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    Apart from hanging on..and on.

    Try the “calling from outside the UK” number. I got through yesterday (Friday) midmorning in two minutes.

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    Hi all , looking to book Costa Rica reward flights for Jan 2023 using 241 but in a voucher so I know I have to call . Am I right in thinking that’s it’s only Exec club phone line that can do this? They open later than other call centres and I’m slightly worried I won’t snag the seats I want ….and I’ll have to do it twice to get the return flights too !

    I used the “calling from outside the UK” number, yesterday (Friday) and got through in less than 2 minutes. I used a 2-4-1 that was packaged up within a FTV. I thought I’d get another FTV as there were Avios and a Tax Credit left over. To my surprise they refunded both Avios and Tax Credit. I got the distinct impression from the super-efficient woman who dealt with me that they have the ability to do this for you. Alternatively I may have just got lucky.

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    I forgot to add to my above post that the BA employee I spoke to yesterday (Thursday) was adamant that there would be no Avios and Cash refunds, just a further FTV.

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    With the odd exception mediocrity seems to be the best one can expect.

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    You’ll get yet another voucher.

    I’m not sure, but maybe I got lucky. I used the ‘calling from outside the UK’ number and was answered within 2 minutes. I used my Future Travel Voucher to book a business class flight. After using some of the Avios, some of the Tax Credit and the 2-4-1 voucher I expected another FTV to be issued. Instead the balance of Avios as been added back to my account and the balance of the fairly substantial Tax Credit is being refunded to my Amex Card. The super helpful BA Lady told me that they were trying to reduce the number of FTVs that are out there, hence the refund. I’d like to thank all the people who contributed to my thread, it was very helpful.

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    @rob HfP Staff I was hanging on for 90 minutes, then work took precedent. So basically I’m f**ked? 😒

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    Am I also correct in assuming that if I rebook and there is a differences in Taxes this will be refunded to me?

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    @Sean Mc Well that’ll be fun!

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    This is the email I’ve received….

    Booking Reference: ******
    Dear Mr ******,

    Your future travel voucher is here. Thank you for your patience while we processed your application.

    Am I correct to think everything is packaged up in the vouchers?
    Am I correct to think I need to TELEPHONE them to make a new booking? This seems to be what the email implies

    Anymore of your excellent knowledge is always welcome

    Thank you.

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    @stevenhp1987 Thanks for the prompt reply. Do you happen to know how long the life of the refunded voucher would be, although I do anticipate using it fairly quickly once it’s refunded it would be nice to know what sort of wriggle room I have if my plans change. Thank you.

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