Bits: 250 Accor points via eRewards, Melia sale bargains, new Avios Suitcase stickers

Here is my final batch of odds and ends from my inbox!

250 Accor points (€5) for joining e-rewards

Market research group e-rewards has teamed up with Le Club Accorhotels.

My general view on e-rewards is well known – I don’t think their surveys offer a decent return for the time taken to complete them.  (I know some HFP readers disagree with me on this!)  That said, you should always sign up when there is a good bonus with a  partner as this triggers with just one survey.

You can open multiple accounts with e-rewards as long as you use different email addresses.

The Accor tie-in offers 250 Le Club Accorhotels points for signing up.  This is worth €5 in Accor vouchers although you will need 2,000 points in order to convert.  It is therefore only of interest to active Accor members.

The sign-up link is here.  (Thanks to Nick)

Gran Melia Rome entrance

35% discount in the Melia January sale

There are three days left to book a room for 2015 in the Melia sale.  This is likely to be of special interest if you are heading down to Spain at any point this year, where Melia has a huge presence.

The standard sale discount is 30%.  It increases to 35% if you sign up to their Melia Rewards scheme before booking.  This is worthwhile as their points can be converted into Avios via Iberia Plus and then transferred to BA or  The Avios conversion information for Melia is shown here.

The sale booking link is here.

The photograph above is the Grand Melia in Rome where reader Nick went when he won our Melia competition last year.

Avios Suitcase

New Avios suitcase stickers

If you have been taking part in the Avios Suitcase promotion on Facebook, a few more 20 point ‘stickers’ have appeared in recent weeks since I last mentioned it.  One relates to Instagram and another is (yet another) Rocketmiles badge.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, this article will explain.  (Thanks to Ashley)

British Airways Winter Sale ends tomorrow, reminder of the more interesting deals
End of 'mistake' Membership Rewards points for Amex Gold holders
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  1. Guesswho2000 says:

    Presumably the free 250 Accor points will go straight to Avios via Iberia if the account is set to auto convert?

  2. thesaver79 says:

    Do you e-rewards do checks on duplicate accounts?

    Having had already an account linked to BAEC, I signed up for both the Avios and Iberia ones, obviously with different email addresses, but I’ve never received the points.

    • There is no straight answer. I have 6 e-rewards accounts.

      I have found that the only problem is that sometimes you won’t be allowed to complete the same survey more than once. But sometimes you can complete it 6 times (I don’t do this unless I am really really bored!)

      Most of the accounts are in my name, but it doesn’t matter. You can change the name at any time.

      You can send points to different airline/hotel accounts from the same e-rewards account, for example I only have 1 hilton e-rewards but I have used this to top up 3 different hilton accounts which were about to expire (hilton accounts are meant to expire after 12 months of no activity, they don’t always, but I won’t risk it).

      What you can’t do is receive a welcome bonus more than once (it used to work with the 750 for signing up, 1 survey, deleting the account and signing up again in 30 days, but no longer).

      It can take up to 2 months to get the points in and IB.

  3. ankomonkey says:

    How did you guys manage to sign-up for the Iberia and BA bonuses? Every time I try the links on this site or direct from I get an error message that won’t let me sign-up. I’ve tried numerous times from a laptop and a Kindle Fire from different locations with different ip addresses in case they were recognising me as a duplicate (I have 2 active accounts that I feed Hilton with).

  4. Frenske says:

    I have never received the sign-up bonus for the Iberia e-reward! Anybody else did?

    • Frenske says:

      Never mind apparently you need to redeem it in the rewards section … other e-rewards always showed up automatically.

  5. Off topic, Raffles, but you might want to update your article on the 12% discount offered for Heathrow Express travellers via Mastercard. Your article states that the offer runs till Jan 31 2015, but the landing page now says that it is valid till Jan 31 2016.

  6. William PH says:

    I’ve seem to have an issue with both e-Rewards and Rewards for Thoughts. I’ve signed up to both to get Avios in my home country of the UK, and thought that doing a few surveys while sitting in a hotel room abroad would be a good way to kill some time and earn a few points. But both sites only allow me to take surveys when I am in the UK – I assume that they are checking IP addresses. As I can’t be fagged to set up a VPN every time I’m in a hotel in KL, my plans have come to naught.

    • Yes they do check. Forgot to mention in my comment above that if you have multiple accounts, you need to change IP each time you change account too.

      • PalCsaky says:

        Rewards for Thoughts blocked both of my accounts for breach of T&Cs. I had one set up with number and one with BAEC number, different emails though. Tried setting one up again but it won’t let me with existing avios/BAEC numbers 🙁

  7. OT but as we’re in ‘bits’ it seems like the best place to ask, if I sign up for the Hilton Honors Platinum Visa card soon and get through the £750 sign up bonus requirement for the free night within the first month of card ownership is there any chance I’d get the e-voucher and be able to use it before the middle of May?

  8. PalCsaky says:

    How can I get the rocketmiles sticker? I linked my twitter account and tweeted as instructed but nothing happened.

    • Think Square says:

      Are you sure you included both usernames and the hashtag? It worked OK for me. I just refreshed the page and there it was.

      • PalCsaky says:

        Maybe it didn’t work because I did it on an iphone. I tried it again on a desktop computer and this time it went through fine, sticker posted after refresh.

  9. Roger Wilco says:

    ” Flybe – new fan
    Share a link to our Flybe page to collect your Flybe new fan sticker.”

    Share where, how, what link? Avios suticase at its best…

  10. Accor, I changed to BA for the recent promo, now when I’ve changed back to Iberia
    and try to set up transfer without minimum, using the well-known method, I just get an error message “The request failed and the error is unknown or undefined”

  11. Can anyone figure out how to use Points toward bookings online when the booking page states ‘Booking with your points’?

    I cant see any options in any hotel Ive tried to book that will allow me to part book with points??

    I’ve emailed support but their answer simply confuses the matter. they say that some hotels offer it, some dont. Even when its listed as allowing you to book with points,sometimes you cant. Ive asked for clarity, and to be shown a page where i can see the option, and where on the page the option is, because i cant see anywhere an option to do it