 2-4-1 voucher as it moans that the cardholder name (which you cannot edit) doesn’t match the passenger record (which never contains the hyphen).

    I always have to ring up to book using a 2-4-1. My most recent was on 17th January.

    Interesting. I also have a double barrelled surname with a hyphen, and have never had a problem booking and using my 2-4-1. Including my most recent booking a couple of weeks ago.

    in reply to: Luton Airport parking recommendations?

    I know you’re not keen on shuttles, but we’ve used Airparks numerous times, and always been very happy with it.

    Last time we were there we used a meet and greet (possibly blue circle, can’t remember now, but it was the cheapest one). It was ok, but had a bit of a wait getting the car back afterwards.

    in reply to: Electric company car – Tesla – advice

    We ordered an E-niro 2 long range back in October, with a lead time given of March.

    Debated over lease or purchase, in the end went for purchase. If there was a leasing option through my husband’s work we may have made a decision, but although they’re talking about it, no idea when it might actually come in.

    We benefitted from the high used car prices for both our cars. One we’re part-exchanging in, the other I sold to Cazoo (for £500 more than the part-ex I was going to get).

    For leasing, it was looking at £13 – £14k for 3 years for that vehicle when we looked. We’ll be looking to change the car in 3 years, so even if the value goes down a similar amount (which I think unlikely, but who knows), then we’re no worse off than we would have been leasing. Plus if we hate the car for any reason (again, unlikely), we’re free to get rid sooner.

    We ordered when they were still doing the £2.5k electric vehicle grant on cars up to £35k. This has been cut now, so glad we ordered when we did.

    Our car is due in the country today, so hoping to get it in the next couple of weeks.

    We got our charger fitted via pod point. No problems with fitting etc.

    in reply to: Post new Amex statement credit offers here!

    I’ve got spend £500 get £100 statement credit with NCL cruises, which I think is pretty decent, especially as it’s also on my husband’s supp card!

    Quite tempted by a cheap 9 night transatlantic cruise in December, just hoping we can split the bill online.

    Quoting myself here, but we booked an NCL cruise yesterday. NCL are a little bit cheeky compared to most other cruise lines, as you can either pay the deposit (currently £50 each) or pay in full, but you can’t make a partial payment online. Most other cruise lines you can. Was hoping to split it so we could get the £100 credit on both our cards. Also, you don’t know this until after you’ve booked and log into your booking online, where you’re presented with just a pay in full option.

    Anyway, going to ring and make a £500 payment with one card to see if it works or not – got nothing to lose. If it does, will ring and pay another £500 with second card. If it doesn’t, then will pay in full to get one of the £100 credits.

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    I’ve got spend £500 get £100 statement credit with NCL cruises, which I think is pretty decent, especially as it’s also on my husband’s supp card!

    Quite tempted by a cheap 9 night transatlantic cruise in December, just hoping we can split the bill online.

    in reply to: Help me book an Avios reward flight!

    Fly with Iberia via Madrid. Without calling I can’t get the cost of the connection to London, but I can see availability from NYC to MAD for 68,000 Avios and £117 for 2.

    I don’t have an Iberia account. Don’t I need to have had one for a certain length of time and earned some avios in it, or am I remembering incorrectly?

    in reply to: Help me book an Avios reward flight!

    I’ve just looked at this, as we’re considering a transatlantic cruise in December which ends in New York, so thought a one way avios flight back from New York in business would be perfect. The taxes/charges/whatever you want to call them are nuts for one way! Could do economy, as it’s not a super long flight, and the charges are way more reasonable.

    Is there any way of getting the charges down when doing business class with avios?

    in reply to: Amex decided to cancel all my cards

    Amex wouldn’t put offers on multiple cards (especially on supps and main cards) if it didn’t mind you using them more than once.

    Have you been doing anything re referring yourself for cards or referring your wife?

    Why would referring your wife (or husband) be a problem Rob?

    in reply to: Covid travel insurance recommendations

    We recently did a lot of shopping around as we were planning on booking a cruise with Virgin Voyages out of Miami which (at the time of booking) was going to be non-refundable if something went wrong for us with positive tests etc. Along with that, I also wanted cover in case a country I visited went ‘red’ and we would have to quarantine on return. With thar plus most of the ‘normal’ COVID fears (being told to isolate, getting ill, etc) we found Amex Platinum insurance to be not enough, so went for the Barclays Travel Pack on top. We also have an annual policy from Staysure which still has a few months on it.

