redspottedhanky Fantasy Formula 1 points have posted

If you took part in the Fantasy Formula 1 competition last year, take a look at your account. The points should have posted.

For most people, this means 1,500 points, so £15 of train tickets, per account.

However, some people did a lot better!

When RSH launched this game, they didn’t think it through properly. After Week 1, it was clear that the scoring system was too generous and that they would be paying out too much. A £15 cap was then placed on your earnings for people who signed up late, like me.

If you got in early, and ‘actively managed’ your team from week to week, you should have £40 to £50 per account!

As I was capped at £15, I took the lazy option – I set up a team and never altered it all season. This made it an easy £15!

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  1. FormalHall says:

    Something you may already be aware of, but I only realised today; redspottedhanky loyalty points can be tracked on awardwallet, which is great as I find the redspottedhanky website very cumbersome.

  2. The £15 limit applied to everyone, if you signed up at the start the week 1 points didn’t count towards the limit though. In that scenario your account should have 2 transactions one for the week one points and another of transaction of 1500 points.

  3. Clive J says:

    Got my 1500 points as well, after carefully managing my team most races. If I had known you could get the maximum just by keeping the same starting selections I could have saved myself the bother. Having said that the competitor un me means I am feverishly managing my RSH fantasy football team each week. Any chance of setting up a HfP mini-league next time, like the Wimbledon one?

    • I was very lazy with Fantasy Football – I let the computer randomly pick my players and then haven’t touched them since. Which probably explains my very poor performance! I will struggle to get more than £7.50 per account with this.

  4. I took part in the Hilton HHonors fantasy F1 game instead and won 12,500 HHonors points (which posted reasonably fast, all redeemed already) without much effort (I had even missed a few races). If there is a next time, I’ll be in again – with more commitment.

    Was the Hilton fantasy game mentioned on HFP?

  5. Simon85 says:

    Got 1500 pointsin my account too. To be honest I’d forgotten I’d even signed up for the thing!

  6. thepearce says:

    I see Argos has gone as a redemption option. In fact there’s very little left compared to quite a while ago.

    Do redemption options return from time to time?

    • Doodles says:

      Costa Coffee vouchers were not available for a while but then came back so Argos might come back too. It’s just annoying remembering to have another look.

  7. Wife and I both got 1500. Never even looked at the teams after original setup 🙂 redemption options are not great. I just use mine towards discounted rail fares

  8. Got 1848 points 🙂

  9. pazza2000 says:

    When transferring the loyalty points across to an e-voucher for RSH, is it instant? Hopefully the fantasy football points will be posted across such as timely when the season finishes, as they will only have 6 months of validity vs. the 12 months for these points.

  10. StephenF says:

    The Thomas the Tank Engine ipad app picture looks very familiar, my 3 year old loves it! Paint my Wings too..

    • Glad someone spotted it! I wrote the post on the iPad, which meant due to software limitations that I could only use images already on the iPad. Luckily Max saved a Thomas drawing into my photo stream!

  11. Hi Raffles,

    Another £10 RSH voucher is available, this time from O2 Priority Moments

    Went live today, I just got my code and there were over 17,000 left.