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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    I’ve had a number of refunds from Air Asia via the bot without issue. I suspect Curve will be your problem so I’d liaise further with them. You can raise a complaint via the bot but I would avoid doing so until after you’ve exhausted folliw-up with Curve. Have you also checked with CSA at the underlying card?

    I also had a refund for cancelled flight via the bot

    in reply to: Sofia – Hilton Or Intercontinental?
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    I’ve only stayed at IC. It exceeded exceptions on every level. Rare!

    Agreed, there in June on a redemption, very much recommended, only caveat is some upgrade work in progress

    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Why not pay from your own bank app and avoid problems?

    in reply to: How to cancel automatic Avios subscription renewal?
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    FYI, Avios subscription has indeed renewed at the original (lower) price, as per their Q&A. So in my case £1789 for 200k Avios.

    That’s good as it wasn’t super clear in the terms themselves. It seems like a good way of rewarding loyalty/encouraging renewal.

    I have to confess I’m surprised

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Singles can only be booked ex uk using the Barclays voucher, so no.

    in reply to: When does your conscience stop you from travelling?
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    If I was truly lead by conscience or morality, I’d find reason enough not to travel to any country in the world.

    Or live in any of them. Sadly doing the right thing just doesn’t happen.

    I think separating this question from politics is impossible. In the case of Israel in particular, you may want to question how things are reported.

    Yes very interesting to compare coverage by CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

    in reply to: Amusing myself in the BA lounge
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Personally I avoid pleasuring myself in a BA lounge, I find it in poor taste.

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    I’ve asked nicely twice in September in North and B and been served champagne

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts


    After BA cancelled LBA connections we used to use MAN to LHR (MAN is about 2.5 hrs from home by car). After all the bad press concerning MAN we have now switched our allegiance to NCL (Newcastle is about 2.5 hrs from home). We, always, travel to LHR on the evening prior to the long haul flight.
    We, always, splash out on the Sofitel purely for the convenience.

    NCL is great: always quick through security plus they smile and touch wood never missed a connection or had flight cancelled though a sprint through T5 in January when there was all that freezing fog to make IAD flight. Only downside is not going through the first wing straight into the lounge. I’m more JIT but OH likes a wide gap between connections and always works well plus saves the Sofitel expense.

    Yes this, in the absence of the LBA flights I much prefer the Newcastle option. An efficient friendly little airport, unfortunately frequency isn’t as good as MAN and connectivity often makes MAN a more time efficient option

    in reply to: New uniform – any thoughts?
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Sod the uniforms. Improve:
    onboard service
    handling rerouting/compensation/etc
    the cr@p IT systems
    general Customer Services
    telephone booking lines
    need I go on … …

    Do you still fly BA? If so change airline

    Why should a sensible list of improvements that clearly ought to be prioritised meet such a reaction? I think Japan Airlines and Qatar are excellent but will struggle to find a routing to San Diego or Barbados with either. Unfortunately the choice is often BA or another poor choice or connecting flights.

    in reply to: Iguazu Falls
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Thanks all. Definitely not staying at an expensive place, especially as travelling alone. It’s just not worth the money & I’d rather spend it elsewhere. Hotels I can find easily enough, it’s just the whole taxi and border process that’s concerning and confusing me.

    We’ve visited twice and stayed on both occasions at the Melia and in its former incarnation as a Sheraton. Being on site is well worth while as you can make repeated visits easily and most especially first thing in the morning have access to the falls before the public. Standing at the top of the cataract in solitude early in the day is a quite magical experience. The Brazilian side is much less extensive and busier tho well worth half a day’s visit for the view from the base of the falls. You are not missing much in either town, the Argentinian service town is ok, no more.

    in reply to: The HSBC Premier Mastercards thread
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Player 2 also with existing priority pass now registered

    in reply to: The HSBC Premier Mastercards thread
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    The link for the World Elite card is now working in the LK app.

    Still not working for me. I’ll give them a call during the week but assuming it’s related to my already having a pp membership with amex

    Success after two attempts, whole process a right cumbersome palava, will try Mrs Yorkieflyer after a lie down! We already had priority pass through Amex

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Today is/was the day for the switch from Loungekey to Priority Pass. Not heard anything from HSBC and their website still states Loungekey. Same error as before for trying to activate PP using Mastercard credit card number. I’d have thought HSBC would be a bit more on it – but then again.

