Coming on Monday …. a great Air New Zealand competition!

Monday will see the ‘back to work’ season in full swing.  You may well have a full office for the first time in two months.  You may also have some proper work to do …!

To take your mind off it, Head for Points will be launching a fantastic competition in association with Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand 777-300

I don’t want to say too much about it now but, over lunch in Terminal 2 a few weeks ago, the Air New Zealand guys and myself came up with something novel.

We are not giving away a trip to Auckland, but you may want to check that your ESTA is up to date ….

Make sure you visit Head for Points on Monday to find out more about Air New Zealand and more about what you can win.

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  1. Looking forward to this ! Thanks for arranging Rob

  2. MileStalker says:

    Coach to LA?

    • That would be a bit dull for HFP on its own ….

      • Maybe on some other airline but skycouch on NZ probably worth trying for novelty value. NZ remain my favourite airl8ne. Loved their 744 business/first service to LAX which I did four times, sorry to see it replaced with 777, and also demise of HKG. My guess is your competition somehow tied up with All Blacks!

        • It will be interesting to see how this fantastic competition, conceived over “lunch” with some New Zealand guys, turns out. 🙂 .

        • Head for Points says:

          Not rugby linked.

          But your first idea was interesting …

        • Aha, so if a solo fly wins (s)he gets a double bed to themselves with an audience of 200+ envious onlookers.

  3. Round the world?

  4. Passenger on a delivery flight of a new plane?

  5. For UK residents only?

    • Yes, as the UK marketing team is funding it

      • Will the technical implementation still be such that you need to be located in the UK (in IP terms) at time of entry? Rather than the many UK HFP readers who find themselves elsewhere from time to time 😉

        • cheekychappie says:
        • Oh there are many ways to technically get around it. But it is the point of principle. Just require a verified UK address for service from the winner.

        • cheekychappie says:

          I think it’s simply Raffles staying legal

        • Cheekychappie – “staying legal” there is nothing “legal” forcing you to limit your competition to people in the UK.

        • cheekychappie says:

          Beg to disagree. Lots of countries see this sort of competition as a lottery and impose nasty rules/ penalties. There often has to be a level of skill required to satisfy the rules.

        • As I said, million ways around it, which just goes to show how daft geo restriction is.

        • For clarity – if you cannot prove UK residency to my satisfaction then you will not win! The prize involves you being in London anyway.

          There is flexibility in how I will define ‘UK resident’ but I want to avoid it being posted on Baidu and 3 million Chinese entering!

          As Air New Zealand does not fly to many (any?) other cities in Europe it is even more reasonable to restrict it than it was for the Qatar competition. And this is before we get into the legal issues.

      • Head for Points says:

        However, you will have THREE WEEKS to enter, so no need to panic if you’re away on Monday.

  6. Anyway, changing the topic again, tell NZ to route to AKL via HKG again, or my first preference YVR.
    Won’t be going to LAX.

  7. We fly to LA and get to star in our own film next to the Hollywood actor of our choosing?

  8. We fly to LA but get to meet friendly US customs agents? Thought not…

  9. My first thought is safety video related too.

    • Head for Points says:

      No, the UK guys don’t have that sort of clout!

      I wish I’d thought of that, actually, but it would presumably have involved going to New Zealand to film it.

      • Well I’m in Oz already so they want me to pop over to NZ to help out I’d be very happy to do so if they send me a ticket… 😛

      • I’m sure they have done a safety video previously that had sports persons saying each line from a different NZ longhaul destination, or something like that. (was it surfers?)

  10. Nope folks, I’m sure it’s all about the skycouch and I hope I will be getting an extra entry for guessing right, not that it will make much difference as I’m still out the country for more than tgree weeks.

  11. Lady London says:

    Best offer he’s had all week

  12. M’Lady- as expressed earlier, it will be interesting to see how this all turns out:

    Rob meets up (“over lunch”) with some New Zealand Guys and comes up with a novel competition.

    James reckons it”s tied up with the All Blacks but later suggests it”s something to do with a “skycouch” -James is hoping for an extra entry, and Rob says he can enter him.

    Meanwhile Alan(who is in OZ) is happy to pop over( subject to being given a ticket) and the great Peter K thinks it would be amazing-subject to the weather!

    We’ll all find out more on Monday 🙂 .

  13. Stephen Mills says:

    Houston – Auckland sounds good.

  14. I think Peter K having a bad influence on you all, in Bangkok this week but it’s HFP that’s making me blush.