LAST CHANCE: 10,000 Avios for opening an ISA with Nutmeg

This weekend – until Sunday night – is your last chance to take advantage of the current offer from wealth management group Nutmeg.  You will receive up to 10,000 Avios points when you open a Stocks & Shares ISA or a pension with Nutmeg before 9th October. 

Full details can be found on the Nutmeg website here.

Nutmeg is an innovative online wealth management service which offers a fully managed, discretionary, investment service at a far lower cost than its competitors.  If you are using St James’s Place, Hargreaves Lansdown etc then the Nutmeg fee structure of 0.3% – 0.95% should be of interest.

Nutmeg Avios promotion

Using exchange-traded funds, which keep your costs to a minimum, Nutmeg claims to offer no fixed fees, no transaction fees, no trading or commission fees and no exit fees.  You only pay your annual management fee.

Your money will be invested in “a robust, diversified portfolio that spreads risk across asset classes, geographies and industries.”  Your Money has voted Nutmeg the ‘best online Stocks and Shares ISA provider’ for two years in a row.

How much do I need to invest?

The minimum contribution is £500 with additional monthly contributions of £100.  This will earn you a bonus of 5,000 Avios points.

If make an initial lump sum contribution of £5,000 or more, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 Avios.

The maximum you are allowed to invest in an ISA per tax year is £15,240.  Anything you commit beyond that will be placed in a general investment account.

This offer is valid for applications made until Sunday night.  Your bonus can be credited to either an or British Airways Executive Club account and you will receive your Avios within 45 days of making your initial investment.

Here is the small print if you close your account:

If a customer withdraws their account balance within 12 months of opening their account, in the event of 5000 Avios being issued, Nutmeg reserves the right to withdraw £50 from the closing balance before returning funds. In the event of 10,000 Avios being issued, Nutmeg reserves the right to withdraw £100 from the closing balance before returning funds.

You need to apply via this special landing page to earn Avios.  Applications via the standard Nutmeg home page will not earn any points.

Remember that, as with all investments, the value of your portfolio can go down as well as up.

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  1. jonboy73 says:

    surely the £200+ cashback from moneyfarm is a better deal?

    • Sam Wardill says:

      10,000 avios is a really bad offer when you can get so much more elsewhere . I was caught out by it. I feel duped

  2. Should FCA in disclaimer now be FSCS?

  3. Has anybody experience with Nutmeg? I have been using H&L for a quite while and I don’t think the charges are as bad as people say as long you don’t use their multi-manager funds. Must of my funds have charges between 0.56 and 0.74%.

    • Why funds?

      I am invested in oil companies. Returns have been good this year. I am Calling bottom in oil market.


      • Lady London says:



        With the drop in the pound, if oil price goes up we are all going to be st*ffed. Those of us who like to fly, at least :-(

  4. Hi Rob,

    Clicking on the “It’s back – 10,000 Avios for opening an ISA with Nutmeg” article takes you to this “Last Chance…” article BTW Rob.

    I wanted to see the 70 comments on the previous Nutmeg article to find out whether I can transfer money from another S&S ISA, opened last tax year (when it was 6000 flying club miles, not 12000 sadly), but being paid into this year still. Does anyone know whether I can transfer to another S&S ISA if I paid money in this tax year, and whether you get the Avios bonus if you transfer, rather than pen a new ISA?

    Sorry for the rookie questions!

    • Not looked into the avios but you can only pay into one S&S ISA per tax year. You can however transfer previous year’s ISAs to anywhere, just so long as not making any new payments in.

      • Ah, to get the Avios you need to commit to a minimum monthly deposit of 100 pounds, which would be a new payment in.

        Ah well…

        Thanks Genghis.

        • Hmm, I’m not so sure… T&Cs suggest that you don’t have to make regular contributions if you invest £5000 or more, although it isn’t clear whether ISA transfers qualify. Transfers, however, normally take a few days to process.

    • Sorry. Google penalises me if I run similar articles (‘duplicate content’) so I put diverts on older ones.

  5. I opened the “safest” nutmeg ISA last week and it’s already lost £1 (0.18%)! The fee is also 0.95%. Oh well, long term investment and all that…

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