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    Spent £800 on two sets of AirPods and the rest on gift cards and the offer appears to have triggered: so says the email I’ve received…


    £80 off £800 “apple – iPhone” on BAPP. Historically generic apple gift cards have worked, but the offer hasn’t been worded as specifically as this one. YMMV.


    The last offer was even more specific, saying iPhone 14, but worked on gift cards.

    Any idea if this applies to Refurbished (bought online through Apple UK Store) – or does that come up differently on the statement?

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    Just to rub it in, the US Platinum IAP covers 23 airlines, 5 of which are OneWorld, and they also get 5x MR points per $ on their booking too. (

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    I just phoned to enquire about this and was told the following:
    * They can book restaurants in the new Global Dining Collection if you are having trouble booking through “the app” (not sure where to find that), but it was very much “we will try to help but expect you to try first” vibe
    * They will be able to look at booking other restaurants only if it’s part of a trip booked with Amex Travel. Not just any trip paid for on your card, but has to be Amex Travel. I did ask whether paying for a tube journey on my card counted as one of these “blessed by Amex” trips, and unsurprisingly it’s not. So you will have to book a flight through Amex Travel to wherever you’re going to benefit from restaurant reservation service.
    The lady on the cancellations team was as taken aback with this as me and said they hadn’t received any communication, but subsequently confirmed this directly with the Concierge team. I received a 35k retention offer, which I took and didn’t feel too bad about since I was genuinely considering cancelling after this farce.

    ‘We believe this change will mean you continue to receive more from your Platinum Cardmembership.’

    I believe they can justify this by technically saying you’re receiving more vs. not having a Platinum Cardmembership, not more “than before”. Well actually that’s only just true — if they are going to make Platinum Cardmembership just a gift card with very little extra, then I’m not receiving more than I am otherwise. However, in their favour, the recent summer round of Amex Events was very good, and subsidised/free.

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    This is a huge disappointment. I did use the Concierge on a regular basis and grew to like it as I learnt how to work with them. There were a few things they could do well and once you knew how to use it in line with the way they work, it was quite useful. I defaulted to always booking through Concierge as they were able to call up multiple restaurants, plead for reservations on my behalf, secure extra benefits occasionally and all it took was a message on the app or a quick phone call. I probably could have serviced the request myself in about the same time, but with Concierge I only had one number to call (and a UK number at that) and they’d sort it out. It was a simple, single interface to millions of restaurants worldwide, through good old-fashioned talking on the phone.
    However I do lament the degradation in service over the years. As recently as 2019, I used Concierge successfully to find a magician for a corporate event, order Paxton & Whitfield cheese on Christmas Eve to be delivered by bicycle when all delivery slots were booked up, put together a whole dining itinerary for a trip to Paris (dealing with the same person throughout on an email thread), organise a rural boat trip when the company didn’t even accept Amex, and so on. Eventually these sorts of requests began to be elicit grumbles, then we’re outright refused, on the grounds they “didn’t have any trusted suppliers” and “couldn’t give away your information for data protection reasons”. Bars couldn’t be contacted because “we can’t guarantee their level of service”. Responses were streamlined, less personal, copy & pasted, and you could tell that the agent on the other end of the phone was being pressured to deal with your request there and then as quickly as possible. So only a quick Google search and “sorry we couldn’t help” came back. They stopped spending hours doing bespoke research. That’s if you could even get through to them on the phone, or if the chat function in the app worked properly without waiting hours and having another agent pick up the thread and having to start again.
    I can’t help but feel that all I have in my pocket now is a weighty gift card. The dining credits are nice, but they symbolise what the Platinum Card has become. It’s transactional, luring new customers with cold, hard cash incentives that justify the annual fee. If I want to spend that money on dining then I would anyway without going via Amex. The extra “identity” I used to get, feeling part of an exclusive club before, has vanished as the soft benefits have been eroded.

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