95 AwardWallet 6-month upgrade vouchers (worth $10 each) to give away today

There is only one miles and points tool that I use every day – and have done for a number of years – and that is AwardWallet.  There has always been a link to them from the “I Also Recommend …..” section at the bottom of the site.

AwardWallet allows you to store the log-in and password details for pretty much all of the loyalty programmes you are in. It isn’t just travel, either – Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard, Harrods Rewards …. they cover over 660 programmes from across the world.

Across their entire membership, they are tracking over 80,000,000,000 miles and points!

AwardWallet logo

You can store programmes for various different people inside one AwardWallet account. When I log in, I see over over 60 different accounts across my family. A clever part of AW is the ability to sideline schemes which are dormant or rarely used.

You can sit and back and do nothing with AwardWallet if that is how you want to play it. Once a week, AwardWallet will automatically log in to each of your programmes and update your balance. It will then send you a weekly email with all of your balance changes.

For the more obsessive, like myself, you can log in to AwardWallet and simply click ‘Update’. AwardWallet goes off and updates all of your ‘active’ balances immediately (it takes 3-4 minutes to check my active ones). On a PC you can leave it running in another window.

Even better is the impressive app. If you are a ‘Premium’ member (ie you make a nominal donation, $10 minimum, every six months in appreciation of the service) then this app runs very quickly and updates all of your balances in about a minute. If you are not a Premium member, I believe it runs at standard speed.

Premium members also get the expiry date of their points tracked, and email warnings sent out if miles are heading towards expiry.

If you are not already a member of AwardWallet, you can sign up for free here.

95 ‘Premium’ upgrades to give away TODAY

Every time a batch of HFP readers signs up for AwardWallet, I receive a voucher code for 6 months free use of their premium service.

Frankly, I earn substantially more vouchers than I can use.  Today, I am having a clear out!

I have 95 upgrade codes to give away.

To redeem one, simply go to the AW website and click on your name in the top left hand corner.  On of the options in the dropdown menu is ‘Upgrade Using A Coupon’.  Input the code and your account will upgrade to ‘Premium’ for the next six months.

If you are ALREADY a Premium member, you can still request and use a code.  It will extend your existing membership by six months.

To get a code, this is what you need to do:

Email me at aw@headforpoints.co.uk – not the usual email address

PLEASE do NOT ask me anything about anything else in your email

I will reply to them all in one sitting, probably when my wife is watching some property programme on the TV in the evening, so it may take 48 hours to process!

You will get a reply with a code in it, nothing else.  I’m not being rude, I just don’t have the time to write a personal greeting 95 times :-)

If you do not get a reply, it means that I ran out of codes – sorry

If you receive a code you must redeem it within 48 hours.  If you don’t, I will assume that you don’t want it and I will send it to someone else.

You can request a code even if you haven’t already joined, as long as you sign up and use the code within 48 hours.

A note on security

Some people, understandably, are worried about the security of their account details. (AW is owned privately by a couple of guys in the US.) If you are, you can choose to have AW store all of your log-in and password data locally on your PC, not on their server. The only impact of this is that you are limited to checking your balances on that one device.

My personal view is that using AwardWallet improves your security.  When my Tesco Clubcard vouchers were stolen, it was AwardWallet that notified me.  If I hadn’t seen my balance change, I may not have noticed for months.  AW has been in business for ten years now without any serious issues.

I am a big fan of AwardWallet, and if you have never used it I recommend taking a look.  It doesn’t take long to set up, and once you have all your data there it becomes quite addictive checking your balances a couple of times a day.  You can sign up here.

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  1. Found it to be a handy ap, nice gesture Rob

  2. When I tried it a few months ago i had problems which seemed to stem from using it on an android tablet. Has anyone else successfully used it on a similar device?

    • I have no issues using it on an android tablet, and I find it works better than on my iPhone, as it will happily update in the background.

  3. Jovanna says:

    I find the app quite frustrating. I’m a premium member. It always times out wen I try to update my Executive Club account. I received a push notification a couple of days ago informing me that my Miles & Smiles balance had increased for a flight that I’d taken 4 weeks ago, even though I’d updated the account manually on the desktop site a couple of days after the flight. It hardly ever updates automatically and I have to go into each individual account to update manually.

