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    seat spy won’t show you the extra availabilities opened by the 241 you used. Either find a mate who has one and ask them to check for you regularly or see if any kind souls here with one will check for you every so often (although if they did and post it on a public forum it might get snapped up before you even read it). Given you are booked at busy time I doubt any new availabilities will pop up unless someone cancels.

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    I’ve just read the “Spending With High-Risk Merchants” section and it sounds as though the target customer is someone who wants to hire an escort, shower them with diamonds then take them to a casino 😂😂😂

    Also – are any of these currently covered by fronted?

    I was wondering what is wrong with dating services…

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    I don’t think I understand the first question at all. What premier points are you referring to? Are you saying you are already earning points on the free card and if you upgrade to the paid version whether it is the same pot?

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    I think the 35k is very strictly applied but if you don’t mind the credit search then have a go and report back.

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    Managed to secure a couple of Qsuites from AKL to LGW via DOH yesterday. It’s a great sweet spot at only 90k Avios + £165pp in taxes/fees. However, I now need to tell my wife that the first leg is over 17hrs in the air! How do you pass the time on an ultra long-haul?

    ohh what dates? I need to look more often

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    Good morning. I might be on the wrong thread here but I’m new to this. Took the BA Amex Premium Plus card out last year and have spent the required amount to get the companion voucher. The wife is also in the Executive club and I noticed and offer for a new BA Amex card for her where she will get a 60k bonus etc. Am I missing this something or is this a no brainer? Spending habits will mean that even with the new increased cap we should get 2 companion vouchers. Can she get the card and use the points in our household account? Would appreciate any help!

    Wrong thread but I can answer your questions.

    Does your wife meet the min 35k personal (not household) income requirement? Has she had an opened avios earning amex card in the last 24 months? If so she should be able to apply and get the bonus. There are at least 2 thread discussing the offer where some people have discussed the T&Cs in detail as there might be some questions on whether it is 24 months no avios earning cards or any amex cards.

    Add her BA number to the application form, if you have a household account set up then you’ll be able to redeem points out of the household pool. There are many articles on this site that you should take a read since you are new especially the couple earning avios strategy post before you go ahead.

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    All cards can still do pro rata refunds at the moment, expectation is that this stays the same
    for a while for the charge card.

    when was the last time you had a retention bonus they are usually once a year to the day.

    There are a number of threads and articles where people have commented on the value of the plat card so you can have a read of those.

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    The only thing I would add is that if you cancel and want the card again later would you be able to get one? Specifically does your pension lead to a £35k plus per year income? I think one person on here said they did and even then Amex wasn’t all that happy with granting them a card when they state they are ‘retired’.

    I agree that if you don’t earn enough avios then you will basically not be able to use the 241, but given the new income limit just be ok with never qualify again then go ahead with whatever your decision is.

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    Had this as well today. What are the rules regarding holding other AMEX cards to qualify for the 60k sign up miles?

    no avios earning amex in the last 24 months for the premium card.

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    Your wife will likely never (in the near future) qualify again for the BAPP given that household income is no longer considered. I would therefore not rush to cancel if you are ever in the position of wanting her to have one.

    I cancelled player 2’s before the rule came in and I regret it. But this depends if you will need that many 2-4-1 and can afford to keep the card. I would consider just rotating yourself to get SUB if you can afford it.

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    If you mean amex offer just that card.

    You may get the offer also on the supplementary card in which case you can use the offer again!

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    We have 1 x 2-4-1 each and 1 x BA voucher each. I had a quick look at BA holiday and selected accommodation for part of the trip but the flight component was the same cost as just booking them in isolation. I could possibly use the 2-4-1 for myself and P2, and the “princesses” go PE both ways using the Barclays vouchers. That would make me unpopular though![/quote]

    If each of you have a 2-4-1 then you can take a daughter each on those as more likely to get extra availabilities. You are looking at 11 April, which has annoyingly just missed the T355 timeframe. Although I see on seatspy one PE going out on 11 April at the moment.

    Perhaps some parents on HFP may want to start coming to HFP parties to look for partners for their kids who are good at the points game to help maintain their lifestyles 🤣 but going by the results of the HFP annual survey finding princes for their children might be easier than those looking for princesses.

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    what do you mean by ‘normal’ amex? is that your Platinium? Because if you meant any of the cheaper cards then you don’t qualify for the bonus until you have been without an AMEX for the last 24 months which by your post means March 2026.

    If you did indeed mean the platinum Amex then I would suggest the Nectar Amexas yon can earn the equivalent of 1.25 Avios per pound and it does not prevent you from earning the signup bonus for the British Airways premium or the platinum card in the future.

    there is no other bonus that you qualify for and I don’t think you really need another card if you already have the Barclays card as that is accepted everywhere and has as good an earning rate as any other Card that is free

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    Are you fixed on your timing? If you are good at the T355 game and have 2* 2-4-1 almost any route should be fine for you even if you want 4 club seat.

