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Updates and corrections

There is a lot of complex and varied information on Head for Points and occasionally we make mistakes.  We correct articles on the site to reflect this, but as a trial we are also running this page.  It is primarily for the benefit of email readers who will have received the original version.

Any fundamental changes to made to recent articles will be noted here.

A link to this page can be found under each emailed article and at the bottom of sidebar on the desktop / tablet site.  There is no link on the mobile site.

13th March – Hilton launches ‘See The World’ week-long flash sale with discounts of up to 35%

  • The Lufthansa promotion can be used alongside the current 2000 bonus points offer if you select ‘points and miles’.  You are not giving up your 2,000 bonus points if you take the miles as well.

11th March – Curve Card adds rewards for new cardholders 

  • The business version of the card now has the same rewards scheme as the consumer version.  It does not, as originally written, still have the beta Curve Rewards scheme for new cardholders.  I have changed the reference to the maximum spending limit as my personal limits are based on the old beta card and not the new consumer version.  A link has been added to the Mastercard Chargeback scheme which offers similar protection to Section 75.