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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Hi all. I’m thinking about using the avios boost to buy points. Is it possible to pay for this with an amex card to gain additional points on the spend and also contribute to a SUB spend target?

    Yes – I did this last month and all posted fine: both the additional points and contribution to spending target

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Same here – all transactions now showing (and cleared) on the App and all AVIOS too.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Same here too – everything still showing as pending since 1st May
    None of my transactions were Curve. Several – on 1st May – have vanished altogether.
    I guess they’ll reappear at some point, but clearly some IT issues

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    The Tasman hotel in Hobart is very nice. Its Marriott – we stayed there in Feb 23 and are going back next year

    That’s good to hear – I’m in Tassie in March and have booked a few days in The Tasman hotel, Hobart (and a few days in Peppers Seaport, Launceston) again, as part of a 6-day 2-centre stay.

    Reeferman 38 posts

    We flew Iberia to Buenos Aires last month – via Madrid. Flight was great – food pleasant enough and service too BUT only up until the main food service was finished. Thereafter, the crew were congregating to chat and didn’t reappear for hours.
    Flight back (Iberia too) was from Sao Paulo – overnight. The seat/bed itself was comfortable, but quite narrow where your feet go – not much room to manoeuvre.
    We arrived Madrid very early in the morning – and had to wait for lounge to open (it was accessed through the duty free shop which had the shutters down until the allotted hour!). Connection to LHR all great too – same plane, in fact!
    No problems with luggage I’m pleased to say

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Yep – I get that too. Other options:
    324750 Avios + £ 1,569.64
    300000 Avios + £ 1,821.64
    226250 Avios + £ 3,091.64
    183750 Avios + £ 4,771.64
    133500 Avios + £ 6,451.64

    LHR/SYD – same dates is 315,000 AVIOS + £1,500.00
    Other options:
    295000 Avios + £ 1,760.00
    275000 Avios + £ 1,980.00
    208000 Avios + £ 3,200.00
    170000 Avios + £ 4,800.00
    122500 Avios + £ 6,400.00

    Not sure why OP its seeing 380,000 AVIOS – as expected it is less AVIOS to go from LHR as compared with AMS

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Not sure how flexible you are on dates but Qatar has seats departing LHR on 6th Sept and returning on 16th Sept (later dates available for both outbound and return) for a total of 360,000 AVIOS for 2 passengers in J
    Didn’t check taxes/fees – but when I booked this trip some weeks ago (for 2025) the total taxes/fees were about £1,200

    Obviously not using a 2-4-1 voucher – but seems better value than the figures above. And Qatar instead of BA – which most would agree is far better.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Has anyone received the Amex bonus Avios for this offer yet? I placed my order on 26 March but not received the Avios from Amex yet.

    I also ordered on 26th and my 3,000 Amex Bonus Avios posted yesterday – hopefully yours will post imminently

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    @JDB – many thanks indeed for taking the time to put together some ideas based on your experience. I’ll look into them and will no doubt sample a couple during our brief stay.
    Looking forward to it very much! Thanks again.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Many thanks for the advice and guidance – all helpful and appreciated.
    We are hoping to eat in a couple of good restaurants in the Palermo Hollywood area (ie walking distance from the hotel). Have asked the hotel for recommendations – but would welcome any suggestions you may have, of course.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Am heading down to Argentina in a couple of weeks – staying in Palermo for a few nights (before going on a cruise up to Brazil).

    The hotel is booked – to be paid on arrival – at a cost of about US$1,200. Does anyone have any update on the latest rate that may be charged to my CC? Is a subsequent refund close to the Blue rate still a thing?

    Haven’t made any restaurant reservations as yet – but plan to pay using a CC

    Will take some US$ with me – is it worth changing-up any to Pesos (taxi fares etc) or is everyone currently more-than–happy to take US$?

    Appreciate any latest advice please

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    I recently made a booking with City Airport Taxis (transfer from South to North of Island). I haven’t used the service yet (booking is for next week) but their communication has been first class.
    Worth checking online – their website will give you a price in you make a dummy booking first.

    Reeferman 38 posts

    Where do you find this offer or the banner? TIA

    It finished at midnight last night

    Reeferman 38 posts

    Yes – all back to how it was last night. Boosted!

    Reeferman 38 posts

    Same here. I just tried to boost but all my last year’s transactions have indeed vanished.
    The countdown clock still shows the offer finishing at midnight tonight – will try again later in the hope the IT error has been fixed.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    @froggee – is it confirmed it is still the case that you get an (almost) full refund on avios bookings (no matter what £/avios amounts paid?

