wheretocredit.com – a handy resource you might not know

One of the things that is so fascinating about the frequent flyer space is that there are always tools popping up which fill a small but useful niche.

I often get emails from Head for Points readers asking about the best place to credit a particular flight when they do not want to open an account with that airline directly.

In theory it should be simple – just pick an airline in the same alliance (SkyTeam, Star Alliance, oneworld, Etihad Airways Partners) where you do have an account.

In reality, it isn’t that simple:

Most airlines have additional partnerships with airlines on top of their main alliance partners

Not all alliance partners treat other members equally.  Airline A may only give 100% of miles flown for a business class ticket on airline Z whilst Airline B may give 200%.

In the worse case scenarios, some airlines will give no credit at all for certain heavily discounted partner tickets – in which case you might as well credit elsewhere

It turns out that there is a website which can guide you around all this – wheretocredit.com.

Oneworld members

In terms of ease of use it couldn’t be simpler.  Tell it which airline you are flying and, if known, the exact ticketing class (this should be on your eticket) and it will show you where you will get the best return for the flight.

One thing to remember, of course, is that miles have no value if you can’t use them. You might earn double the number of miles crediting an ‘L’ class Malaysia Airlines flight to American Airlines instead of BA, but if you never spend those AA miles then you have wasted the lot.  Bear that in mind before you pick an obscure partner.

wheretocredit appears to be updated regularly.  If you have any queries, you should be able to reach the author by posting in this Flyertalk thread although it has been very quiet over the last few months.

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  1. Don’t you ever forget AwardHacker!

  2. My wife has just come back from a business trip to Australia with Etihad. Look like they have a partnership with American. Is there a way to transfer her Etihad miles to American and then to BA??

    • No – you can’t transfer miles in that way. You can book Etihad with AA miles, not sure if you can do the same in reverse though.

    • No. Would have needed to credit to American originally. Even then they can’t be moved to BA but can be used for BA flights.

      Remember you can redeem Etihad miles for cash via Points Pay.

    • Lady London says:

      Transfers tend to be possible only between different types of points. So perhaps between Charge Card/credit card points, airlines, hotels, car hire co’s. There is also usually a massive loss of value on any transfer.

      I’ve never seen any ability to transfer between, say, two airlines or two car hire companies.
      Don’t worry we all have these kinds of things that no one knows when starting…. you find out gradually unfortunately!

      • SydneySwan says:

        Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines allow you to transfer points between the two programs. However you take a 35% haircut when you do so.

  3. I still haven’t had miles credited to AerClub from a United Airlines flight back in August. I’ve put in a missing Avios claim, I’ve raised it on social media (along with the missing 250 avios for pre-registering). They haven’t even replied!

    I highly recommend generally avoid crediting flights to AerClub, even with the higher earning rates!

  4. Prins Polo says:

    Wheretocredit is great – I didn’t know eg that I could credit miles for etihad flights to SAS