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    Roberto 264 posts

    Randomness of BA CW service example. On flight to MCO. wife seated on one aisle, me on other. I had very helpful, friendly, proactive male cabin crew member. Multiple offers of extra drinks and ‘anything else I can do’. Even went to main deck to get an AF beer!. My wife, had a grumpy female cabin crew member, not asked once for a drink between main services, she had to get one herself, along with others. Food arrived at a glacial pace. Cue a short while later, same crew member could be heard bitching about customers wanting drinks every five minutes. Total contrast to another female cabin crew member who went down to main deck to find a vegetarian afternoon tea, just for my wife. What a contrast in experiences!

    I still try where possible to sit on the A side in club as it always used to be that the IFL/CSD served that side of the plane and that generally meant better service.

    However that’s not always the case post covid and like your recent experience the levels of customer attention varies dramatically from one day to the next.

    Roberto 264 posts

    OK thanks – how do I do that please? (I haven’t made the booking yet)

    You can’t cancel a booking you have not made.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Anyone seen the curve spin to win competition running over Black Friday.

    I done numerous transactions on curve card, but no spins came up on the app.

    The spin part of the equation is tomorrow, cyber Monday…

    in reply to: Virgin Atlantic upgrade voucher expiring
    Roberto 264 posts

    My last voucher was burnt before it expired but the flight was 8 months after it expired.

    Back from Barbados in PE flying next year. The outbound is on BA in club using a barclaycard voucher. An excellent use of these two vouchers. Would have preferred them the other way around but needs must and all that.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    If they do it will be all the stuff they are long on, mostly short notice , no carribean the usual non sale sale smoke and mirror promotion.

    in reply to: Curve changes from November 10th
    Roberto 264 posts

    Says fee free for the first £3000 in any 30 rolling period on mine.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Coincidentally I found my One Million Avios “cheque” today. I wondered where I had stashed it and it was behind a wardrobe in a spare room – I was not looking for it but when I pulled an inflatable dingy off the top of the wardrobe and got hit on the bridge of my nose with a large water nerf gun I found the cheque scrabbling about picking up the stuff of the floor..

    I won them in an Avis competition & spent the Avios years ago of course…

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    Roberto 264 posts

    I appreciate the comments above by my OTP to PHX TP run pre covid had a similar miss connection and we were able to claim for ORC for both TPs and Avios.

    I would claim and see. What you do or others recommend is their own opinion, I fully understand their thought process but it costs nothing to email other than 5 minutes of your life.

    “He who dares Rodders”…….

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    Roberto 264 posts

    We will lose the TP and Avios on the LHR/MAD/LHR which is a pain and the cost of our non refundable hotel in MAD but we get home a day early.

    Not necessarily, you should be able to apply for “Original Routing Credit” as this was none of your making. Google that for more details and search on the BA forum on Flyertalk.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Back in the day when they were “business lounges” they were worth visiting. Now they are just lounges and over filled with hen parties, kids and the great unwashed.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Do you have hilton status?
    If Gold or Diamond you get breakfast and an hours worth of free drinks plus a small plate of canopies.
    Otherwise no you pay for everything.

    Add in the seaplane transfer and its very expensive. They will run you card for $5000 holding deposit before you even get there!!!!

    In saying that we had a blast this year.

    in reply to: Virgin Voyages & Virgin Points UK
    Roberto 264 posts

    I would guess yes , as for when and how much – who knows!

    Their cruises are getting busier (infact one I have for next May is sold out already) so the enthusiasm from them to need to fill cabins with this promo is diminishing but I can see it returning.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Curve and Barclaycard are friends with HRMC but as mentioned above the basic card is not sufficient for your needs effectively.

    I popped my CoTax through it this week.

    Roberto 264 posts

    @Roberto, we got $50 loot each back then.

    Ah , yes.. I remember now – $50. Was a great cruise for sure. Looking forward to the 10 night “Starry nights” next may and a 5 nighter Amsterdam & Zebrugger out of Portsmouth mid September.

    All the best from Malaga..

    Roberto 264 posts

    I am on the

    Starry Nights in Greece & Croatia
    09-19 May, 2024


    If anyone wants to link bookings

    Not sure what it gets you

    We on that too…

    Also unsure about linking bookings – no idea how to do it or even if we should. Prehaps someone could post a handy “how to and why” post.. I think I might have linked to @steveHP1987 last cruise in 22 – did we get anything Steve (other than covid)???

    Have booked a couple of extra days before in Athens on the Starry night. Award seats sorted on BA.

    Also going to do one of the trips out of Portsmouth next September.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    Bombay/Mumbai has plenty of availability PE out and upper back on VS if you fancy India.. I was checking for someone else earlier today. Last time we went we stayed at the Oberoi and had a blast.

    No idea what the weather is like that time of the year and two weeks might be a bit long unless you move on elsewhere..

    in reply to: Can anyone explain this?
    Roberto 264 posts

    It’s gonna be something to do with oxygen masks I would guess.

    in reply to: First special occasion
    Roberto 264 posts

    It’s like the newlyweds flying to the Maldives and expecting an upgrade as its their honeymoon. Of course its important to them like it is to the other 30 or 40 honeymooners onboard – but BA can’t upgrade everybody.

    You’re gonna be one of prehaps a few with a birthday on that flight , it’s the same every day on every flight – the staff may go the extra mile but don’t expect anything unfortunately .

    However, happy birthday in advance from me, I hope you both have an amazing flight and trip to the big apple.

    in reply to: Overbooking – can I check?
    Roberto 264 posts

    What’s the flight details and date please?

    in reply to: Amex garbage customer service
    Roberto 264 posts

    I too had a poor experience yesterday on chat. I felt that the person I was speaking with was just replying with preformatted generic replies full of buzz words with little else.

    I expressed my disappointment and they left the chat. Never been “clicked out” on chat before. Think I will cancel my BA amex before the new rules come into effect.

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    Roberto 264 posts

    One thing that’s a bit annoying is that if you book using a 241 that you have to do via BA, but all the flights are on Iberia, you can’t see the booking in the BA app or online; it says there needs to be at least one BA flight, so it knows the booking exists but won’t let you see it.

    But not always. I have a 125 ticketed BA booking containing 4 Iberia flights all with IB flight numbers that shows perfectly on my BA app.

    in reply to: Long delays at Gatwick this afternoon . . .
    Roberto 264 posts

    Weather conditions and ATC staffing issues will muddy most EU261 claims today unfortunately.

    in reply to: Iberia Express flights – reward booking
    Roberto 264 posts

    I would say yes as I have Iberia Express reward seats booked as part of a longer trip. Booked via and the IB Express bit is Malaga to Madrid, the other flights are Iberia main line.

    in reply to: Curve changes from November 10th
    Roberto 264 posts

    Some stuff on the Twitters

    All fluff , no substance just more PR BS and spin on what looks like a dead man walking.

    in reply to: Rules on Hilton Gold status expiry
    Roberto 264 posts

    YMMV on this. I have never actually seen “the rules” but what I can say is that my wife still has her gold status many years later despite never actually booking a Hilton ever.

    Off the top of my head she last had a UK Platinum card in her own name about 10 years ago.

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