    I thought this was a brief glitch a while back but interesting if still going.

    I cancelled a couple of AVIOS flights yesterday – both booked with a £17.50 fee. The cancellation page stated a £17.00 refund for each – hopefully that’s what will arrive on my CC.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    I booked Iberia flights ±350 days ahead (or whatever the day of release is for Iberia). I’m also BA Gold, but it was at least a month before the ability to book seats became available. I can’t remember the exact period of time – but I kept checking each day and, eventually, the option appeared.
    Not sure how far out you’re booking but, possibly, this is the reason

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    The Aspire lounge at AMS is currently closed – for refurbishment (which has been going on for some months now).
    BA will direct you to Cafe Flor – where free food/drinks are available.
    It’s over-crowded and has very limited seating. Not a pleasant experience in any way.
    When I was there last week, a number of people were being turned away due to capacity restrictions.
    Good luck!

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    I flew back from Palermo (BA – Club Class) a couple of weeks ago.
    Quite possibly the worst European airport I’ve flown from for years: maybe ever! Dirty, building works everywhere, poor/mo signage, no lounge, an awful cafe that was rammed (and as dirty as the rest of the airport).
    I didn’t complain to BA – just put it down to experience (and a mental note to fly from Catania next time!)

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    If you’re flying from Malaga to Heathrow, then you can use the VIP lounge at Malaga airport. It’s in the main departure concourse – you can then go through passport control just prior to boarding your flight.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    When I was new to cruising I used a Company called The Cruise Specialists (part of Barrhead Travel) which I always found very helpful. Not used them for many years now since I became more au fait with cruising – hopefully they still as good.

    Am sure other Companies are available!

    ps The golden rule for choosing any type/category of cabin – make sure there are cabins either side of you as well as above and below you. And no connecting doors. Noise travels easily on ships – a gym/restaurant/crew area etc next to you can be unbearable.

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Yes I have – however I got the first 25,000 when I took out the credit card over a year ago. I then go (a mystery) 25,000 a couple of weeks ago which is apparently for opening the Premier bank account.

    Me too:
    25,000 last summer as “Avios Card Welcome Bonus”
    25,000 end-Mar as “Avios Prem Joining Bonus”
    100,000 mid-Apr

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    Reeferman 38 posts

    Me too – just received the text.
    My account was opened 19th Nov.

    Reeferman 38 posts

    Just booked the return leg of my Amex 2-4-1 – on Iberia flights to S Am. This was the first time using Iberia flights, so wanted to share the experience:
    – Outbound flight (MAD/EZE) booked on-line in the usual manner
    – I rang today (BA Gold line) to book the return flights (GRU/MAD/LHR) – having checked on-line that the net cost for the return leg was 55,250 AVIOS and £213.
    – The call took 40 minutes (even though it was answered within 2 minutes) and involved lots of delays and double-checking by the agent. The end result being a quote in excess of £2000 for recalculated taxes! I was told this was as a result of recalculating the whole journey. Despite me saying I didn’t want the journey dealt with in this way – just the return leg booked in isolation etc – I was told this couldn’t be done.
    – I hung up and booked the return journey on-line for 110,500 AVIOS and £213 and then rang-back for 50% of the AVIOS to be refunded.
    – The second call was also answered within 2 minutes and dealt with promptly, taking 10 minutes in all. The 55,250 AVIOS are already back in my account. No change to the £213 taxes, of course.

    So it seems the 50% refund system is still in place – working the same way for Iberia flights as it always has (for me at least) for BA flights. Of course, you need to have sufficient AVIOS to operate this way – otherwise, I guess it’s a case of HUACA if the agent quotes the crazy prices I was quoted.

    Reeferman 38 posts

    Well I had my branch appointment for ID verification today:
    – Was kept waiting 20 mins. No apologies
    – Sat down and gave my reference number etc. Was then asked what I wanted – the person had no idea why I was there!
    – The bank’s system/lap-top crashed part-way thru the process. Had to start again
    – Completed the ID paperwork and reloaded the app – ID verification failed again!
    – Barclays Bank app would not work – had to be deleted, but ……
    – Bqrclaycard app did allow for the Barclays Bank accounts to be shown. Success!

    Hopefully all now goes smoothly smoothly (particularly the account switch) and, in 4 months time, the 100,000 AVIOS (and the 25,000 AVIOS for the switch) all turn-up!

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