Got 15,000 unwanted Air Canada miles? (or other orphan miles?)

A reader recently dropped me an email to ask if I had any ideas about what to do with some orphaned Air Canada Aeroplan miles he had.  I thought the reply I gave him may be of interest to a few other people.

First, some background.  There is a website called which is a facilitator for the purchase and exchange of miles.  If you have ever bought Avios, you may have noticed that your credit card statement showed ‘’ as the merchant. is a 2-legged business, half of which is handling ‘buy points’ requests for various frequent traveller schemes. The other half is operating a free online exchange for miles and points.

You can register for via this link.

Now, don’t get too excited about this. Avios is not part of the scheme, for a start. The exchange rates they use are also very poor. However …. if you have a small number of miles in an airline or hotel programme that you are never going to use, and which may be expiring, is better than nothing.

I have used it in the past to clear out a small number of American Airlines miles (before they insisted on a 25,000 minimum transfer) and some US Airways miles. In both cases I turned them into a modest number of IHG Rewards Club hotel points.

For reasons unknown, there is one ‘sweet spot’ redemption for Air Canada Aeroplan miles.  Assuming you have 20,000 Air Canada miles languishing unloved, this is what will offer you:

16,802 US Airways miles (this is the good one, basically 1 : 085)

7,500 American Airlines miles

14,450 IHG Rewards Club points

16,055 Melia Rewards points

There are also other options, but they are not relevant to the UK market.

You need to remember that US Airways and American Airlines have merged.  At some point in 2014, US Airways Dividend Miles will merge with the American Airlines programme, allowing you to pool your miles.   Even before then, from 31st March, US Airways will be a member of the oneworld alliance and so you will be able to spend your US Airways miles on BA flights.

Apart from the US Airways deal, which is surprisingly generous, none of those transfer deals are great value.  However, if you have 15,000 Air Canada miles doing nothing (15,000 is the minimum Air Canada transfer) then it is a trade worth doing. There are also no fees to pay to anyone for ‘exchange’ transactions.

When looking at the website, you will note that it also allows you to trade points with other members, after paying a stupidly large fee.  This is always poor value and I do not recommend it. When seeing what you can get for your points, look at the ‘exchange’ results and not the ‘trade’ results.

Air Canada Aeroplan is not the only currency you can trade via  You can also use it to offload American Airlines miles (25,000+), Melia Rewards points (2,500+), Amtrak Guest Rewards (1,000+), Asia Miles, Avianca Lifemiles (1,000+), Delta SkyMiles and US Airways miles, amongst others.

But remember, ONLY look at the ‘Exchange’ options, not the ‘Trades’, unless you 100% sure you are getting a good deal.  Not surprisingly, you’ll find the ‘Trades’ listed first …..

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  1. A tip for anyone with less than the minimum transfer amount (or simply not interested in investing in any of the trade partners) — you can trade 7500 aeroplan miles for a CAN$50 American Express gift card:

    I did this last year, and they shipped it to the UK no problem, and I was able to use it to take $50 off a hotel stay in Canada (though note that they claim it is usable in the US too). Seemed a reasonable value redemption to me, in the circumstances.

    • Paul – that’s an excellent tip and I’ve now done it !!! I was actually the ‘reader’ emailing Raffles with the original question. Unfortunately I only had ~8,800 points – not enough to exchange on

      Now I have to figure out a way to spend a CAD 50 Amex gift card !

      • Glad you found it useful. It only cost 7000 miles last October — inflation!!

        I can’t recall about expiration dates, but I guess you’ve got a good while to spend it. The Aeroplan page suggests it’s usable in the US too, so should be good for any upcoming trips to north America.

  2. I wonder who is actually doing the trading with other people, as I can’t see that any of those deals make sense.

    The lesson here is to not accumulate points in a scheme if you don’t know how you are going to use them. When I turned 21, I spent the better part of 2 years figuring out how to get some value out of my dad’s poor choices of FFP, as he would always book the cheapest flight but credit to that airline’s FFP, giving us about 12 accounts with a few thousand miles in each.

    • Yes, in an ideal world you are right. But from time to time you may be forced to use an alternate airline, hence the orphan miles sitting around.

    • This is an interesting one,worth its own thread. As loyalty programs are generally not transferable, I have added a codicle to my will listing all my loyalty numbers, pins,memorable words and any other important loyalty scheme information, so that my kids can continue to add to / use up my points / miles. The kids are happy that my eldest son will ‘take over’…not that I intend to depart just yet, but you never know !

      • Good..
        I have given my nephews all the login details to my accounts so in the event, they can then just log in and use up amongst my family in their names…
        Unofficially, not legally ….
        Important thing is to not notify the carriers of ones demise…

    • Lady London says:

      Yup, been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt !!

      My worst one was the 25000 miles I accumulated in SQ’s Krisflyer, then could not use for anything much at all. Just because the flight was SQ, and I did not know any better. What a waste.

  3. I thought this would be the perfect solution to getting ride of a few united miles both my wife and I have left over…..shame you can’t do anything with them on there!

  4. Hmm this sounds like an interesting way to top up AA miles – Asia Miles are an Amex partner so if they have the same transfer rate as Aeroplan this would mean 1 MR to 0.85 US Airways miles, which will then convert in due course 1:1 to AA miles…

  5. Flashware says:

    I’m still trying to find a use for 16,000 DL miles !! No decent options on

  6. Froggitt says:

    I also have 9,000 DL miles that I have no use for……until Branson engineers some kind of merger into VS.

  7. Flyersj18 says:

    Also bear in mind that you can transfer Melia Rewards points to Iberia Avios, and hence to BA/


    For those mentioning Delta, now you/we, really have a looming problem !
    I just hope my Million+ with KL/AF aren’t going to be messed with.

    • I am waiting for the dust to settle before I cover this. So far, redemptions seem relatively stable and may actually get more attractive.

  9. Can anybody register there SAS Eurobonus at I get every time an error.

  10. Can I do anything with just under 4000 KLM “Flying Blue” Award Miles? I let a few more expire last year as I couldn’t seem to do anything with such a few number, and am now in a similar situation! Rather frustrating. Will probably fly BA to AMS next time to collect Avios + TP even if it does mean I have to travel from London rather than a regional airport.

    • Lady London says:

      could be maybe worth waiting for one of their ridiculously-low-points sales. They seem to have them at least once a year, then perhaps you could buy more (which are not ridiculously expensive) just to make up to an award that you do want ?

  11. Have 12,000 miles on delta, any ideas? Very annoying that they cannot be used for anything!!

  12. Search for Delta Marketplace. Merchandise start at 2k miles for junk

  13. guesswho2000 says:

    What about Air Berlin? I’ve got 7k miles in Topbonus (Etihad flights, didn’t realise I could credit to AA) from a couple of years ago, unlikely to use their Topdeal tickets and there doesn’t seem to be anything else? Unless anyone else knows a way?

  14. bigglesgirl says:

    Any idea what to do with ~21,000 Turkish Airlines miles? Again, I earned these flying them last year on business (before realising that Aegean Airlines would have been a better bet, but we live and learn!)

    • I assume a European redemption (say, Lufthansa UK to Germany, SAS UK to Scandinavia) would be in that ballpark?