    I think I’ll stick to the basic service when this 6 months finishes.

    • Additionally it keeps showing old changes in the point/miles balance. It is just confusing.

      Additionally it takes more than wat more than 1 min to update my 17 accounts with them. It took 2m45s to update it just now.

      Additionally $20 per year is quite expensive for the premium version. I won’t pay that again.

      • I’m not sure how they around that though. The home page shows the last change, whether that change was last night or last year. I agree it is occasionally confusing but I’m not sure how they get around it because some people may be happy to see the data like that.

  4. Awardwallet has not been able to update my BA Avios balance since the start of February – is anyone else having an issue?

    • Genghis says:

      Working fine for me

    • It previously happened to me for a while. When I update all of my accounts, BA is always one of the slowest to update, so I think it was just eventually timing out. Are you updating on Wi-fi? Hows your internet speed?

  5. AW also offer two-factor authentication – very very worthwhile activating this!!

    Sadly I never find the account update is as quick as you, even as premium. Seems to take about 3-5 min for 95 or so accounts when using the mobile app, longer on the PC.

  6. BrianDT says:

    No problems at all, and I’m on a Galaxy tablet and have been for the last few years.

  7. I was astounded when I got an e-mail from AW telling me the times of some fights in one of my AA bookings had changed. I had no idea they monitored that (although, given they have access to my account, there’s no reason why they couldn’t).

    If this is a standard feature it is a valuable complement to the wonderful MyFlights app which cannot access AA bookings.

  8. OT: There’s a post over on flyertalk (it was on the BA forum but now moved to ‘Manufactured Spend’) of Amex blocking Curve card users.

  9. Cheers Rob!
    Handy piece of software

  10. The feature I really like is “Trips”, it puts all of my flights and hotel bookings into one trip largely in chronological order although it does get a little confused, I think with the changes in time zones for the most part, but some of them I can’t explain for example I’m checking in at the Hilton in Dublin, then flying to Dublin. Do you guys know any ways of correcting this minor blip? With 17 flights and 6 hotels (in our TP/Gold status attaining holiday) I find this very useful.
    In terms of security I run the google 2 step authentication as suggested on here, no problems to date.

  11. Thanks Rob!

    Has anybody else had issues adding accounts in Chrome? – it repeatedly times out and says wrong password… I have managed to make it work by adding the account on the PC, validating it on my phone and then back to the PC to sync…

  12. Mine goes through periods of falling over on certain logins – a week or so, maybe. Most recently it’s been Etihad and their poxy ‘click every picture with a tree’ reCAPTCHA.

    And I really don’t like ‘Trips’ – I get that it’s nice to have everything in the same place, but I much prefer a dedicated app like TripIt (although I’m giving TripCase another go after a few years) as it’s just better at it and isn’t often thrown.

    • Thanks for the info Graeme, I didn’t know of the existence of TripCase or TripIt, I’m off to explore, thank you

      • Graeme J Archer says:

        No problem. TripIt is better, it understands a lot more bookings (airport car parking, car hire), but I understand that TripCase offers flight alerts now. Going to test it next while away weekend.

  13. SydneySwan says:

    Raffles, have you sent out all the 95 codes by now?

    • Yes, but I have got quite a few more today because this article encouraged another wave of sign-ups. In 48 hours I will do another sweep and distribute those codes plus the unused ones from the first 95.

  14. Thanks Rob. Its great software and I use it for about 30 accounts. The only one I can’t get to update, no matter what I try is Virgin Atlantic. Does anyone else have a problem with them?

  15. Thanks Rob. I have sent an email yesterday and eagerly await the code. It’s indeed a great app.


  16. Thanks Rob- got it to work fine!

  17. Hey Rob, great site! Would appreciate a code if you have one to spare.

    Thank you very much Mike!

  18. Thanks for code Rob
    How do I use it if I am a paid member already?

  19. Tom.Murray says:

    Many thanks Rob – much appreciated

  20. MarkCam says:

    Does anyone else have problems with Tesco clubcard accounts updating? It used to work fine for me but does not any longer.

  21. Code received and used, much appreciated thank you Rob.

  22. Code received and used.

    Thanks Rob.

  23. Grant says:

    Code received and used, cheers.

  24. Many thanks for the coupon….all applied and much appreciated.