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    There seems to be a lot of reassessment of risk at Amex at the moment, related to spend on the card. I imagine it was automated based on your large transaction. If you are paying off in full it should make no difference to you, but should highlight sudden large unusual (for the card) transactions may make Amex a bit edgy.

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    Stop Press: Miraculously the missing 40k points arrived in my account this morning!

    I called the HSBC Premier helpline and they confirmed iPass was dead, and agreed to check up on compensation.

    Watch this space.

    My iPass working fine. Around 4m ago it stopped working, and I emailed ipass and they said HSBC stopped the contract. Whinged at HSBC, and got a fee refund for the year.
    Around a week later, got a reply back from iPass saying HSBC had just renewed and provided me with another activation code. Still working fine. I see it has disappeared from the HSBC website, so I might just be lucky though.

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    Submit a CEDR arbitration complaint. Takes 10 minutes, all sorted (admittedly in 6 months).

    CEDR seems to be running exceptionally slowly at the moment, with them breaching their own deadlines at every stage. Only have one case with them, that I see as a slam dunk, so annoying it is taking so long…

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    This does seem harsh and unreasonable. Have you ever traveled on VS before, and caused any issue? Have you previously had a flying club account?
    Is your name similar to any other known people who may have previously caused issues with VS?

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    I would imagine there will be one- there usually is around the time of bad news, such as annual fee increase.

    I personally am waiting. I am sure a 50k+ bonus will be along soon, but I am prepared to wait 6 months…

    It is just speculation however: if you need the card, get it now.

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    Late to the party here.

    I would recommend:
    Complaint that Amex have not given the reasons for the termination or suspension, and that that means it is not justified.

    This is contrary to the requirements of Section 98A 4b) of the consumer credit act.

    There is clear prior cases from the FOS providing £200 compensation for them failing to do this, such as here:

    Note: they are very likely to be able to provide a justifiable reason: you are not profitable for them, they dont like your risk profile etc. etc. The fact they have not said this though is the issue.

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    If you can live without the pool (nice garden instead) then Parker Cottage is definitely worth a look.

    I did this 25 years ago in economy and was really tired after the flight, and just picked up a cheap place in Belleville with a pool which I recall cost £14(!) – it was fairly near the airport, but there was nothing touristy there – didn’t matter as was asleep by 3pm!

    Parker cottage looks exactly like the thing I was thinking, except I would want a pool

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    If Avios availability pops up then you need to call and “change” the booking

    As F isn’t RFS from what I’ve read it can cause some very whacky tax and fee numbers if you mix with CW

    Whacky tax, but no extra avios required…

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    I had the same issue. Logged a complaint with HSBC in early January. Just got a call from them telling me they no longer work with iPass, there is no replacement yet, and no compensation.

    This is simply incorrect unfortunately.

    Escalate to ombudsman, claiming a percentage of the remainder of your annual fee based on how much you reckon you value the iPass service.
    HSBC will offer compensation when the ombudsman starts investigating.

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    Because they cancelled your flight, if it’s not for extraordinary circumstances, I think you are due some compensation. This is reduced however because the flight was 1+ hours earlier, and arrived < 4h from the original planned time. So likely £260.
    This is not automatic however because ECJ ruling was after brexit. But worth a claim, and escalation to an ADR if refused, as the ADR would likely follow the ECJ logic, even if not binding.

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    I thought I would ask here as I may get a quicker response than from Curve.
    I have the free Curve card. I am waiting delivery of Barclaycard this week which I will use for a purchase. If I make the purchase now via Curve, then when the Barclaycard arrives can I then add that as second card and use Go Back In Time to move the purchase to Barclaycard?


    Yes. But if it is a sufficiently big purchase you are deliberately waiting for a card, remember you will lose section 75 protection by using curve. Which you may want for the larger purchases.

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    You can upgrade if availability appears, but only to the next cabin up, so you need to bear this in mind when booking.

    That is true for a revenue booking.
    Is that also true for an avios booking?
    If so I would be worried about losing the outbound J booking if I needed to cancel. In the above case would I be better booking as two one-ways, so I can simply just cancel the Y segment that has had new J availability open up, and rebook in J?

