A Head for Points scoop …. the Heathrow Rewards card and details of new member benefits

Here you go, a little Head for Points exclusive to round off the week :

Heathrow Rewards

At last, confirmation that BAA WorldPoints will become Heathrow Rewards next week, and we will all be sent a little purple card like this!

It seems that Heathrow Points lost the battle in the internal discussions to decide on the new name ….

I also have some more information on the new benefits that will come with the Heathrow Rewards card:

Points will not expire (they currently do)

Members will get free Wi-Fi at Heathrow (not sure what the small print is around this)

Full details will be emailed to us all next week.

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  1. GlennM says:

    That’s good news, as I suspect they will likely launch several promotions to advertise it – hopefully leading to more Avios and deals!

  2. Teece says:

    R E Ward – oh, they ARE a bunch of wags.

    • vindaloo says:

      Well that explains the name choice. P O Int doesn’t really work.

  3. xcalx says:

    “we will all be sent a little purple card like this”

    Or maybe more than 1 with all the recent promos {wink}

    • Would be good to have a recep on the best way to ‘shutdown’/close/remove a worldpoints account….

      • umm, unsubscribe from their emails and your account will close in 3 months.

      • James67 says:

        Following Raffles first post on issue I immediately emailed them and closed down my account and 3 others! Here’s hoping for a good signup bonus.

      • Only 1 way … Unsubscribe from the email list. That automatically closes your account.

  4. Johnny5a says:

    looks nice

  5. Phillip says:

    I hope they maintain the double points/rewards for high spenders!

  6. Raffles, I’ve currently got a worldpoints card with points on. Will the points get transfered over to the new card? Or should I close the account and hope for a sign up bonus?

    • Yes, the points will transfer over. It takes 3 months to close an account (you unsubscribe from emails on line and that closes the account 3 months later) so if there is a deal next week you would need to use a different address.

  7. James67 says:

    So far there web pages (within Heathrow pages) is only offering 100 points to rehister. Hoprgully their own pagr will bring a better offer than this. Avios conversion reported at 1:1.

  8. GlennM says:

    Dear all,

    New website launched:
    https://rewards.heathrow.com or via http://www.baaworldpoints.com

    Not a sniff of a new offer!


  9. GlennM says:

    Dear all,

    In addition to my last update on the website now been live, I’ve seen the follow new membership benefits, I think these are broadly in the usual category of the last card, but more formalised. Glenn

    Loyalty bonuses and premium membership

    Collect points even faster with loyalty bonuses and promotion to our premium membership tier.

    To qualify, just pass a couple of collection milestones during the year.

    Loyalty bonuses
    Earn 100 bonus points when you’ve collected 250 standard* points.
    Earn another 100 bonus points when you’ve collected 500 standard points and enjoy automatic promotion to premium membership.

    Premium membership

    Premium members earn double points:
    2 points for every £1 spent.
    2 points for every £10 exchanged at Bureaux de change.

    Your premium membership starts as soon as you collect 500 standard points in any calendar year. Premium membership continues throughout the following year and for every subsequent year if you carry on collecting 500 standard points per year.

  10. Ratna says:

    How can I claim my points? I’m still using the old version loyalty card?