    All of the documents are linked via the Amex website if you have the Platinum card and I would recommend reading them.

    The Which? info is also very good and their shortlist is where we started. We had an issue with the HSBC coverage as you are immediately not covered if you are seen at a hospital for any treatment in the last 2 years, which we cannot comply with – no opportunity to get it as a pre-existing/declared/accepted condition with HSBC, but Barclays were happy to add it for no extra charge.

    That’s interesting, as I’ve been thinking about moving our account to HSBC to get the travel insurance. Can you really not add any pre-existing conditions, even for a fee?

    I was told that’s the case when they rebooked mine.


    Have you clicked through to the last possible point before you have to confirm in MMB?

    The reason I ask is that I was in a similar situation earlier this year. It looked as if I could move my flights in MMB, but when I actually tried to do it (I waited until my dates came up, plus triple checked there were seats available) it would throw up an error and not allow me to.

    I had to call BA, who wouldn’t do it for me (usual rubbish about ticket validity, trying to get me to accept a voucher which would have then meant I lost the 50% discount on avios I’d used etc). I was going to take them to CEDR, was just getting my application ready, then luckily BA changed their policy regarding ticket validity and I was able to move the flights to next year. Unfortunately they seem to have then gone back on that policy change, meaning people now have to take them to CEDR/MCOL again to get their rights.

    All that was a very long-winded way of saying that just because it looks as if you can move them to next year in MMB doesn’t actually mean you’ll be able to, as that wasn’t my experience, nor those of others.


    Just changed my Tenerife flights. I could change the inbound ones online, but the outbound flights it just kept on throwing up an error code. Was very quick to call up, and all sorted. Had to book something (anything) as next Christmas isn’t out yet, and we already have a lot of holidays booked for next year, plus the routes we would have booked from Luton don’t seem to be going. Anyway, guess I can change them again if needed.

    Still got my Corfu flights from this May cancelled in my account, didn’t ask anything about them and will leave them until I decide what to do with them!

    in reply to: Expert Medicals covid tests – any experiences?

    Not that recent, but I used them at the end of September. One of us received our result, one of us didn’t. Did a chargeback on the credit card for the one we didn’t get back.

    In September we didn’t have to quarantine until we got our negative result, now we do, so I wouldn’t risk using them again.


    Yes, it seems they have changed it. This are the new instructions:
    “Switch to another flight for free. You can search easyJet flights and make changes to your booking yourself via Manage Bookings. When making changes online, you can choose from any alternative flights on the same route. If you’d like to change the departure or arrival airport to another one within the same country, please contact our Customer Services Team, who will be happy to help.”

    Looks like changing within same country is still free but have not yet tried.

    I’ve got a couple of sets of flights I need to change. One was fully cancelled, and was back in around May last year. They still show in my account as cancelled. I’ve then got flights to Barcelona in Feb which was for my husband’s birthday, but they changed the airport from Luton to Gatwick, which doesn’t suit us. Need to do something with those before Feb.

    I’ve then got flight to Tenerife booked later this month which I think we’re going to change. However, these have already been changed once (they were previously cancelled flights) and so this seems to mean I can’t change them online, as it just throws up an error code. I just wanted to get some idea of what to change them to that wouldn’t cost a shed load more money, but I guess I’m going to have to call, and have a list of ideas/dates and see what happens.

    in reply to: Delays with Amex supplementary card bonuses posting

    Also waiting, been just over a month so far and no sign.

    in reply to: Any on-site Day 2 PCR testing at Luton Airport?

    Collinson are the only ones that I’ve found. We’re due to come back from Tenerife on 3rd Jan, so have been looking, but seriously considering rescheduling.


    Anyone know if the standard menu vegetarian meal tends to run out early?
    My travel partner is currently meat free, but is reluctant to book a special vegetarian meal as unsure what it might be.
    We don’t have status and no idea how far from the galley we’ll be seated so am considering ordering the special meal regardless, just to be sure.

    I started ordering the vegetarian indian meal after reading a tip on FT. Always found it much nicer than the standard veggie option.

    I now have the complication of being gluten free. I can either order a vegetarian meal, which won’t be GF, or a GF which won’t be vegetarian (although hopefully I can make do with a GF roll and dessert). I will obviously be taking my own stuff with me, but whilst this is easy to do when leaving from home, it’s not so easy to do on the inbound trip.

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