£9.50 redspottedhanky voucher for joining Sun Plus

I get a feeling that The Sun is not the newspaper of choice for most Head for Points readers.  However, there is a good deal to be had at the moment if you sign up for ‘Sun Plus’, their online subscription site, for a short period.

This week (ie until 25th December, so you should join today) they are giving away 20,000 x £9.50 redspottedhanky.com train ticket vouchers to Sun Plus members.  As of yesterday, vouchers were still available – not surprising given that they are limited to a small ‘paid’ membership site.

Sun Plus only costs £1 to join for the first month.  However, you need to cancel within 1 month or you will be charged £8.67 per month going forward via your credit card.

Sun Plus

I joined yesterday and was able to redeem a redspottedhanky discount code immediately, although it will take 4 days to appear on my account.  These need to be redeemed by 31st March  so don’t bother with this if you won’t be booking a train ticket before then.

(For some reason, the validation page says that you will receive your voucher by 10th March.  This sounds like nonsense to me – I believe the home page which says that the voucher will appear within 96 hours.)

Note that you should join Sun Plus via either Quidco for £5 or TopCashback for £5.05.  In theory, you will not receive the cashback because the rules say:

Cashback will not be paid on the trial. You must have your subscription for at least 2 months (inclusive of the £1 trial period) in order to qualify for cashback.

However, there is no harm done in signing up via a cashback site, just in case it pays.  It also gives you some insurance in case you forget to cancel your subscription in time, as your £8.67 fee for Month 2 will be offset by the £5 cashback.

There are other ‘Sun Plus perks’ that you will be able to claim as well, such as free tickets to screenings of ‘Mandela – Long Walk To Freedom’.

Note that cancelling will be a bit of a faff because you need to speak with one of their online advisers via online chat:

You can cancel your Sun+ membership any time by giving 5 days notice before your next payment is due. Your Sun+ membership will also expire if you have been collecting Sun+ Codes and you don’t collect enough codes in a month. You can cancel your Sun+ membership by contacting one of our online advisers.

Bear this in mind before deciding whether to sign up or not.

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  1. MaltapointsTom says:

    I have been “rinsing” Sun+ for a little while now. I got a £10 voucher with Morrisons, then a £10 voucher with Tesco via a different email address, both for £1 trials.

    In the Sun’s defence (forgive me), cancelling is actually a doddle. For the vouchers (I see the Tesco one is linked above), you just have to make sure you request cancellation over 7 days after the trial has started. To do this, you simply log on, go to chat, and tell them you want to cancel. They do it there and then. They may even throw another incentive at you when you try and cancel.

  2. sandgrounder says:

    As a fan of LFC, I think I will give this a miss. Good spot though!

    • +1

    • Don’t buy the S*n. Ever. JFT96

      • Absolutlely. They could be giving £1000 back, and I would’t touch this with a barge pole.


        • I personally think profiting at the sun’s expense is actually a better way to damage them than doing nothing.

          Out of curiosity, why do so many people still hold a grudge after so long when its unlikely anyone there had anything to do with it now?

        • mrtibbs1999 says:

          I know it’s a strange concept these days, but I think it is a matter of principle. Once upon a time that would be enough!

        • No, there are many things people do in the name of “principles” nowadays – including me. I just don’t recognise this action as rational.

          Firstly, the Sun is a figurehead – not an organism. The Sun today has nothing whatsoever to do with what the Sun did over a decade ago (and don’t get me started on the absurdity of how slandering people in Liverpool is somehow much more evil than other companies who operate sweatshops, are directly responsible for the deaths of babies in the 3rd world (Nestle) etc.). Secondly, by not taking advantage of offers in the Sun you are hurting yourself – by taking advantage of these offers you are hurting the Sun. Not only are you cutting off your nose to spite your face, you are actually benefiting the Sun financially. I’m all for logical principles, but this one just makes no sense.

    • JFT96

  3. You are probably better joining via this page http://www.thesun.co.uk/tesco as you get a £10 Tesco voucher. You can also get a £10 amazon voucher, via a different link.

  4. just went to sign up.. no mention of the deal..so didn’t proceed.. deal done?

  5. I signed up for a £10 Amazon voucher, which is apparently on its way. My RedSpottedHanky validation code went in a few days ago and still no sign of an evoucher, though!

  6. I’ve always struggled to use the redspottedhanky site, I find it just awful. Can anyone clarify, where are you meant to enter the voucher codes? Should it be via “evoucher details” or should it be via “Personal Details > Offer Validation code”?

    • Do you mean e-vouchers that you already have and want to redeem against train travel? If so, it’s quite easy – when you get to the payment part, you have the option to use any e-vouchers on your account. Just click on the one(s) you want to use.

      Or do you mean something else?

    • Personal Details. Then wait a few days for the voucher to appear.

  7. Adam I put it in personal details offer validation code, nothing yet though

  8. Mrtibbs1999 says:

    Entropay/3v 😉

  9. Paul LFC says:

    Ban the S*n.


  10. Just signed up via the Amazon link https://join.thesun.co.uk/?pc=AMAZ1 and the RSH promo is still working through that so should get both sign up bonuses! Can someone confirm what the cancellation terms are though: above it says 5 days notice but on the email that comes through it says within 7 days of initial sign up.

    • The 7 days relates to your initial £1 charge – cancel within 7 days and you get that back, I think.

      The ‘5 days notice’ relates to your NEXT payment.

  11. BA-Flyer says:

    When you submit the validation code on RSH, are you supposed to get any form of confirmation?

  12. anyone had this hit their RSH account yet?

  13. Got my voucher now but it’s got an expiry date of 31/03/2013!