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  • Been looking today and yesterday… The website has been horrific!

    Was all about “two browsers” yesterday, but this lunch time is just “technical error, please try again later”

    assume its summer holidays and a high traffic volume but the last few days have been horrific


    oh, if all else fails, i’ll be flying QR Business Class. They are the only ones that appear to have anything like reasonable availability but alas, i have flown plenty of q-suite flights before but and with decent stashes of avios, virgin points and vouchers to use, looking for advice on best strategies…

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    Has anyone else notice a delay in the issuing of the Creation Free Night Voucher? My Creation App confirms i hit the £10k spending target this year, and my normal anniversary is May when the vouchers have been issued for the last 2 years, but this year, im still waiting…. Has anyone else experienced this? are they waitinf till the end of June for the CC to close and they issue all final vouchers?

    Thanks in advance,


    Phoned BAEC yesterday and was told “British Airways” are doing an audit and your account will be unlocked within 7 days!” No apology for any inconvenience or any explanation as to why my account specifically has been locked instead of others!

    Not sure I’m convinced! As of this morning I’m still getting…

    “ We have locked your account temporarily to keep it safe and secure. For more information please refer to the email or letter you received from us.”

    …and am still to receive a single piece of communication from BA!!!


    Yes, just tried to login to my account. Got the message above referring me to the email/letter I’ve been sent, but had not received either… so am
    Locked out for no reason with not ability to get back in… obviously can call BA but assuming this will be resolved over the next day or so once they figure out WTF is going on?!

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    That’s great. Really looking forward to experiencing the first and new business lounge… thanks for the heads-up!

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    Ok so by way of an updated, this following events have taken place.

    – Compensation claim lodged with Lufthansa and declined stating (as expected) exceptional circumstances
    – Reimbursement of cost lodged with Lufthansa and has been approved, pretty impressive and in less than 1 week having been asked to allow up to 10!

    Is this now the event to lodge my complaint with SOP to make the case above?

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    Yes that was my understanding. I can’t help that airlines do fall back on to this somewhat, but maybe im just speaking out of turn.

    In my case, LH will have known the strikes were due weeks in advance, yet they waited less than 4 days to cancel my rtn flight after i checked in for my outbound flight. It then took them 36 hours to rebook my flight for a flight over 29 hours later than originally planned, and then was uncontactable (be web of phone likely because they would have been overwhelmed). There was no information send about food, accommodation or re-routing and it was impossible to contact them to query such a thing. There were numerous flights available on the day I booked via HEL/RIG/LHR/CDG and even IST but no means to communicate this. I have no doubt between the airline and/or insurance i’ll be able to recover additional costs incurred but if they made such decisions when the strikes were announced im sure things could have been dealt with better…

    apologies ill get off my high-horse now!

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    That makes a lot more sense… Well in my ignorance and not realising Industrial Action was not covered by EU261 I did submit a claim but his was promptly rejected. Receipts and costs now formally submitted to Lufthansa so will await what they say. According to SOP I have to allow up to 2 months for LH to reply so now the ball is rolling, wish me luck.

    interestingly i have read their have been court cases in Germany with TUI and Denmark with SAS that ruled Industrial Action isn’t an automatic “get out of jail card” for airlines regarding EU261 and that the airlines still have to act in a timely and reasonable manner to avoid compensation, but alas just because its on the internet doesn’t make it true… do we know anything about this?

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    no compo but all extra hotels and meals cost claimable from Lufthansa if they were the operator of the cancelled flight.

    claim first off Lufthansa, go to SOP (google on HfP for forum comments about a couple of recent claims ignored or refused by LH that went to them), personally I’d chase my claim with LH monthly for at least 3 months in current circs before going to SOP so read up on requirements before they will take a claim if you can meanwhile. Lufthansa may also just pay but as they are genuinely swamped I’d want to give them as much time as I could to.

    I’d do SOP as they seem more effective than any arbitration in UK, where I think you can also possibly claim as your journey is from MAN and return on one ticket, and although I suspect waiting time with SOP could be considerable I am certain they would get it sorted and less stressfully than MCOL but that’s just my take (MCOL should also work if LH doesn’t pay up – though I think they will -but more stressful and some cost.)

    Thank you Lady London, this is horrifically useful and i am in the process of claiming costs from LH now.

    A few questions though as i have NEVER done this before…. What is SOP? A google search suggests its Standard Operating Procedure (?) but how do i set one of these up and where do i look. Sorry not expecting you to teach or explain but have you any websites/companies i can look at to explain? Also the same for MCOL?

    Apologies, this is a very technical area and seems lots of people have lots of knowledge and experience… just need to know where to look.

    Kindest regards,

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    A new LH Complaint surrounding this weeks Skrikes. Your help and advice appreciated. Never had to deal with flight cancellations/compos before so any help is appreciated.

