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    Trailfinders seem pretty good, both on price and service. Have booked both our past Maldives trip and our upcoming one through them – managed to negotiate the price down as well to nearly match an online site I’d never heard of.

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    Don’t check out from the long stay hotel, as they may re-price your stay – you wouldn’t qualify for the long stay anymore.

    I would strongly suggest booking the 2nd, 1 night, hotel via or some other OTA – Marriott won’t give credit for 2 stays on the same night, so you might find you end up with the points for 1 night and not for 10 if you book both direct.

    That aside, there won’t be any issue checking in for the second hotel at all.

    I think that might work, depending on the lounge attendant. I’ve had a few who are happy to charge multiple different priority pass cards, as long as they charge the right number of entries it’s fine. Have had 4 “lounge entries” for a table of 2 at Grain Store as well. That said you’ve no cause for complaint if it doesn’t work!

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    Barclaycard have decided not to work with Google Pay. Not sure why, but it’s unhelpful.

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    Depends on whether you want to put some effort into chasing it up, or just want to sit back and wait. It’s more than 8 weeks, so you could go to CEDR straight away. You could send them a letter before action then go to MCOL in a couple of weeks. Or you could email/phone them and try to hurry them along, but that is unlikely to help.

    The best course of action depends on what caused the cancellations, and on your preferences

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    There shouldn’t be a significant change in cash, might be a few fewer avios as the domestic leg is free with long haul.

    Don’t book the 2 legs separately for flights to the USA – the cash component will be a lot more than booking it as a return.

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    I can’t quite work out why they’re doing this, but long may it continue! Got 12% on business plat and BAPP.


    Would moving to a day later be an option? You might (should?) be able to move the return later as well if that suits

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    At some point BA’s system will pick up that you have an impossible connection and will re-book you almost certainly the next morning. You could also change the dates/times of any of the flights in your booking if you want to, but only once.

    Assuming you go with the re-booking to the next morning then yes, BA will pay for a hotel room. They will probably say they won’t in advance, and may decline it at first afterwards, but you will get it paid at some point. Keep the room cost less than £200 to improve chances of getting it paid without hassle. Keep receipts for any meals you pay for between the 2 flights and claim that as well.


    You need to check the terms of the Amex travel insurance – most big stuff is covered however you’ve paid for it, but some stuff isn’t covered unless it’s paid for on your Amex (not necessarily the Plat itself). I suspect having paid for it on someone else’s now closed card won’t count for those purposes.

    A closed runway is definitely not going to get you compensation, as there won’t be other flights landing either than BA could put you on – reasonable efforts wouldn’t be successful. Damage to the plane by BA contractors is definitely grounds for compensation though.

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    YC has a good point – definitely worth exploring the rules about when you trigger it and how long the upgrade will last for, assuming it’s anything like the status challenge that was more freely available pre-covid

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    I’m in a similar position but the other way round: LHR-MCO changed to LGW-MCO, also on a 2-4-1.
    Am I correct in thinking I don’t have to listen to any “There has to be Avios availability” argument from BA?!

    If your flight has been cancelled then you do not need avios availability if you are keeping the same start and end points (and LGW would almost certainly count as the same as LHR for these purposes)

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    Assuming you started contacting BA shortly after the cancellation you don’t need a deadlock letter for CEDR – if it’s been more than 8 weeks since your initial complaint then that’s enough. For MCOL then send a letter before action giving 14 days, and go to MCOL when that time expires.

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    As you’re not trying to optimise for Tier Points I would definitely go for flights via Dallas. Have you tried Chat on I had a very good experience earlier this year getting a much more complicated trip completely re-booked after cancellations through that route. Just tell them exactly which flights you want, with the BA codeshares if possible.

    in reply to: Tier points newbie part 2!

    What Comrade Chag was presumably trying to say is that it’s better to reply to an existing thread on the same topic, especially if that existing thread was started by you. Multiple threads on the same topic just make it harder to see any other threads.

    All short haul business class flights get 40 TP each way (except for some of the longer ones on BA that get 80TP)

    You can find most of this very basic information on the BA site, including a Avios and Tier Point calculator which will show you how many you’d earn with any proposed trip.

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    Turns out it’s not possible to pay of business car finance with Blackhorse, so the question doesn’t matter (I’d been mis-advised when I phoned them to ask about making over-payments)

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    Normally a few days, buy if you need it sooner then you can phone up/use chat to get the details and then use the PP app

    “Might” be greater?! I’d be very surprised if those reasonable measures didn’t include having a spare plane and crew at their home base. They are free not to, but if they choose not to pay for that then they need to pay for the compensation that will become due.

    Interestingly, I’m mid-CEDR claim with BA, and in their defence they’ve accepted rotational delay as their fault, although that’s a relatively small component. If your view was accepted they’d be able to write that off.

    They provided a new aircraft and crew, but after the cut off of 3 hours, ie too late.

    By recital 15, do you mean this?
    “Extraordinary circumstances should be deemed to exist where the impact of an air traffic management decision in relation to a particular aircraft on a particular day gives rise to a long delay, an overnight delay, or the cancellation of one or more flights by that aircraft, even though all reasonable measures had been taken by the air carrier concerned to avoid the delays or cancellations.”

    That’s talking about ATC decisions, or weather reducing the flow rate at Heathrow, not about BA failing to find a working plane at their home base at the right time.

    The lightning strike is irrelevant, whether or not it happened. You were flying from BA’s main base, so they should have had a plane for you even if one was damaged on an entirely unrelated sector. If you were flying to LHR and the damage occurred on the outbound flight to wherever you were then BA might have a case, although I’m not sure even then.

    Go back to them, write a couple of sentences pointing the above out and ask them if their answer won’t change. They should say that’s their final answer, at which point you can go to CEDR, where you should get the delay compensation.

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    Thanks, that’s useful. I was hoping there would be someone with experience of this with CoT or Blackhorse – anyone?


    As others have said, with a 241 it will be cheapest and easiest to book to end at LHR on the way back. Don’t bother with changing airports etc. Only book the last leg if you want to fly it.

    This will not be the same for cash bookings.

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    BA will re-book you to Qatar economy. If you go for that option make clear to them that it is an involuntary downgrade. After you have flown you can then claim a downgrade reimbursement (not compensation) of 75% of the flight costs not including taxes and airport charges, although you will also be able to claim the difference between economy and higher rate APD back.

    Alternatively, and if your appetite for risk is higher, you could find premium economy flights on an alternative airline, ask BA to re-book you onto those and then when BA refuse book them yourself and sue BA via MCOL. No guarantees that you would win, but there is an arguable case I think, though seek further advice first!

    Either way, do not accept a refund from BA – if you do that is the end of their responsibility to you.

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    That will be fine then.

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