£10 off a £50 Amazon order TODAY ONLY – stacks with £15 Amex Membership Rewards code

To celebrate being named Britain’s No 1 retailer for consumer satisfaction, Amazon is having a one day sale today. Long term readers may remember that they did a similar deal last year.

You will receive £10 off any order of £50 or more using the code BIGTHANKS.

Gift cards do not count, unfortunately. All items must be sold directly from Amazon and not from one of its partners.


Looking at the comments, this stacks with the American Express Membership Rewards ‘£15 off a £25 purchase’ offer I covered on Wednesday.

Our Amazon link is one of the ways we fund the site.  If you buy something through this offer using the link below, you can consider your HFP subscription for 2017 paid!

The Amazon home page is here.  Full terms and conditions for the offer can be found there.

The offer expires at midnight tonight, Friday.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. silly question time again – new to this amazon business, how do I know which products are sold by Amazon and which isn’t? Just tried a purchase with my rewards card and it doesn’t like it very much (error)

    • the real harry1 says:

      it says it on the item page, vol

    • Lady London says:

      If you click the part at the right hand side of the page once it,’s displaying the full info for your product, where it offers other suppliers or also available from or similar wording it will display a page with every possible vendor of that same product.

      Look for each one for if sold by amazon and fulfilled by amazon or just fulfilled by amazon. For most promotions both sold by and fulfilled by must be amazon. This page also let’s you compare shipping costs.

  2. Nate1309 says:

    Just used both codes and have a nice new cycle helmet coming monday :). If you search for an item you want (on a desktop anyway) then select the category the item is in on the left hand side, then once you have done this a new selection will open in that same area of the screen lower down and select amazon.co.uk as the seller. If the total spend for amazon is over £50 then both codes will work. I but the BIGTHANKS in first, then selected the payment method and used my Platinum card and part pay with MR points, entered the value £0.01, then returned to basked and entered the code AMEX16SWP. home this helps people who are struggling.

    As ever thanks for the heads up Rob.

  3. All these offers… i promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything from Amazon until they started paying a decent amount of UK taxes. If i accidentally hit the enter key while moving some things around the living room, causing an order to be placed, does it count? 😉

  4. Dave Barron says:

    Wife and I both took advantage of the £15 promo before Xmas on our respective cards.

    My Kindle broke yesterday after 6 years of reliable service so that’s a new one ordered today with a £10 code (thanks Raffles) combined with the £15 promo when using my mothers Amex Gold Card this time around.

    You have to love a bargain!

  5. Nice, used the AMEXSW2016 code before Xmas, but had a nice double dip using Mrs Gavin’s Amazon account, one garment steamer coming our way. Saves a trip to buy one tomorrow

  6. Just secured £40 discount on computer parts via my account, my wife’s and both the kids… Noiiice!

  7. Nathan Fox says:

    Well the £10 didn’t work for me as I was buying an “alcohol product” however I’ll toast to HfP whilst drinking my scotch!

  8. Thanks for heads up.

  9. Just used it successfully. Add the points first then apply the code. Thanks Rob

  10. Note it won’t let you use the code if you have pre-order items in your basket – even if they are surplus to the £25 target. You have to remove the pre-order items and order them separately, which is an exercise in pointlessness!

  11. Once I worked this out, I got 2 DVDs and 3 books for £10.60 plus 50p worth of points, so thanks!