    The process of event as experience by me as set out as follows:

    – Booked RTN Business Class flying MAN-FRA-TLL, OUT AM 24th Mar and RTN PM 27th Mar

    – Checked-in online AM 23rd Mar, all flights listed as on-time

    – PM 23rd Mar, received an email telling me that the RTN 27th Mar TLL-FRA-MAN flights have been cancelled due to strike action (less than 4 days before flight)and that due to high cancellation volumes, not been possible to re-book flights at that time and told to keep checking app for updates

    – Over the next 24 hours, impossible to get in touch with LH, webchat crashed and CS number constantly engaged

    – Evening of the 24th, I received notification I had been rebooked on new flight, evening of 28th Mar, arrival over 28 hours later than originally booked

    – Over preceding 48 hours, near impossible to get in touch with LH (CS or we chat) to discuss rebook alternative flights or additional accommodation. Ended up just extending my stay at my hotel by additional day

    – Caught re-booked flight as planned, again arriving back in MAN 28 hours after originally planned.

    So my questions:

    – where do I start?

    – lodged compensation claim on LH website. Holding email said it could take approx 6 weeks for answer. No details (extra costs etc) we’re requested, just flight details

    – when do I contact airline/insurance. Airline first and then insurance?

    – do I only involve lawyers after above 2 have been exhausted?

    – i hear EU261 compo does not apply to industrial action outside of airline, is this true?

    – is it reasonable or in line with law only being notified of cancelation of RTN flight after checkin-in for OUT flight, with less than 4 days notice when strikes would have been announced weeks in advance, or does this not matter? Or just poor luck…

    Between extra hotel costs, food and taxi, an extra €200-€250 was spent.

    Any advice appreciated. Thank you in advance!!!

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    i appreciate many people are experience a range of issues with Fly Club but for me, i look at account/points activity and i see no activity on my account since Jan, even though i have a virgin CC and have been earning a couple of thousand points through CC spend every month this year… none of it is on my flying club account yet. has someone else experienced this?

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    Having just visited Dubai for the first time, I posed this same question.

    Without doubt, the most VALUABLE redemption in Dubai based on points vs rates is the Waldorf on the Palm. However things to consider.

    My situation is I have Diamond Status and never been to dubai before. Whilst I wanted to just enjoy most of my stay by the pool, I also wanted to experience some of Dubai!

    The Waldorf!

    – best redemption on points/rates

    – it’s located on the end of a branch on the palm. If you want to visit ANYWHERE in dubai, it’s either a taxi (not cheap and at the mercy of dubais horrific traffic), hire a private water taxi (expensive) or on public transport you need to get 1x mini-bus 1x monorail 1x tram and 1x metro ONE-WAY! If you don’t want to explore dubai then fine, but if you do, on the palm itself is pretty horrific!

    – Walford on the palm has its OWN loyalty scheme and even if you have Hilton Diamond Status, almost none of your benefit are certain. No definite room upgrade and certainly no lounge access – tho I think you do get breakfast!

    My choice and one to consider!

    The Conrad!

    – Not the highest benefit for points vs rates but at 70k limit for rooms, anything over £300 a night is worth your money! It was £500 when I booked!

    – It is in the World Trade Centre district and has its OWN metro station! EVERYWHERE in dubai is pretty much a metro ride away, less need for taxis and traffic. I only got taxis to the beech (5 mins away).

    – You are in the middle of dubai (3 stops from the Burj, Airport 8 stops away) unlike the palm which is on the edge.

    – The Conrad has a lounge with diamond access. This meant I had breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening buffet and 2 hour “free drink HAPY HOUR” all for free every day. If I didn’t want to spend a single penny on food and drink I didn’t need to, and was upgraded to a suit! Ok you will spend money when exploring dubai but I only spent a fraction of what I would have had I stayed at the Waldorf!

    Ok, I’m not saying the Conrad is the best… it totally depends on you, your status, your situation. BUT before picking the Waldorf based purely on points vs. Rates, have a think. The amount of Hilton offers in dubai is mind blowing (luxury – budget) so consider your option!

    Just my thoughts!!!

    in reply to: Maldives Hilton redemptions

    Hi there,

    So booked a 5-day redemption at the Conrad Maldives for my birthday next year in Feb. I’m diamond so booked the 5 nights for 4 on points (95k x4) = 380,000 Points. Following a recent stay in dubai and potential to top up with the current Buy HH points offer, I can have another pretty cheaply get another 95k I can use on a 6th night!

    When I look to book a single night on to my existing booking, all room redemptions are currently at 580k Premium nights. However, when I look to book a whole new 6x night booking, redemptions reduce to the standard 95k Standard reward nights. It therefore makes sense to cancel the 5x night booking and rebook a new 6x night booking!

    New to HH redemptions though, so if I book the 6x night stay, will the 5 for 4 offer automatically come off and require only 5x 95k or does this only work on 5x night booking? I’m just confused to why adding 1x night requires 580k points but 6x night require less???

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