US Global Entry appointments available in London for a limited period

(EDIT:  looking at the comments below, it appears that all of the available interview slots have now been booked.  We will let you know if/when the US Embassy re-opens the list.)

Queuing at American airports can be a pain. Most of the time – unless I am just unlucky – it is incredibly chaotic, overcrowded and time consuming.

In order to make travelling from the UK to the US easier, since December 2015 British citizens have been able to register for Global Entry, making it possible for them to use the ‘fast-track’ entry kiosks at major airports.  Over 8,800 British citizens have already signed up.

The application process starts by requiring you to pass a background check by the British Government which costs £45 and can be done on this website. (You may want to check whether the airports you plan to use are part of the scheme before committing time and money to this process.)

If approved, a fee of $100 must be paid to the US CBP in order to apply to use Global Entry for a 5 year period. However, in order to complete the process, UK citizens had to travel to the US for a personal interview – until now.

For 60 days only, UK citizens who plan to enrol for Global Entry are able to schedule appointments in London at the US Embassy.

JFK airport new york

On September 26th US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) opened a Global Entry enrolment centre at the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, just south of Oxford Street.  This makes the enrolment process far easier as you no longer need to line up an interview in the US at the same time as you are over there for a trip.

On arrival in the States, passengers registered with Global Entry are able to use special kiosks.  You must present a machine-readable passport or US permanent residency card, do fingerprint verification and fill out a custom declaration.  You will be issued a transaction receipt and directed to the baggage claim and exit.  You are also able to use TSA Pre✓ where available.  Global Entry does NOT mean that you no longer need an ESTA, however.

The enrolment centre at the US Embassy in London is open Monday – Wednesday 8am-4:30pm by appointment only.  More details can be found here.

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  1. Peter Bambridge says:

    Great News !

    I got a cancellation at two days notice, and yesterday attended my interview at the American Embassy. Delighted to say I received the email confirmation a few minutes after my interview. All sorted 🙂

    I only applied for Global Entry because I read the recent article on how the appointments were opening up in London. So thanks again for timely and relevant information.

    I will think of you as I don’t queue in Chicago next month.

    • Peter Bambridge says:

      For those looking for a London appointment – keep checking back on the website !
      I caught a cancellation on the 30th time !

  2. Abedegno says:

    I got a cancellation on the 2nd Nov. TechUK are also running interview sessions on the 3rd but I don’t know if they are limited to member organisatoins: