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    TicknBash 37 posts

    @TicknBash Where did you stay in the Cameron Highlands?
    We’ve got a 2 night stay booked at the Cameron Highlands Resort in August so I’m wondering if anyone has stayed there what they think of it? We’re also looking forward to 3 nights at the E&O which seems to be viewed favourably by everyone who’s stayed there.

    We opted to Airbnb a 4 bed house house outside the main towns because we had a car and prefer the access to a larger space also being able to do our own laundry etc especially when travelling with 2 young kids. We thought 2 nights was sufficient given most activities were similar to UK ie strawberry picking / animal farms. Alcohol is generally UK prices around the main cities but I did pick up a decent single malt at the airport.

    Stopped over at Ipoh on the way up from KL and the drive to Cameron is akin to driving in the Scottish Highlands albeit double the traffic.

    Setting off to east coast Malaysia today and have been advised that traffic will be very heavy. The government is subsidising toll free highways for the Eid celebration. I wonder how bad it’ll be considering ‘normal’ traffic is meant to be a 6 hour drive.

    In terms of islands, local friends have recommended
    Redang and Perhentian over Tioman. There’s an unheard of island called Lang Tengah is highly recommended for the beauty but not one equipped with a decent resort for our spoilt comfort palate unfortunately.

    Thought that Perhentian will be a happy medium…until of course the Mrs tells me otherwise in the next 6 hours. Like LD27, we are also booked at Tuna Bay. Will report back in a few days.

    My 5 year old has learnt to demand for me to ‘put more fresh cold air’ in the car now.

    I suppose that’s the sort of memory I’m aiming for before she sets off to the likes of Magaluf next decade.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Just done a road trip for 2 nights in Cameron and 4 nights in Penang.
    Would recommend avoiding the weekend for both places as it is popular local tourist destinations which also helps with lower hotel rates and queues for attractions.

    Stayed 2 nights at Jawi Peranakan Mansion in Penang which is a restored old mansion with plenty of character and close to plenty of local food options and reasonably priced.

    2 nights at Shangri La Rasa Sayang which is a beach front resort but the beach was underwhelming but the resort itself is maintained at a good standard. So if it’s relaxed luxury E&O will be the go to choice.

    Locals say there’s an unusual heatwave now midday reaching a burning 35 degrees and some days definitely feels more especially with the humidity here.

    Back in KL now before setting off to Perhentian islands next week.

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    Morning all from the Jen Georgetown, just finishing up breakfast after swerving the beef bacon and chicken sausages. Weird that in multi cultural Malaysia there’s not a porker to be seen yet last October in Indonesia bacon was available with quite obvious discretion.

    Malaysia follows Islam strictly than Indonesia, so no surprise there. Malay Muslims have better rights written into the constitution.

    Well I thought my point was pretty obvious tbh. Indonesia is a tolerant Islamic state, Malaysia is a multi faith, multi cultural, federal state. In Pulua Pinang why can’t a Christian eat Pork? How is that infringing Muslim rights?

    That is most likely because the restaurant in Jen is a certified halal restaurant and therefore they would not be able to cook pork / non halal meat in their kitchen. Some hotels would have 2 separate kitchens or have multiple restaurants to cater for non halal meats.

    I’d just cross the road and have the pork bacon if you wish, but its unfair and misrepresenting to to paint how Malaysia is as a whole based on the assumption / lack of understanding on why Jen doesn’t serve pork.

    Halal restaurants also exists in Indonesia, if you’ve been in one you will find they too do not serve pork.
    For the record, I am non religious but was brought up in both said Muslim countries.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Amy, did you agree the price before you said you wanted to pay by Amex? Buying a car is a bit like buying a carpet in a Turkish Bazaar. They expect you to negotiate.

    I get my car serviced at Steven Eagell. For a couple of years, they wouldn’t accept Amex for the servicing, although they then started accepting it again.

    I’m currently looking at the new Yaris Cross. Some dealers are prepared to sell it at 9pc below list price. CarWow is good for getting quotes.

    Also interested in the Yaris Cross, but would like to see the Lexus LBX first.

    Be mindful that Lexus RX are hot cakes to be nicked so I’d be wary if there isn’t an upgrade on the LBX’s security system.

