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    A quick update – we got back to the UK a few days ago after a long but productive trip.
    We really enjoyed visiting The Pier, significantly better in every way than the Galleries lounge at LHR (although the chicken curry was quite good there).
    Unfortunately things went downhill after that, as we were sat on the tarmac for 4 hours due to inclement weather and an air conditioning issue. Then one of our bags was lost! Thankfully returned yesterday, although with a hole in the corner and a broken wheel 😤
    I’m hoping we can claim some compensation for both the delay and damage (any tips on this gratefully received)…

    t42 5 posts

    Thanks so much for the HKIA lounge recommendations! Will try and visit the Pier and Deck if we get time to do both.
    Safe travels all 🙂

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    t42 5 posts

    Thanks everyone for the replies, I’ll check out the lounge reviews on here. And apologies, I should have been more specific – I’m flying from LHR T5 (BA31 out and BA28 back).
    Is there a secret wave to identify other HfP’ers in the lounge?! 😉

    The Amsterdam story isn’t all that amusing…
    I booked a day trip there with the sole purpose of getting the last few TPs for Silver. I figured I may as well make the most of it, so bought museum tickets in advance, did a bunch of research on places to eat etc. and had a nice itinerary planned (albeit banking on getting out of the airport and into the city in good time).
    I deplaned and got to Arrivals in record time, feeling very smug and optimistic about my schedule (and pleasantly unburdened by the absence of luggage that usually accompanies my experience of being at an airport). Google Maps was showing the next train was departing soon, so with laser focus I headed straight for the ticket machine, unaware of the situation unfolding around me. Only after purchashing my ticket did I look up to check the train departures board and, after a few seconds of waiting for the English translations to scroll around, realised that every single train was cancelled. 😮
    “That’s weird”, I thought, but my confidence was (foolishly) unwaivering as I’d already sussed out bus options when planning my trip. So I casually strolled out of the airport to the bus stops just outside, only to find a small sea of people scrambling to get on the next bus that had just pulled up. I quickly realised that there was no chance I was going to get on this or any other bus any time soon. It was only then that I took stock of the various emergency services vehicles parked up and an air ambulance hovering nearby that the penny dropped that something had obviously happened very recently to cause this disruption. Turns out there had been train collision a few minutes beforehand, and now everyone was trying to catch a bus instead!
    After some quick evaluation of the situation, I decided to abandon my plans. I figured that even if I managed to get into the city, I risked not being able to get back to the airport in good time for my return flight. So I spent the entire trip at Schiphol airport! 😂
    Fortunately I could make light of the situation as I had nowhere I really needed to be and got my TPs as planned (of course not in time to actually use any of the lounges there!), but I felt very sorry for all the other travellers that day who had places to be and flights to catch. 😥

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