‘Thank You’ x 1 million

A little surprisingly, to put it mildly, Head for Points has just hit 1 million ‘unique visitors’ for the past 365 days:

Uniques crop

(The little dip last August is when I accidentally deleted the tracking code and didn’t notice for three days!)

A ‘unique visitor’ is not a person.  It is an IP address.  If, over the past year, you have read HFP from your home, from your office, from a hotel room, from an airport lounge etc then you will have been counted numerous times.  On the other hand, if two people in your house read HFP then only one ‘unique visitor’ is counted.

1 million unique visitors is not 1 million different people.  And many of those just popped over from Google for 30 seconds, read one article and left, never to return.  That said, it is still a slightly scary number!  Thank you all for your support.

British Airways launches flights out of Cambridge Airport!
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  1. Congrats Raffles! Thanks for all the hard work, this is probably my most visited site now along with the BBC!

  2. Congrats Rob – great milestone to achieve!

  3. Congrats

  4. Congratulations Rob, a great milestone, here’s to many more millions in the future!

  5. Well done Rob! Keep up the good work and here’s to the next million!

  6. Well deserved, Rob. Well done.

    Just one tiny technical correction though. The unique users stat is measured by cookies placed in browsers, not IP address.

    So two people in the same house *are* counted separately – if they each use a different device or browser.

    Conversely, the same person accessing your site from numerous places but always on the same device / browser will *not* have been counted multiple times in this stat. So your numbers are even better than you thought!

  7. Congratulations Rob. The first million is the hardest, so sure HFP is only going to grow from here.

    Like many others, checking in is part of my morning routine (except when I’m travelling, which leaves a gap in my morning!!!)

  8. Well done Raffles.

  9. great site

  10. Great achievement, for a great blog !

  11. Well done raffles!! Brilliant news!

    For the tech geeks out there- if I clear my cookies daily- but always access from the same device and Internet xonnection- am I counted as a new unique visitor each day?

  12. Speedbird_ABZ says:

    Congratulations! I have to confess that this is my first port of call every morning now – I once missed a great offer by leaving it til lunchtime so I come on here first thing every day!

  13. We’ll done rob, a testament to your hard work in maintaining the site, doing the analysis and more importantly …translating into common sense!

    It’s my first stop of the day too!

  14. Well deserved. Wonderful site.

  15. Agreed – Great site. First one i check every single day. Totally Brilliant!

  16. Congrats Raffles! Even though I hardly read any of the daily emails I receive I make a point to read yours… And enjoy doing so even if inapplicable to me. Glad you can see tangible results for all your hard work… Thank you!

  17. Congratulations Rob,

    Great site!

    Thanks for all your work, since reading the website just over a year ago, I have gained over 300,000 avios/Amex membership points, recieved a 2-4-1 from the BA credit card and taken a couple of cheap business class flights to various places.

    Thanks again!

  18. Congratulations and thank you Raffles!

    I look forward to the emails in the morning and always check back later in the day to read the comments.

    Because of you and this site I have; a nice pile of points and miles, will qualify as BA Silver shortly for the 1st time, will be flying First for the 1st time (ex-DUB sale then UuA), recently returned from honeymoon having flown Club (again UuA), have 3 free nights at the Intercon San Francisco booked (from Into the Nights and extra bonus points) and and have had many other small bonuses from various other bits and pieces. Needless to say I am very grateful and use every opportunity to encourage people I know to get on here.

  19. Congratulations, Rob – a really great site!