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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    @AB29 – this normally means there are still transactions to fully clear. It won’t let you pay that balance until it does. I see this most months with following the same process you do. Even though ‘statement’ and ‘total’ balance list the amount you are trying to pay, you can’t.

    Wait a day and you should be able to pay that full amount.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Managed to grab 2 rooms last minute at London Metropole. Been a few years since we’ve stayed there and it’s had a refurb since, the lounge is now an asset I’d say.

    Lucky enough to be offered hospitality at Champions League final so the Hilton points were a savour as cash prices were understandably high.

    Hoping for a decent game and breakfast tomorrow.

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    I’ve had both the 100 then a single 50 post successfully a few days after hitting the spend.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    As others have, I’ve done the Concorde Room on a handful of occasions. I’d not choose to fly from T5 over T3 for just this lounge.

    It’s not spectacular enough to merit such a decision (but is night and day above Galleries in T5). The lounge options in T3 are great – Cathy’s first with a la carte dining then hop over to AA F or Qantas if you had the time would be my choice.

    There is a F mini CCR now in T3 I believe, but I’ve never bothered with it.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Just did, thanks. I personally don’t use any of those services (mostly not at all, online betting I do, but have always done via Debit card). Dodged this round of changes.

    @Scottpat78, check the list…

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I enter from time to time, I don’t seem to get the emails each time so only tend to enter when I receive an email.

    I have entered this months, and like I posted in the daily chat thread, the prize this time around although great is a little weird in my opinion:

    Prize is a 7 day holiday competition to Barbados. I’m not complaining but quite surprised to see only (off peak) PE flights are included in the prize. Can’t cost BA much more to make these J or F I’d thought or indeed in peak season?

    The trip is marketed as ‘the trip of a lifetime’.

    The hotel is Fairmont Royal Pavillon which looks lovely.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    This has to be a wind up. Absolutely no flexibility on dates, not even months in advance?

    If I had 4m Avios, I’d have no problem spending them going West or East. Also, having that amount of points surely brings a different perspective to car hire points costs – obviously you can’t be care free, but points instead of cash when you have such a surplus would sway my value calcs a little I think.

    Having BAPP companion vouchers, GFL and departing from regions makes this even easier.

    As others have said, fly QR for double Avios to MEL, which is achievable on pretty much any day of your choosing.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Great trip report Rich. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    I’ve only ever been to Sydney for work. You’ve done more in 5 days there than I have in over a dozen trips! I seem to do the same Bondi / Manly / Coogee bay sights each weekend I’m there in the middle of a 2 week trip.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I had set mine to not auto-renew, but it renewed today!

    5 mins on live chat and it’s sorted with a refund on its way. They did offer 50% off but I don’t read it any more.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I just checked this morning and I’m still Diamond Ambassador with the status message for a review now removed. May have escaped this for a final year of Diamond.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I have the same message when I log into my IHG app. I also extended the status via the ambassador ‘hack’.

    Be a shame if it goes, but I’ve had a decent amount out of it and allowed me to focus cash stays to Hilton to build a decent points balance with them.

    Having Diamond Ambassador status meant that on the few occasions we stayed with IHG, the benefits were very good. I still have lounge access until end of 2024 so that sweetens the deal.

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    I had 9 vouchers – 5 expired on 31/12 and 4 on 30/04.

    I received an email extending the 31/12 vouchers – on the morning I used them the week before Christmas!

    I wish I’d known, we booked a night on points as a quick getaway just to use the vouchers as they were going to expire.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Not sure – good shout though. Never had to do this as always managed to plan to have 2 vouchers on each account at time of booking.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Thanks Anna. I searched but couldn’t find anything – I was sure that I read a few months back about someone combining them, they either got lucky or I dreamt it.

    Think I’m going to wait it out until I have 2 x BAPP on my account and book a flight then. Having my gold benefits for seat selection and baggage allowance is important, so I’ll get these on a single booking.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve switched to 2K now.

    The flight also shifted in time from 15.30 to 16.15, which will mean more time in CCR as my train is already booked too.

    I was FLUB’d on my last BA flight home, fully upgraded to F on Etihad home last week. I’m concerned I am developing a taste for F!

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    +1 for waiting until 1/1 to select the lounge benefit.

    I done this on 1st Jan 2023, and have lounge access until 31st Dec 2024.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Yep, the Eurostar tickets seem expensive but I would imagine they will sell them due to the volume of folks needing to travel.

    We managed to bag a decent Airbnb villa just under an hour from Paris, close to a train station. This has worked out a lot cheaper than 2 hotel rooms for the 4 of us.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Just got home after work US trip and saw they were on sale. Was going to be £1,200 for the 4 of us, so have booked Easyjet from MAN to CDG for £700 including pre selected seats & bags. I can get to MAN a lot cheaper & easier than KX / St Pancras too.

    Shame, I was looking forward to going on Eurostar for a change.

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    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I put in a cancellation complaint on 31st August. Heard nothing so called them mid October. They advised on the phone that they are running at 8 weeks but tried to handle gold requests within 4. I’m gold so was past that.

    They couldn’t pass me to anyone but said they would put an escalation on my case.

    I received a response Monday advising my claim was successful and I received the cash Friday. No idea if my call done anything, but I was 9 weeks from claim to being paid.

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    I travelled back from MIA last week and due to delays, had time to visit both the Amex Centurion Lounge (closer to my gate) and the AA Flagship lounge. We didn’t bother with the AA Admirals Club as the Flagship was far superior.

    We ended up on an AA internal flight to pick up a different BA flight, so our gates were moved. I’m not sure where the BA direct flight from MIA leaves.

    AA Flagship was at gate D30, in concourse D. Very nice but a bit of a trek depending on where you come through Security. Wasn’t busy at all and the food was nice.

    Amex Centurion is at D12. We only stopped in there as our flight was delayed. It was very busy – we split over 2 tables as a family of 4. Didn’t try the food as we ate in the AA lounge, but it looked good.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I had to make T-355 bookings last Christmas for this Christmas coming up. Realise it was GMT timings, not BST, but I called the Australia contact number. It was answered in India and I got the booking held at midnight exactly then we spent 5 mins sorting everything out.

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    But don’t you have the last years return trip to add to the new years outbound trip?

    You still have 2 flights each membership year. This nets out?

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    I find AA flights post to my BAEC within 2-3 days without fail.

    I just had a Qantas flight from 26th July post to my BAEC on 17th August.

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Update to my claim – although rejected twice, the TP and Avios posted to my account!

    Flight taken on 26th July, posted on account with a date of 17th August.

    No idea if one of my claims actually made a difference or if it is just slow Qantas posting to BAEC?

    Scottpat78 238 posts

    Great result – well done!

    My 2nd claim was rejected, so I need to call up and I guess submit my BP which is at home and I’m on holiday in the US!

    One for a couple of weeks.

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