    HR Owen takes Amex up to £20k for the big spenders.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    If you’re looking to lounge hop, starting with Qantas makes sense as its right after security.
    Then depending on which gate you’re departing from and time available, my preference is always The Pier followed by Wing.

    The Deck is tiny and I’d normally choose one of the above over it.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    I had a diff experience. Just flew CX over Xmas and was able to select seats for the whole family. I was the only BA silver and an Avios redemption.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    The other way to look at it is the cost of ‘buying’ the points between the different options.
    ie. £150 for 16,000 avios for option A vs B.

    TicknBash 37 posts

    Thank you, if you could list some of the best things to do there, we can possibly drop HK and focus on Borneo. We don’t drive when we travel so will need to see if we need to book tours.

    Tanku Abdul Rehman Park (TARP) – this is the marine park just offshore from KK city. We did 3 * daytrips.
    Mari Mari Cultural Village – half day. Was a lot better than we’d expected.
    Kinabalu National Park – best to overnight here, can then do the Poring Hotsprings the next day.
    Fly to Sandakan in order to do a 2 or 3 nights river safari on the Kinabatangan (a lot of animal sightings – Crocs, Orangutans, snakes, other monkeys etc)
    2 or 3 nights in Sepilok (The rainforest discovery centre is unmissable)
    1 night on Turtle island (Selingan Island)
    And there’s more that we didn’t do further east in Sabah.

    Very informative Hfp-ers.

    – would the activities above be suitable so 2 and 5 year olds ? TARP looks to be manageable but is the Kinabalu national park and Sepilok a bit challenging for young ones ?

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    I’ve tried to downgrade and subsequently to cancel / close Curve account multiple times over last 4 months via chat and email to no avail.
    Downgrade option in app only puts you through the ‘chat bot’.

    S75 with Virgin is a painful long winded process.
    The problem is, until Curve confirms account closure / downgrade, cancellinng and removing all underlying cards just stops them takng any further fees but technically it will only mean the curve fee is unpaid / outstanding.

    I suspect they’re dragging their feet to maintain a certain level of subscribers to help them market their future fund raising rounds / valuation.

    TicknBash 37 posts

    My kids are 4 and 2 now and both of them ALWAYS do a nasty poo on board.
    Parents always forget about themselves and as above would also recommend spare clothing for the adults.

    Also, a stroller works as a good ‘trolley’ for bags and jackets etc especially the gate always being the opposite end of terminal.
    2.5 hours in Qatar is not really a lot of time and after a minor delay, disembark and walking to the lounge, we spent no more than 30 minutes in the lounge. We were watched closely by lounge staff reminding of our boarding time.

    Had mixed experience lately with MH / BA / Air Asia and CX re strollers – some required the bag to cover up the stroller up once folded.
    Worth bringing it along if you’d like to take it in the cabin.

    We’ve found travelling long haul now is more challenging with jetlag hitting all of us in the first 3-4 days.
    I think a 5 month old can be slightly less demanding if the little one had enough to eat / sleep / poo – repeat.

    Good luck !

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    You could have a break on the mainland instead of rushing to fit the ferry timetable.
    We stayed at DT Hilton Lumut which was very reasonable for points or cash on our last road trip to Penang and speficically avoided motorways on the drive up.

    We’re doing Kota Kinabalu Shangri La for jetlag recovery next Easter which could be an alternative and within your price point.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Took a follow up email and 2 months but mine was extended in Dec 22. I also benefitted from the COVID extensions and wouldn’t have otherwise retained.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    No fees incurred for Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong IME in the last 12 months.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Rates were fine for me when I used it in Feb.
    However, I found most ATMs in Thailand have a cash withdrawal fee which was annoying so you’ll still be hit with that if you intend to withdraw cash.

    I’d personally bring some cash GBP to convert THB.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Pre Covid and kids, wife and I did Bali, Lombok and Komodo.

    Diving at Komodo was amazing but note Komodo itself is very basic but was a very authentic Indonesian experience.
    A massive contrast coming off a long haul flight in J and a 5G connection.
    Health and safety is at a very different level out there so bear that in mind with your kids.

