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  • Spoony 6 posts

    Nothing new but if it helps as another data point..

    I used chat to contact BA to ask for half my avios back. I used wording I got from this thread:-
    “I’ve just booked on http://BA.COM, my inbound avios flight Xxxx that became open for booking at 1am this morning (DD/MM/YY) for travel from XXX to XXX on DD/MM/YY.

    Please can you refund me half the Avios on this booking as this is the return journey of my open flight using the other half of the BA companion voucher. I understand the taxes and fees element will remain the same”.

    Person said “on this occasion we will refund” but no other questions or issues. It did take a long time (30mins +) but as it was just on chat and I was watching TV it wasn’t a problem for me.

    Spoony 6 posts

    Great result, I think the return leg is a day flight? That should be a very nice way to fly home, takes the sting out of the end of the holiday a bit!

    yes it’s 11am depart and I think the old CW isn’t too bad as we probably won’t be sleeping too much.

    Very happy and although I recognise I’ve been rather lucky for a first timer, I am already thinking about a bigger challenge for the next voucher (Tokyo or Capetown perhaps!)

    Spoony 6 posts

    @Spoony, did you get your returns from MLE?

    Last night was a dummy run. For some reason MLE flights have not been selling like hotcakes so I chose to go the online route rather than call. VERY pleased to say I just managed to get 2 CW returns on the exact day we wanted!! It’s the old CW configuration, but bagging CW return has saved a good £6k or so, so very happy indeed.

    Huge thanks to this thread, I’ve learnt a lot (using reward finder, 1am trick) and will be able to make much better use of my 241 in the future!

    Spoony 6 posts

    Hi everyone.

    I’m being so dim but I can’t seem to accurately calculate the right day / time I need to call up the US to get my reward flights.

    The flight I want is on 24th September 2024 – when do I need to phone? (I’m supposedly good at maths but for the life of me I can’t work it out!!)


    If you stayed up last night until 1am (as I did!) you’d have been able to book flights for 21 Sept 2024. Worth checking yourself and do a dummy run though

    Spoony 6 posts

    I would definitely be trying to book online as soon as the seats are released – there would be nothing lost by calling and simultaneously making an online booking while you’re waiting for the phone to be answered.

    Great tip. I’ll def be online at 1am anyway, so may as well try the phone as well.

    Demand for MLE may be dropping off as there are still PE and J seats available for September 17th and 18th.

    yes I noticed that as well. I feel mildly confident about snagging PE at least (famous last words!). I’ll report back on how successful I have been!


    Spoony 6 posts

    Just want to check my understanding with all you Pro’s.

    I’ve been lucky enough to nab 2 business class seats for LHR to Male next September with my 241. I booked online, single leg.

    I’m now prepping for the ‘joy’ of securing return flights. I think my options are:-
    1) call US/Japan at 12:40am. Hope to get through, hope I don’t get cut off, hope I get someone willing to help, hope they can book the tix for me. This will add to my outbound leg so a bit cheaper/less avios? Feels stressful!
    2) attempt to book online at 1am. Likely any business seats will go via phone by the time I do it online. If I am lucky, I’ll need the full avios points and then need to try to claim half back later.

    When I look at return flights right now, there are premium economy for 4,6,8,11,13,15 sept, so that suggests to me my chances of getting Premium economy are quite good?

    I therefore think I might go for the online option, and aim for business but expect (and be happy) with premium.

    My questions are:
    – is there anything I have missed/ need to consider that I haven’t? Should I be doing anything different?
    – how would I check whether the taxes are much worse by going the online route and having two single flights?
    – how difficult is it to get the avios back? I’ve used 90k on the LHR leg and business return would be another 135k (70k premium). Is there any risk I don’t get the avios back?

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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