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    Thanks all for the data. I too have ad 100% success with the Amex offer and just missed the window for the last May 31st cut off with my June Stays unfortunately. All my March / April stays were also on same Amex in my name so will pop in a missing points claim in that case. i will update here when I get something back from BA.

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    I had stays booked 9th June and transactions cleared on 31st May. Asked he first thogh and was told no dice. the stay has to be within the offer period too.

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    Not Travel related but points related for Tesco voucher holders.

    3 months of Disney + for £3 of vouchers. now until 20th September.

    Can activate the voucher anytime before March 2024 and existing Disney + subscribers can also use it, I guess by cancelling existing subscription and applying the redemption code to the D+ account.

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    Check out Matt’s Planet recent youtube video. Flew Madrid out to Mexico/Bogata on Iberia and then flew First back on BA to London using the 241

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    BA website(s) has reached a new low. Already a miserable experience – how are they able to make it worse than it already was??

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    Flying edi to Qatar next week via Qatar airways, does anyone know if there are usb charging points in economy class seats, or am I going to have to take power bank for the flight?

    So long as it isn’t an older plane – A330 – you should have USB/AC in seat – that being said – if you are planning on taking a power bank anyway this needs to be in cabin bag as far as I am aware. Seat Guru is a good resource for checking your exact flight number and seat features. May be worth taking an AC USB charging plug just in case it is AC only but most have USB in the seat back anyway.

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    Not a chance, unless payment is taken by the hotel during the offer period.

    Thanks for confirming. Damn that’s annoying. Can’t win ‘em all!!


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    Does anyone have any experience with the Hilton 50/200 Amex Cash Back crediting for stays after the offer window but booked during the offer window?

    Looking to book today for the 6thJune. Hoping it counts!!


    Just linked my accounts and noticed the fast track offer to OW Ruby and QR Silver

    It looks like if you have Gold status in Accor you can fast track to QR Silver after one flight on Qatar.

    I was planning on buying ibis business membership which would give gold status in ALL Accor @direttore would be interested in knowing how you got in with this. Will you attempt to match to QR silver?

    Is it really only one share? I thought the minimum holding was 50 ?

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    Does this require a household account in both schemes?
    What are the mechanics of the process?

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    Looks like IT glitch is causing the issue.

    Double nights don’t seem to be included in the rollover at this stage – so probably related to that promo. it will probably be fixed today based on:

    Honors System Maintenance January 14, 2023
    Our Honors system will be offline Saturday, January 14 between 12:00 AM CT and 8:00 AM CT for planned maintenance. During this time, new member enrollments cannot be completed. Current Hilton Honors members will not be able to update their account, redeem points, and will see delays in points postings. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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    HGI has real eggs and omelettes while Hamptons use fake eggs. Well the HGI breakfast has declined in quality since 2017 but so has everywhere else.

    Agree Hampton BS rooms are slightly better. Bottled water and a snack is a G/D benefit at Hamptons but not officially at HGIs though doesn’t this HGI put bottled water in most rooms anyway? Can’t remember as I only use bottled water in an emergency. The HGI is also noisy on weekends but at least the noise only comes from inside rather than outside and inside. But couples having fun times next door are worse than young male racers (which the building of the tram seems to have stopped)

    LOL!! Seems to still be popular with Quad Bike racer lad. Up and down like a yoyo. Yes… Egg chef at HGI nice touch, forgot that. They do put Bottled water in fridge, and on occasion I’ve been given free drink voucher upon check-in too (that was as a gold too I think), but then when the fridge doesn’t work and you’ve unpacked everything and settled in and then realise that, the solution apparently (according to maintenance) is to not switch the tiny fridge but to offer a different room with a working fridge. I couldn’t see the logic in that so politely declined. Fortunately FOH were great and gave me some comp beers which more than made up for it and also supplied pints of ice for the room when needed. They are a friendly lot in HGI and Broad Street if that is important for a stay.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. Good news that breakfast is included anyway because I am booking 3 rooms for 6 people in Birmingham for a couple of nights for the Ashes Test in June. It works out well because as a diamond I was worried that me and a room mate would have free breakfast but the other four would not. 🙂

    As an aside I am a bit surprised there are on only Hilton Gardens and Hamptons in Birmingham, no Hiltons or Doubletrees.

    Yes. Bit annoying. Having stayed extensively at all three, the Hampton by Hilton on Broad Street is actually slightly better than the other two options and the manager is good. They do recognise status for things like preferred rooms and you get a welcome amenity and sometimes water on top. The breakfast is almost identical to Garden Inn and better than the JQ HH and it also feels more secure than the Garden Inn as you need to swipe card to get to your floor. They also keep families on lower floors if noise is a concern however the only drawback I’ve noticed is Fridays and Saturdays where it is hard to avoid the noise if the hotel is busy as everyone is hammered and multiple people in double occupancy rooms partying till late and in and out of the bathroom, slamming the trademark heavy sliding doors every 5 mins. (Hilton garden Inn wins on that front) The only other things are HGI room has a fridge and better coffee at breakfast.

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    The cynic in me always suspected they would pull this. In fact, I remember asking about it when the scheme was announced and Rob gave some sage advice similar to the article. I guess nothing to stop either BA or Sainsbury’s devaluing their respective schemes at will but the implicit contract that people have based their earning and burning on has been broken (by BA at least) and this is the second announcement in as many days of what are effectively cynical penny pinching moves. Always knew they would do this, just didn’t think it would be this soon after the partnership launched or with such short notice which is why, as Rob suggested, the Nectar points have always stayed with nectar (as a hedge) and the avios with BA (the gamble). only to be converted when required.

    It would seem odd that the transfer rate in the other direction didn’t change and hopefully some clarity on this from nectar will be forthcoming before the 16th. Great if it doesn’t but the uncertainty about what else is coming down the pipe now from BA is annoying to say the least. Tempted to make my AMEX 241 redemption booking asap before they devalue redemptions further and stick on a bunch more carrier surcharges… in fact, it may just be a better experience and better value to use the 241 on a CE redemption and spend the remaining avios with Qatar for long haul redemptions.

    The timing of announcing this just after the monthly deadline to transfer Nectar <> Avios 50K for the month has just passed is also cynical. Hats off to those that were sounding the alarm on sunday/monday.

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    I am looking to downgrade too but.. just adding up my cashback offers i’ve received over the last 12 months.. the card has almost paid for itself on that alone- I am wondering if there is wisdom in sticking with the Premium if those offers don’t get promoted to standard cards as frequently. Main reason for downgrading is spend is being focused on the Avios BC Target so want to avoid two lots of card fees..Maybe someone knows? If not, a sub-thread or collection of Data points that compare the cashback offers over time between the free/premium when they come out might be useful (if it doesn’t exist already elsewhere.)

    Anyone had any experience of BC Avios cashback scheme.. is it worth registering.. can’t find definitive list of vendors. I assume it isn’t as generous as the amex offers.

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    If you are on the basic plan it has now been reduced to 2 underlying card slots. Unbeknownst to me an old expired card was still on there taking up the second slot.. Deleting that card allowed me to add BC+ immediately. Verification may require BC App but the authorisation appears in the notifications section not as a pop up like other fintech apps. A bit convoluted. Realised this morning still need to use as chip and pin to activate contactless. But not sure this would have any effect on using it via Curve.

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    Normal thresholds are displayed in account but the reduced tirs still apply till 31/12/22. There is a bit of text to this effect somewhere in there where it says you will be upgraded automatically regardless of what the progress indicator says.

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