Up to £15 of redspottedhanky vouchers for everyone with Fantasy Football Cup!

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redspottedhanky.com, the online train booking website, has launched a ‘Fantasy Football Cup’ game on its website.  At first glance, it doesn’t seem terribly interesting – you create your own fantasy football team, earn points based on their performance at the World Cup and the highest ranking players win an iPad or Kindle.

However, when you look at the details, it becomes a lot more interesting!  Every point you earn in the competition will be converted to 3p of redspottedhanky train travel vouchers, up to a maximum of £15.  A decent amount of vouchers should be relatively easy to hit because you can have 37 ‘transfers’ during the tournament which allows you to remove players whose teams get knocked out.

Fantasy Football

This is how it works.

Step 1: Visit the home page for this game and click on ‘Register Now’

Step 2: Register your details – if you have a RSH account already, make sure you use the same email address

Step 3: Create a name for your team

Step 4 (optional): For fun, you can join a mini-league to compare your score against others. I have created a ‘Head for Points’ mini-league. If you want to join it, click ‘Join a Mini League’ and enter ‘Head for Points’ as league name and ‘headforpoints’ as password.

Step 5: Go to ‘My Team Page’ to create your team. You need to allocate your notional budget of 100 points across 11 players. For each of the 11 spots, click on ‘Select Player’ and select someone from the list.  (If you know nothing about football or feel lazy, you can also let the computer pick a random team for you.)

Step 6:  Click on ‘Captain:’ to pick your team captain – this person earns double points!  Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ at the end. 

Step 7: You’re done!

Until 12th June, you can tweak your team for free.  After that, you can only make changes – mainly to remove knocked-out players – during six specific transfer windows.  37 transfers are allowed in total over the entire tournament.

So, create your team (or, ahem, a number of teams if you have a number of RSH accounts) and prepare to sit on the sofa for a month ….

It literally takes under 3 minutes to create a team if you let the software pick a random team for you.  Even if you can’t be bothered to do transfers as the tournament goes on, it is easy money to set up a team now and leave it.

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  1. First section of this season’s fantasy gp points posted recently too. I’d definitely recommend that people play all these games, even if only submitting a default team, as all the points add up over time to a fair whack of money off train tickets.

    • Both of my footy teams were default – I never touched them again after they were set up. Could arguably have made more money if I’d done transfers but getting £7 and £5 without lifting a finger was a better use of my time.

      • Bialynia says:

        I actually played it seriously, changing my team EVERY week, and I got £9.52 to your £7. Now that’s tens of hours of my life I’ll never get back. Think I’ll just go ‘default’ from now on…

  2. sit yourself down infront of the sofa?

  3. Will definitely be giving this ago as I managed to come 3rd in the first quarter of the fantasy gp & won an IPod shuffle & £30 ITunes voucher! Thanks Raffles.

  4. Bialynia says:

    Ah, thanks Joe, I was wondering why the points posted were more than I was expecting from the Football league, the rest must have been GP. Have just signed up for the World Cup and joined the HfP team. I really don’t know how RSH turn a profit with all these freebies! 🙂

  5. squills says:

    No points posted to me even though I had plenty from the GP and a few from the footy. Do I need to do something or should it be automatic? (Same email address used as on my RSH a/c.)

    • Try this link – https://loyalty.redspottedhanky.com/Transactions.aspx
      It doesn’t comes up where I was expecting it to be; bit of hit and trial found above link.

      • squills says:

        Ah thanks, I get it now. I have £7 😉

        Not bad considering I only joined the footy very late.

        Do they expire?

        • Ditto – 352 & 442 points for doing nothing! Off to register for the next one now, have zero interest in football but won’t say no to free points!

        • signol says:

          They expire at the end of the calendar year, but of course you can buy tickets for up to 90 days after that.

        • When you convert the points to a RHS evoucher, it is valid until 2020!

          Any points still sitting in your loyalty account on 31/12 are wiped.

        • xcalx says:

          This is no longer the case. Once you redeem the loyalty points for a RSH evoucher, the evoucher is now only valid for 6 MONTHS.
          This has been confirmed to me on 2 calls to customer services.

          Also the partner offers with the likes of Argos, Love to Shop and all other partners that offered £15 shopping vouchers have been withdrawn. The official line is that RSH are temporarily out of stock!! They must have run out of all vouchers at the same time as they all vanished on the same day.

        • The last one I ordered shows 31/12/2020 as expiry! The two I ordered yesterday have not appeared yet though.

          Agree that it is odd that all the other deals have gone from the website although, for an easy life, taking the RSH vouchers was my preferred route anyway.

  6. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Hopefully they will do Wimbledon again this year as well.

  7. jason says:

    I dont have any points either..

  8. Joined HFP team

  9. Frenske says:

    Spending 100 million was the hardest job of today.

  10. Kathryn Dowd says:

    I’ve set up a team, which I will ignore. I think I managed about 600 points by ignoring my fantasy football team. Did better with Wimbledon last year, as I actually watch tennis and actively managed it!

    • squills says:

      Up to you but ignoring will not be a goods strategy for the World Cup – teams will get knocked out but you can simply change players.

    • Fenny says:

      I actively loath tennis, but will take part for money!

  11. Yes!

  12. squills says:

    Just spent another £100m 😉

    Actually, that account has no points in it.

  13. my football points posted. also my Fantasy GP 2014 Period 1 posted on the 5th June. time to do the world cup one. between these 2 postings we got 1500+ points for me and 1000+ points for the wife from these 2 things. free trip to london 😀

  14. CliveJ says:

    I put a bit of time into managing my team in the Fantasy Football game and got £13.24 from it, plus £4.82 from the F1 game. So I am definitely in for this one and have entered the mini league. If you intend not doing any transfers then I’d suggest going with a 5-3-2 formation so that you can spend the money on players who are likely to play (who will obviously be more expensive). Pick 4-5 top players from Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain then pick the rest from smaller teams with a chance of a run like Bosnia, Chile, Colombia. Good Luck.

  15. squills says:

    Actually just made a fruitful few changes to the F! – easy enough to shuffle the pack by dumping some expensive losers and recruiting Hamilton, Rosberg, McClaren 😉

  16. squills says:

    Just redeemed 1 & it’s valid until 2020 😉

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