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    I also just accepted 50k.

    Account opened December, 10k spent mid-Feb. Will wait for the bonus to hit and then downgrade to the Gold.

    I must remember to register for all the hotel statuses beforehand too!

    And spend your £150 dining credit (or get an Ivy gift card). And spend your HN credit (or get a HN gift card).

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    Was this posted? Or sent by email? I havent got anything yet…

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    Update. No fees from either Citi or HSBC to transfer. Changed some USD to GBP at 1.267 which is reasonable using HSBC Global account.

    Great news. The $25 fee was always arbitrarily charged (or not), but I am surprised you got away without paying the $7 fee. Still a win, and money safe, which is the most important.

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    No passport, no ticket, a history of mental health issues. Entered security by tailgaiting an automatic gate, went through full security screening, and boarded plane again by tailgating it seems. Only found out in NYC when unable to produce a passport.
    I am amazed the plane was happy to take off with an incorrect number of passengers on board (number of passengers not matching the boarding passes scanned)
    He was deported back to UK, where he has troublingly gone missing. Although an embarrassment for airport security, he does not seem to have had sinister motives, and it is sad the authorities do not seem more concerned with his safety now.

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    Now you’ve taken the 50k points, you can just cancel the card and get a refund anyway…

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    I am in a regular 50% off offer. I agree in the chat, and it gets renewed immediately. I then immediately cancel the autorenewal on chat, and am offered a further 50% off the autorenewal price (so keeps the 50% for two years, all in 20 mins work). I repeat this every 2 years. Usually ~£130/year for print and digital (I prefer the physical copy)

    50% off isn’t enough! It was significantly less with the Avios offer. We too like the physical copy for one of our two subscriptions; they have tried to up the price for that.

    You can get more than 50% off? Well done! I have never got more than this.

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    I am in a regular 50% off offer. I agree in the chat, and it gets renewed immediately. I then immediately cancel the autorenewal on chat, and am offered a further 50% off the autorenewal price (so keeps the 50% for two years, all in 20 mins work). I repeat this every 2 years. Usually ~£130/year for print and digital (I prefer the physical copy)

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    Month 10 of year 1 fee-free year. Spent between £5-10k. Offered 12,000 points if I spend £1000.

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    @Andrew. yes, all Ombudsman decisions are published but most cases settle at the investigator stage and those aren’t published.

    Given the timing, I imagine this case was one that was settled when the investigator gave their preliminary decision. I doubt it will be published.

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    Good outcome. Another £750 FOS fee for Amex. Maybe they will realise it is cheaper to offer good customer service in the first place.

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    @Rewire7894 I would put a complaint in: I do not believe it is a 1y benefit only (mine is not, it does not mention it). I think you have just been on the receiving end of HSBC not knowing what they are talking about.
    A complaints person generally knows what they are talking about, and should be able to sort it.

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    Go to your local Ivy restaurant, and buy a £150 gift card to use the dining credit first. I am sure you know, but the HN and dining credits reset on 1st January, so you can spend them again if you spent them last year.

    I would fully transfer your points to your airline, and close the account completely. This will reset your 2 year waiting period for future bonuses.

    in reply to: HSBC World Elite Mastercard – worth it?
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    It is expensive. For me it was worth it for the unlimited lounge access, and 1.25 avios/£1 spent on a non-amex card (remember there has been a consistent 25% bonus run each year). It has more than paid for itself with the bonuses, as you say needing two years worth to get the full 40,000 avios (or 50,000 in the promo period).
    I have actually paid very little for the card: first year was free because of COVID. Second year was charged, but then given comp to me because they sent a letter saying the fee would be waived (presumably an error but possibly an ongoing COVID plan). Then they paid me the full amount to purchase 20,000 avios (£315) because they failed to give me my 20,000 bonus for having spent £12,000. Then this year they gave me £100 because the iPass subscription was dropped (which they subsequently added in again).
    So all in all I think I have actually made a profit on the annual fee.

    With my now reduced flying I will be downgrading at the end of the year. And might consider upgrading (with the new bonuses) if my flying increases again.

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