    Agreed same here, error as before. Accessed Singapore plaza premium quoting LoungeKey at 0545 local time today 1 October, so before midnight UK time

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    First experience of Club suites now aboard BA11 to Singapore and do far positive re the hard product, tho a chase through the tunnel from B to C when departing from C gates changes to boarding to final in 10 mins! Then a leisurely queue with the great unwashed on the jetty, sigh. BA ground handling crap as ever. BA matronly crew very pleasant as ever

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Where could you use the voucher? There’s not exactly a host of gourmet options in T3!

    I think the bar staff in Escape have the same approach to making up the rules as security at MAN, last month they told me that they’re not allowed to serve neat vodka or rum. But brandy and whisky they can, apparently, so go figure!

    Didn’t use the voucher in the end due to a huge queue at Costa, best option as not even a prets unlike T1. Now sat in the tranquility of the B gates lounge with a glass of on request champers, usual crap food, dodgy curry, faux chicken tajin and dry fish cakes. Just relieved to be at LHR on the way and hoping sleep not interrupted by dreams of the ghastly folk in the Escape lounge. Is that what happens when you give Wetherspoons customers a few quid?

    in reply to: The journey through ‘hell’ that is Manchester T3
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Now I’m not a snob, but… in Escape lounge at T3 enjoying the BA premium experience at the start of our trip in Club to Singapore. I’ve dallied with T3 in Ryanair occasionally and accepted rubbing shoulders with trailer trash with as much good grace as I can muster. However not tried BA Club Europe from Manchester since pre pandemic.
    En route to the airport get a text saying sorry no food or drink down to London and have a voucher. Club checkin, queue ignored by staff at other counters when staff goes awol, bag drop would have been miles quicker. No greeting, acknowledge smile or any human response from automaton checking us in. No mention of f&b situation till I ask and told use voucher no alcohol. Security boarding passes fail to scan no help from staff till requested. Usual secondary screening, pleasant chap admits they are more thorough than other airports. Now in the lounge along with all the tangoed heavy drinkers. Flight currently 30 mins late.
    T2 with Qatar and 1903 lounge is a world away from this scabby carry on

    in reply to: Downgrade query on BA Amex
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    I think it’s worth recalling that with Amex toughening up their application criteria it isn’t a given that one would be able to upgrade back to the BAPP

    in reply to: Dear Amex, are you on glue???
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Well, someone on HfP recently posted a request for more descriptive thread titles, and this response has made my day 🤣

    Thank you, real Swiss Tony !

    Yes it was I and I’m not sure my initiative has gained traction yet….

    in reply to: Dear Amex, are you on glue???
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    “I haven’t spent 5k on it since May! ”

    Isn’t that the whole purpose of the offer? To make you spend? The entitlement of some of the users here… ‘I haven’t spent much, so Amex must give me free avios!’

    Not sure how that translates to entitlement. Perhaps you can explain?? I’ve been spending about 1k a month on that card since the start of the account year. It just seems odd that they think I’ll randomly find a way of increasing my amex spend 5x in what is probably a historically quiet time for transactions anyway. The offer window is too short, the reward is too low or the spend target is too high at least for me.

    Make it to Dec 1st and it might be possible, but even then it’s only an extra £20-30 worth of Avios.

    I was hoping I was the outlier as a result of putting a big txn through in March, thereby confusing the system, but evidently not.

    And as a responsible lender, right now is probably not the time to be encouraging rampant spending.

    Spot on my sentiments exactly

    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Yes also got this, big deal

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    I do wish peeps would summarise the topic in the title!

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    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Is Rob cutting the ribbon?

    in reply to: Beware auto-Economist Renewal / 50% off
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Yes it’s a pain to persuade them to cancel the sub, make sure you get confirmation of cancellation

    in reply to: No lift at hotel, family room on 4th floor. Next steps?
    yorkieflyer 259 posts

    Next steps, would have been the steps…

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