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    A few years ago Natwest’s payment via online processed without fee, but if you call to overpay they processed with fee. Don’t call just wait till the transaction fully posted.

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    That’s great, thanks a lot.
    What do you guys think of the account? Apart from the Avios deal/upgrade voucher, is it a good account/service?

    if you do boring stuff you should not have problems. Although I did the 100k avios deal when introduced and that was a right mess.

    Since they allow avios people to have the rainy day account which gives you 5% on 5k savings it basically makes the account free for me (pre tax) plus avios and voucher.

    Do you know much about the voucher, there are lots of complained about them but also some people who make good use of them. The fact that you can choose between 7k avios of voucher makes it worth something. Might be worth reading if you are not aware.

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    Someone last week on here mention there account was closed even though he was depositing in the required amount.

    wasn’t his income below the limit but just sending money from another of his accounts and taking it straight back out?

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    I did a solo female trip last year for 4 nights, I went for low effort:

    I did and liked:

    – ate at the time out market twice – great food and very easy for solo
    – I paid for a day tour to Sintra was pricey but really well organised. I think it was the number 1 rated tour on tripadvisor for Sintra
    – I did two of the free walking tour (i.e you pay a tip at the end) one for the old town and one for the Belem area.
    – ate like A LOT of tarts

    I went to the LX factory as it was near the Hyatt Regency where I was staying, honestly not that fuss about it.

    I used the bus a bit, when I went there was quite a bit of roadworks probably easier to get bolt or ubers as they weren’t that pricey.

    Queues at Sintra and that elevator thing (which I never tried) are long so go like very very early.

    Eat Cod, it is a big thing for them! I did go to Miss Can and brought some tin fish… mixed review from my mum on them, they were pricey at something like €5 a can.

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    As per @SteveJ, if you’re in CE it’ll be much easier with the free middle seat as you can put all the baby and other stuff there!

    yes going CE

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    Grrr. Rental companies charge silly money for a car seat. At that age I’d definitely be taking my own, both for cost and security. And at 5 months, it needs to be comfortable. You can probably buy a good new car seat and leave it for less than a rental.

    For older children we used a Bubblebum booster seat (good for both the car and plane – not TO/Land).

    I’m not renting a car just a transfer i.e someone is driving us there and back.

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    Sorry never travelled with a baby before as this is my niece. I assume I would not need a car seat for the plane as we didn’t get her a seat and hoping to get a bassinet seat. Btw what happens if we don’t get a bassinet seat?

    If we bring a seat my sister need to know how to install it into the transfer car as we are not renting a car. Do they let you faff with adding a car seat assuming my sister knows how to..

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    I think at the next sign up bonus uplift for Platinium if pro rata refund is still possible, the maths may work for you. So hold your horses and see.

    Since you are happy to travel in economy to Europe the sign up bonus would be quite a few flights, you can make use of the lounge and the dining credit too.

    Per an earlier comment, it might be worth considering one of you to take an Amex break, and go for the Barclays card in the meantime. The voucher would get an upgrade to PE/club for one way for the two of you (at max avios thou). Not as much savings as a 241 economy version, but would give a taster for club world and also an opportunity to sign up for a number of amex bonus in the future.

    By the way there hasn’t been a bonus for BAPP and Plat for a little bit. Neither of you qualify for the BAPP sign up bonus so you can apply whenever. Others can tell you if you can apply for a BAPP whilst holding the free one – if yes then it might be worth it to get some extra points by referring whoever upgrades. (don’t cancel and apply in case you don’t don’t get approve) I would wait for Plat bonus uplift before applying.

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    How much fees are you willing to pay and do you ‘need’ to go business? I think these are important questions before jumping from paying no fees.

    If you are happy in economy, I would be tempted to keep one of you on the free card and the other on premium. Two premium card is £500 together just in fees, that’s a lot of increase from paying nothing. business class for european flights might not justify the fees. I would be tempted to suggest get one premium card to try out, spend £20k on free for one voucher and £10k plus left over on the premium and see if it is worth it for you.

    Worth looking into the Barclays card. I think you need to be a bit clearer about your travel patterns /travel aspirations and how much work are you willing to do before jumping into cards with three figures fees.

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    no you don’t qualify for the gold as you have the free ba amex.

    Yes you go qualify for platinum. I would wait till there is an uplift in bonus.

    Platinium has the same earning rate at 1 point per pound so you only earn more cause of the sign up bonus.

    How are you using your 241? would you benefit from the better 241 with the premium card? as that card has better earning rate and better voucher.

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    The 60k person did not indicate the period. Fronted limit is 3k per month so is this over 2 years. In which case it is not worst than others who use their fronted limit. Or are they paying the 2.5% charge which also doesn’t sound so awful in that Curve is making something.

    JDB’s point about costing Barclays, I thought it would be curve footing the bill?

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