Up to £15 of redspottedhanky train ticket vouchers with Fantasy Golf

RedSpottedHanky, the online train booking website, has launched a ‘Fantasy Golf’ game on its website.  To celebrate the Ryder Cup, which tees off on September 26th, you can win a Samsung TV and various tablets by selecting the best performing golfers over the competition.

More importantly, though, every point you earn in the competition will be converted to 1p of RedSpottedHanky train travel vouchers, up to a maximum of £15.

redspottedhanky Fantasy Golf

This is how it works.

Step 1: Visit the home page for this game and click on ‘Register To Play’

Step 2: Register your details – if you have a RSH account already, make sure you use the same email address. If you don’t have a RSH account, they will open one for you at the end of the game.

Step 3: Create a name for your team

Step 4: Go to ‘My Team Page’ to create your team. Under Team Options, decide whether to pick your own team or take a lucky dip. For each of the spots, click on ‘No Player’ and select someone from the list.  You also need to select a team captain who earns double points. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ at the end.

Step 5: You’re done!

I am not going to create a Head for Points mini-league this time around because it will be a very quick game.  The tournament only last for three days!

The scoring system is simplicity itself compared to previous Fantasy Sport games.  You put eight players into your team.  You earn 50 points if your player is on the winning team and LOSE 50 points if your player is on the losing team at the end of the tournament.  You earn an additional 50 points for every 0.5 of a match each player wins.

You will receive two transfers per day which will allow you to swap out players who are not due to play on a particular day (assuming that is how it works!).

Given the scoring system, you probably want to ensure that – on the final day – your team is all-EU or all-USA.  If all 8 of your players are on the winning team you earn £4 whilst, if your team is half and half, you will not earn anything as the +50 points and -50 points awards will net off to zero.

I need to spend a bit of time fully getting my head around how the game works.  It does not start for another 17 days so you have plenty of time to work it out!

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  1. sir crusticroc says:

    I think 1 x all EU for me and 1 x all USA for the wife sounds about right if you want the certainty of getting (close to) £15.

  2. Has anyone else had their points/vouchers delayedfrom the fantasy football cup at the start of the summer?

  3. any player tips please anyone? Know close to nothing about golf

  4. Is there a way to combine all these vouchers from the different schemes we have been participating, at least into one account?

  5. Remember you can use them for booking the Heathrow Connect and Express services…

  6. sir crusticroc says:

    Not an entirely balanced EU vs USA selection choice!

    Easy to pick most of the top USA golfers for your available kitty but can’t even get close for the EU players.

    Guess that means we’re going to whup their sorry asses.

  7. sir crusticroc says:

    Messed up, 1075 TCC points = 2580 Avios so £25.80.

    = £1.99/ bottle, some drinkable.

    Lots of variants

  8. fuzzy zoeller says:

    Just logged in to see how my (randomly selected) team were getting on and make changes prior to the final day – only to find that none of my team have been allocated any points… Anyone else similar?

    • Same here

      • Ignore that. Just checked again and I am 22nd overall.

        • I appear to have ended up in 23rd place, 200 points behind the winner.

          Close but no cigar. Still, the £15 of RSH credit isn’t to be sniffed at, especially as the nearest I have ever been to a golf course is trying to 2-put a ball through a windmill or a clown’s face.

  9. Bruce Almighty says:

    Can’t see where it says on RSH golf website where it says points are turned into vouchers?

  10. Bruce Almighty says:

    So it is

  11. Right – who got £15? 😉

    You need 1500 points.

  12. My maths is rubbish as usual lol 😉

    3583 Avios via Avios.com or BAEC.

    But 8189 Avios via Tesco 😉