    Lombok was our favourite being a happy medium with enough to do, cultural experiences, waterfalls, pearl farm visits etc which your local driver / tour guide would have as a standard itinerary.
    Pricing difference is completely immaterial for a GBP earning tourist ie. full day for boat trip to the Gili islands was £20 pp as part of a group of £75 for a ‘private hire’ – not a yacht but a fishing boat!

    Sadly, also to consider is that Lombok was impacted quite badly by tsunami several times over the last decade.
    One that plays with my mind to return with 2 toddlers of our own.

    Never been to Flores and there is enough information about Bali out there but is not one for me.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    They are the same group as
    Use them regularly for non IHG / Hilton bookings in SEA.

    Their best price guarantee also works.
    Previously claimed twice for price changes for the same booking in Samui and paid out quite efficiently.

    TicknBash 37 posts

    Offered £3k spend 10k Avios today.
    2 months away from card anniversary.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    It also depends on the infant and is best to feed the with something on take off and landing to help with the pressure.
    We’ve never travelled with a car seat and have always held ours on lap for take off and landing.

    For a short haul flight, that’s the first and last half hour on the lap.
    I found the third seat helps when they’re older for the extra space and the parents avoiding deep vein thrombosis.

    TicknBash 37 posts

    Converted to Hilton points a few times and the fastest was 2 weeks for me.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Been to Hilton Sarigerme in Turkey last year with my 3 year old and a 4 month old.
    Kids club, food spread, service and facilities in general were at a good level but nothing luxurious. There were shows and separately kids entertainment up to 10pm every night which was nice.

    Being able to get it on points and redeem 5 for 4 for a decent all inclusive in Europe is a sweetener.

    There’s been multiple mention of this place mostly good but not so good for some.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Similar situation – metal card blocked since January, annoyingly fees taken end of Feb and also had an ongoing travel insurance claim since November. AXA paid out in March so it didn’t affect an existing claim.

    Chat and complaints department didn’t / couldn’t get involved as the ‘relevant department’ is dealing with it.

    Requested for subject access request last week and expecting a long battle over the fees.

    Not taking any risk of being uninsured if travelling but I would’ve thought cover should still be valid and independent of ‘KYC’.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    You can only add your infant by telephone and it’ll cost 10% of adult fare. If I remember right, you can add an infant BA account through ‘manage my household’ and you might want to think of an email for your infant beforehand.

    If you have BA status, you can also extend your status for over a year if your time it right.

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Done it last month albeit all with BA.
    Had a HKG-LHR-MAN ticket – baggage was tagged all the way to MAN.

    Requested at the BA counter at LHR T5 transfer desk to offload our bags.
    Waited about 30 minutes at baggage belt and walked out a free man with baggage.

    TicknBash 37 posts

    Just flown the Yin Yang config from HKG few days ago with a 4 year old and 11 month old.

    Though initially disappointed it wasn’t CS, I found tending to my 4 year old much more convenient as I could easily reach over across the divider with her facing the opposite direction.

    We didn’t ask to set up the bassinet this time as we’ve only ever used it as a storage space in previous flights and according to the Mrs storage is the biggest difference vs CS.

    If not flying J, we personally prefer economy to premium economy as you could lift the arm rest and form a stretch of 3/4 seats in the mid 3-4-3 section (assuming the passenger assigned in the same row gets spooked when my 2 kids comes in vision).

    Again, it depends on how physical, sensitive your little one is and type of parents you are.

    Generally most passengers and stewards/ess were very supportive and understanding. If diplomacy fails, just tell them where to go !

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    TicknBash 37 posts

    Anyone experiencing / noticed odd pricing using Barclays voucher for peak vs off peak ?

    Excluding taxes, I’ve found the following on HKG route using Barclays voucher.

    LHR-HKG off peak – 50k Avios / 100k return
    LHR-HKG peak – 75.5k Avios / 155k return

    If using 241, peak and off peak are 100k off peak and 110k peak.

    If the 241 pricing were to apply, logically Barclays peak should be priced at 55k as the off peak comparison seems to be correct.

    I know the RFS has ‘stuffed’ many of us lately, but this seems more like a math problem or is this BA’s way of a sneaky back door ‘stuffed’?

    Any thoughts ?

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