Thanks to everyone who played Fantasy Football Cup and shared £1,780!

With the World Cup now over (leaving the German part of my household very happy!) it is time to see who won the (just for fun!) Head for Points mini-league. This was run by, the train booking website, with the carrot of 3p of gift vouchers for every point you scored.

347 teams joined the Head for Points mini-league and entered a team. The winner was Englands elite1 who scored a whopping 455 points. As well as winning our mini-league, he or she came an impressive 4th overall out of 6,173 teams. Well done!

(Annoyingly, only the top three players overall won a prize – Englands elite1 just missed out!)

Fantasy Football

Second place was taken by Pompeyyorkblues – who ended up with 451 points – followed by The Wednesday with 449 points.

redspottedhanky was not incredibly generous this year.  Even Englands elite1 will not receive the maximum £15 of redspottedhanky train credit – and he/she came 4th out of 6,173!  Everyone will receive something, though, based on their final score multiplied by 3p.

In total, the teams in the Head for Points league scored a total of 59,351 points which means we earned £1,780 of train ticket credit between us! Well done everyone.

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  1. CliveJ says:

    I think I came 49th in the HfP league and a devilish 666th in the global league. I realised early on that it was not going to be as easy to hit the mx. £15 mark as say the Wimbledon competition was, but I still managed enough points to get me a little over £10.

  2. squills says:

    A mere couple of quid x 2 for us 😉

  3. Fenny says:

    I ended up at 55 in the HfP league and 781 overall. I didn’t really get my head round the rules for the group stages, so could have done better if I’d known what I was doing. It was good fun and made even the minor games more interesting – although there were very few poor games in this tournament. Best World Cup for a while.

  4. Trickster says:

    Only 101 and 86 accord out two teams, but I put very little effort in, so still some value for nearly no effort.

  5. squills says:

    Yes, they might reappear in future

  6. I know why but it may be libellous to say. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to spending my points literally as soon as they arrive!

    • xcalx says:

      Looking at my AwardWallet account RSH have now paid out the points for this competition.. I now have £349 over several family member accounts . They soon build up with all the offerings. I no longer use them to get son No1 up and down from Suffolk and the Partners have all but disappeared. Is it possible to book Heathrow Express, London Underground tickets or any open undated tickets. I ask because of Raffles comment above.

  7. Suzanne says:

    I won a prize for getting the highest number of points in the final round. Cheers!

  8. squills says:

    Just checking my Fantasy GP, we’re on £10 each with a few races to go!

    Not too late to switch a few, some of the best points earners are surprisingly cheap as this year turned out quite a surprise 😉

  9. xcalx says:

    RSH also dropped all the worthwhile partners for redeeming points to. I do miss the regular supply of Argos vouchers.

  10. squills says:

    FWIW, when you cancel a RSH ticket, you get charged a £10 fee but get your vouchers renewed for 12 months.

    Might help somebody come December.

    Just need Raffles to find a way to keep my Shangri La points alive the same way 😉

    BTW have people been using the SLs in London yet?

    • I didn’t know that – handy if you need a train ticket which may get cancelled.

      Shangri-La – in theory you can redeem in London from August 1st. I will be looking into this next week.

  11. squills says:

    Just been checking & tweaking my F1 teams, we’re doing great & in the top 20% 😉

    Worth a few quid in vouchers and ISTR there are 8 races to go.

  12. squills says:

    Actually the Fantasy World Cup points are in, despite RSH’s devilish systems I managed to navigate to my loyalty balances eventually & looks like the wife & I both got £5 out of it 😉

    Not exactly earth-shattering but better than a kick in the goalies I suppose lol